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Specializes in the development, production and marketing of a wide range of ceramic sanitary ware, brass faucets and plumbing products

Hamat Group
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Established: 1951
Line of Business: Specializes in the development, production and marketing of a wide range of ceramic sanitary ware, brass faucets and plumbing products
Address: 41 Hayozma St., Ashdod
Phone: 972-4-8513817
Fax: 972-4-8513879
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.hamat.co.il
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    Yoav Golan Chairman of the Board
    Nir Klein CEO
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About Hamat Group

Hamat Group Ltd. is Israel’s leading and largest vendor of sanitary ware products and is an integral part of Israel’s design industry for over 75 years. Hamat leads in innovation, quality and service, and specializes in the development, production and marketing of a wide range of ceramic sanitary ware, brass faucets and plumbing products.
Established in 1951, the Group went public in 1993 and is listed on TASE as a holding company. The Group’s controlling shareholder, Nior Holdings (1994) Ltd., is fully owned by the businessman Yoav Golan and holds numerous companies in the trade, industry, and lumber retail sectors, including logistical operations. The Group’s strength is exhibited by its chain-wide operations, from manufacturing and importing products, distributing and marketing to wholesalers and distributors, ceramic showrooms and specialized shops, to selling directly to individual clients, contractors, hotels and institutional bodies. The Hamat Group employs 900 workers in myriad fields, including a team of engineers and designers who work meticulously on developing innovative, stylish and unique projects for the company. The Group’s products excel in both their quality and innovative design, ensuring that the general population, architects and interior designers all receive functional, quality and stylish products.

Group Structure

The Group currently holds the following companies:
• Hamat - Israel’s largest and exclusive faucet manufacturer and one of the leading exporters in the Israeli industry, Hamat took its first steps in 1944 in a Tel Aviv apartment as Hamat Device and Machine Manufacturers Company, a factory manufacturing faucets and iron plating for the construction industry. The factory was established in Nahalat Yitzhak and was assimilated into the subsidiary company of the Solel Boneh iron factory, Kur Company. As a small production plant in its first few years, Hamat supplied infrastructure for basic bathrooms and toilets to households in the Zionist settlement in its inception, including faucets, bathtubs, sinks and a variety of sanitary products, and grew roots in the local bath culture. Currently, Hamat has a large and innovative factory in Ashdod with over 150 skilled employees and40 special-needs workers as part of its contribution to the community; develops and manufactures faucets; and invests the majority of its resources on developing advanced technologies while maintaining both quality and updated design, in cooperation with the best designers in Israel and the world. As a manufacturer, Hamat provides solutions in varied fields, from preliminary planning to final finish, by combining design and functionality next to professional quality. All of Hamat’s products are manufactured in accordance with strict local and global standards and bear the Blue Badge for water-saving, and the company also complies with the low-lead NSF standard 5452 under stringent and unwavering quality control in all of its products.
• Lipski - Lipski develops, manufactures and markets two lines of polypropylene products: domestic plumbing and plumbing accessories under the Lipski label, and household design products (garbage cans, storage compartments, baskets, hampers, etc.) under the Bath Clip label. Throughout its existence, Lipski has maintained a high-level QA system. Lipski is ISO 9001:2015 certified and its factory complies with all the requirements of the certification and standardization authorities. Its product quality and quality management are among the main factors that have contributed to its success along the years with its professional and private clientele.
• MCP - opened in 2018 close to Izmir, Turkey, MCP is a new factory that specializes in manufacturing sanitary ware made of ceramics (sinks and toilets). It is considered one of the world’s most advanced factories and has novel production capabilities imported from Italy, including casting molds with innovative and modern designs, meant to provide an updated response to current worldwide and Israeli design trends. All of the new products maintain a clean, elegant and practical design concept for usage and cleaning. Many institutions, e.g., hotels and shopping malls and of course individuals browsing through showrooms, choose MCP products in light of their quality, modern and uncompromising design, and also the high level of service provided by HAMAT for MCP products.
• HOUZER - based in New Jersey, USA, HOUZER imports and markets sinks (including MCP sinks) and faucets (made by Hamat) in North America for kitchens and bathrooms under the HOUZER and Hamat USA brands. The quality and design of its product selection has enabled the company to provide installations to over one million kitchens nationwide. In recent years, HOUZER has been active in the e-commerce sector and its products are marketed on websites such as Amazon and Home Depot, as well as the top Kitchen and Bath showrooms throughout the USA and Canada.
• Zuker & Minkin Distribution and Marketing - established in 1977, Zuker & Minkin is a sanitatary ware and plumbing wholesaler in the retail market, mainly supplying to hardware stores and construction material lots. The company imports, markets and distributes plumbing and sanitary ware products, bathroom accessories, and gardening and irrigation products. Zuker & Minkin has extensive clientele who are located throughout Israel. The marketed products are made by member companies of the Hamat Group and also imported products under the private label ZM, while paying attention to quality and competitive pricing.
• Hezibank Design - acquired by Hamat Group in January 2018, Hezibank operates a showroom that spans 2,400 sqm. in the Dan Design Center and is considered Israel’s leading company in the field of luxury bathrooms, flooring, furniture and accessories. Hezibank gathers the world’s leading European design brands all under one roof, works with numerous architects and designers and has a long record of both private and public luxury projects, in Israel and worldwide. The product quality, service and best-in-class professional assistance provided by Hezibank to its clients have made it the top choice of Israeli architects and designers.
• Alony Marble - acquired by Hamat Group in January 2020, Alony Marble was established in 1946 and is Israel’s most senior company for domestic finished products, dealing in the trade, import, marketing and sale of tiles and flooring, sanitary ware, faucets and complementary finished products for bathrooms and kitchens through its 7 showrooms, located nationwide. Alony’s extensive experience enables it to guarantee its clients the highest levels of professionalism, a very wide product selection, rapid and creative response to changing needs, innovation and, above all, spectacular service.

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