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Line of Business: Real estate boutique law firm
Address: 94 Igal Alon St., 2 Alon Tower, 35th Floor, Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-3-7284784
Fax: 972-3-7284785
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.hrslaw.co.il
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  • Roy Harash, Harash Sasson & Co. Law Firm

    Roy Harash

    Founding Partner

    Harash Sasson & Co. Law Firm

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    Roy Harash
  • Roi Sasson, Harash Sasson & Co. Law Firm

    Roi Sasson

    Founding Partner

    Harash Sasson & Co. Law Firm

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    Roi Sasson
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About Harash Sasson & Co. Law Firm

Harash, Sasson & Co. is a boutique real estate firm that provides its clients with professional and comprehensive advice in the field of real estate, while maintaining uncompromising integrity, professionalism, and creativity. The firm accompanies a wide range of clients, including the largest and leading real estate companies in Israel, income-yielding real estate companies, banks, funds, infrastructure companies, private developers, and foreign entities operating in the real estate field in Israel. The firm has extensive experience in representing local and foreign hotel chains.
The firm’s staff advises and accompanies a wide range of projects in the fields of real estate, including residential and commercial projects, income-yielding real estate, urban renewal, senior housing projects, planning and construction, real estate financing and more.
In addition, the firm has experience in advising projects from their preliminary stages until their completion, including conducting legal due diligence, consulting on the transaction structure, accompanying land acquisition, promoting planning & zoning and licensing procedures, engaging with contractors and consultants, project entrepreneurs, marketing, sales and registration of rights.
The firm strives to provide its clients with the utmost professionalism and at the highest level, becoming familiar with the details of the cases and the parties and working in-depth, to offer the best and most comprehensive solutions that will assist clients achieve their goals.

Areas of Expertise

Accompanying Projects
The firm has rich experience in advising a wide range of clients engaged in the various real estate fields, including leading companies in the field, public companies, financial institutions, private institutions, investors and private entrepreneurs.
The firm provides full professional legal services in advising residential, commercial, and offices projects, including conducting due diligence, drafting contract agreements with contractors, consultants, and planners, accompanying the planning & zoning and licensing process, marketing procedures, registering rights, and common house registrations.

Real Estate Transactions
The firm’s partners have extensive knowledge and experience in representing private clients and leading real estate companies in Israel in a wide range of real estate transactions.
This representation includes residential projects, offices, commercial, shopping centers, logistics centers, gas stations, hotels, senior housing, infrastructure and energy projects, bidding procedures, transactions involving the Israel Land Authority, etc.

Income-Yielding Real Estate
The firm’s partners have closely accompanied a number of projects involving shopping centers, logistics centers, and gas stations, starting from the initial phases of the project, continuing to the acquiring of land rights, planning and zoning, construction and operations, and advising these projects in contracting and lease agreements, etc.

Urban Renewal
The firm has vast experience in the field of urban renewal, including representation of Pinui Binui transactions and representation in TAMA 38 transactions.
As part of the legal representation in this field, the firm provides broad legal services that include all stages of the project, from early planning and zoning stages, negotiation, drafting of agreements, providing continued legal service regarding planning procedures in the planning committees, building permits procedures, providing advice regarding financing the transaction and guarantees, etc.

Real Estate Commercial agreements
The firm’s partners have rich experience in accompanying clients in real estate Joint Ventures including in urban renewal sector, in connection to projects estimated in hundreds of millions of NIS. The firm advises and accompanies entrepreneurs and investors in joint venture agreements, shareholder agreements, establishment of special purpose corporations (SPC), commercial agreements, etc.

Hospitality Industry
The firm has extensive knowledge and experience in assisting domestic and foreign clients in the hospitality industry, including the first stages of business engagement, purchase agreements, construction agreements, management agreements, as well as providing ongoing legal support, including drafting commercial agreements, cooperation agreements, franchise and marketing agreements, etc.

Planning and Zoning
The firm provides legal advice to its clients in advancing planning and zoning, development, and betterment procedures related to real estate projects, from the initial phases of the project and through the completion of the planning and zoning procedures.
The firm also accompanies its clients in filing objections and appeals regarding planning and zoning procedures as well as in betterment levies.

Executive Management

Adv. Roy Harash, Founding Partner
Roy has gained extensive experience leading large and complex real estate transactions, including residential and commercial projects, hotels, shopping centers, and logistics.
Roy accompanies various real estate transactions and advises contractors and entrepreneurs in the promotion of residential and commercial projects throughout all the stages of the project including the land acquisition process, promoting planning and zoning procedures, contractors and consultant’s agreements, building agreements, marketing, and selling agreements, and registering land rights.
He holds a combined bachelor’s degree in law and business management from Reichman University since 2003.

Adv. Roi Sasson, Founding Partner
Roi has comprehensive experience in real estate, urban renewal and real estate finance.
Roi handles a wide range of real estate transactions, including sale agreements, combination agreements, purchasing groups, leases of commercial centers, urban renewal transactions (Pinui Binui, TAMA 38), drafting of construction services contracts, hotel management, representation of entrepreneurs in matters related to residential, commercial and offices projects, loan agreements for financing real estate projects etc.
Roi is a member of the Property and Real Estate Committee and the Urban Renewal Committee of the Israel Bar Association. He is also a certified mediator on behalf of the Israel Bar Association – The National Mediation Institute (2015).
He holds a combined bachelor’s degree in law and business management (specialization in real estate) from Reichman University since 2011.


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