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Civil Litigation, White Collar, Real Estate, Commercial Law and NGOs

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Established: 2018
Line of Business: Civil Litigation, White Collar, Real Estate, Commercial Law and NGOs
Address: 2 Witzman St., Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-3-5333313
Fax: 972-3-5333314
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.har.law
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  • Amit  Hadad, Hadad  Roth  Shenhar & Co. Law Firm

    Amit Hadad

    Founding Partner

    Hadad Roth Shenhar & Co. Law Firm

  • Ariel  Roth, Hadad  Roth  Shenhar & Co. Law Firm

    Ariel Roth

    Founding Partner

    Hadad Roth Shenhar & Co. Law Firm

  • Ori Shenhar, Hadad  Roth  Shenhar & Co. Law Firm

    Ori Shenhar


    Hadad Roth Shenhar & Co. Law Firm

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About Hadad Roth Shenhar & Co. Law Firm

Hadad Roth Shenhar & Co. (HAR) is one of Israel’s leading law firms, specializing in civil and criminal litigation, white collar crimes, real estate, commercial law, associations and NGOs, media, defamation and much more.
The firm provides legal services to officials throughout the Israeli economy and government, including leading corporations, associations and NGOs, specializing in representation before tribunals and arbitrations in Israel and abroad. HAR represents some of Israel’s most prominent NGOs, as well as commercial companies, directors and officers in shareholder disputes, derivative actions, etc.
The firm’s attorneys have unique experience in representing high-profile clients, including the Prime Minister, senior officials, cabinet ministers, Knesset members, mayors and leading entrepreneurs. HAR’s legal team prioritizes its clients, while understanding their schedules and needs, providing them with comprehensive legal service of extraordinary quality.

Areas of Practice

Commercial Litigation - The department is one of Israel’s elite litigation departments. HAR’s team has expertise and experience in representing large and complex litigation cases in all judicial jOrisdictions and quasi-judiciary tribunals. The firm manages all types of litigation cases, including corporate, criminal and white collar law, real estate, planning and zoning, administrative law, media and defamation, anti-trust, taxation, associations law, labor law, military law, etc. The firm’s clientele includes some of the most notable and influential entities, individuals and public officials in the political and business arenas in Israel and abroad.
Administrative Law - The department counsels high-ranking clients in disputes with governmental branches and agencies, including the ministries of interior and infrastructure as well as local authorities. The team has in-depth experience in managing administrative proceedings, including representation before various authorities, filing permit and license applications as required, representation in appeals before administrative courts, appeal committees and in the High Court of Justice.
White Collar Crime - HAR’s lawyers are some of the most senior and leading practitioners in this area in Israel with extensive knowledge and experience with representation in publicized complex proceedings in affairs at the center of Israel’s public attention. The firm successfully accompanies numerous and diverse clients, including entrepreneurs, top executives, senior and elected officials including Prime Ministers, ministers and Knesset members, in a long list of offences.
Real Estate - The department’s team has in-depth experience in leading complex real estate transactions and large-scope projects in Israel and abroad, with expertise in the representation and support of contractors and management and establishment of purchasing groups, “Pinui Binui” type projects, “Tama 38” type projects, sales, asset-exchange and purchasing transactions (“Combination deals”) in a variety of construction transactions in Israel and abroad.
Commercial Law - The department specializes in supporting private and public companies in a wide range of transactions and international cross-border issues, including energy, communication and telecommunication, high-tech and technology, retail, franchising and mergers. The department represents Israeli and international corporations in all of their ongoing operations, including M&A, shareholder disputes, derivative actions, share acquisitions, public tenders and investments.
Associations and NGOs - The firm has a vast and unique practice in the field of non-profit associations and it is proud to support several associations in all of their legal matters, including core operations, and full support for labor law, ongoing commercial facilitation of contracts and agreements, tax aspects, etc. HAR’s team provides complete legal services, based on longstanding experience, and counsels the association on its rights and duties, including full support for establishment and registry, articles of association, business activities and ongoing operations.
Defamation and Media Crises: The department provides legal counsel and representation in libel and slander matters for diverse clients – from leading media entities and investigative TV, leading companies in Israeli and international markets, including also private clients, in a variety of issues including privacy protection, internet defamation, libel and representation in legal struggles for preventing harmful publications.
Marketing and Advertising Law: The firm’s team, headed by Adv. Ori Shenhar, provides ongoing support to entities that manage advertising and marketing campaigns, from the campaign preparation stage, through its regulatory approval and up to handling advertising-related complaints and claims. The firm accompanies diverse clients including international corporations and leading Israeli companies which face legal challenges and complex regulations in their daily commercial advertising and marketing activities.

The Partners

Adv. Amit Hadad is a founding partner and head of the firm and one of Israel’s premier attorneys, involved in the most complex and high-profile litigation cases. For years, Adv. Hadad was the right-hand man of the late Dr. Jacob Weinroth, considered the doyen of Israeli jOrisprudence. Adv. Hadad has vast expertise in the full range of legal areas and he counsels high-profile clients, officials, top executives, entrepreneurs and companies in a wide variety of issues. He has been selected repeatedly in various rankings as one of Israel’s most promising lawyers, including by The Marker and Forbes among others.

Adv. Ariel Roth is a founding partner and serves as HAR’s managing partner. Adv. Roth practices civil-commercial law with an emphasis on associations law, corporate law and M&A. He represents individuals and companies on a variety of topics. He accumulated his business experience while serving as a Director and CEO of several leading Israeli companies garnering extensive knowledge and experience that help him provide clients with comprehensive business and financial advice far beyond rudimentary legal counsel.

Adv. Ori Shenhar is one of Israel’s prominent lawyers in the practice of legal facilitation of complex media crises and legal and regulatory support for marketing and advertising activities. He has more than 25 years of experience and knowledge in legal support and counseling in various legal fields. Some of his clients are well-known Israeli and international companies, leading media entities, journalists and public officials. He is the author of the book “Defamation Laws” (1997) and the author of the Israeli law chapters of the “International Libel & Privacy Handbook” (Bloomberg, 2013), and the “International Libel and Privacy Law” guidebook (LexisNexis, 2017).

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