Hassan Shahwan Diesel Garage Ltd.

A Garage for Trucks and Buses

Hassan Shahwan Diesel Garage Ltd.
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Established: 1980
Line of Business: A Garage for Trucks and Buses
Address: Iksal, PO Box 673, ZIP Code 16920
Phone: 972-4-6560357
Fax: 972-4-6463995
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Company Executives

  • Hassan Shahwan, Hassan Shahwan Diesel Garage Ltd.

    Hassan Shahwan


    Hassan Shahwan Diesel Garage Ltd.

  • Taofic Shahwan, Hassan Shahwan Diesel Garage Ltd.

    Taofic Shahwan


    Hassan Shahwan Diesel Garage Ltd.

  • Billal Shahwan, Hassan Shahwan Diesel Garage Ltd.

    Billal Shahwan

    Account Manager

    Hassan Shahwan Diesel Garage Ltd.

  • Mahmud Shahwan, Hassan Shahwan Diesel Garage Ltd.

    Mahmud Shahwan

    Workshop Manager

    Hassan Shahwan Diesel Garage Ltd.

  • Munir Shahwan, Hassan Shahwan Diesel Garage Ltd.

    Munir Shahwan

    Workshop Manager

    Hassan Shahwan Diesel Garage Ltd.

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About Hassan Shahwan Diesel Garage Ltd.

Hassan Shahwan Diesel Garage Ltd. is one of Israel’s top repair shops for comprehensive service and repair of trucks and buses. The company is considered to be innovative, current and advanced and it is an authorized workshop of the brands Volvo, Renault and MAN (Automotive Equipment Group). Hassan Shahwan’s diesel garage was founded in 1980 by its founder Hassan Shahwan and nowadays it is managed by the father’s three sons and successors - Muhammad, Tawfik and Billal. In light of the company’s good name and reputation, it received customers from all across the country, from Dan to Eilat. 

Growth and Development Over the Years

Initially, the repair workshop worked from a small complex near the family’s house in the village of Iksal in the Jezreel Valley, and as it succeeded and the customer base grew, it moved in the mid-1980s to a larger garage which was located near the village’s exit. The company worked from this location until the late 1990s and in light of the reputation it accumulated over the years it continued to grow and develop until it moved to its current location in Iksal’s industrial zone. Nowadays, the company’s workshop and warehouses cover an area of about 30 dunams.

One Stop Shop

Hassan Shahwan Diesel Garage provides the most comprehensive service offering to its customers - starting from general mechanical repairs, through electrical repairs, air conditioning and diagnostics and up to bodywork and painting. The company works 24/7 from morning to evening and it employs about 80 skilled and professional workers who undergo training, seminars and studies in Israel and abroad - on the vehicles of the companies Volvo, Renault and Man. In addition to the repair and maintenance services, the company operates an extensive inventory and spare parts department, and in this framework it purchases trucks and buses for recycling. This increases the variety of spare parts and items that the company is offering its to customers, from big to small. The company also overhauls and repairs trucks and buses that arrive to it through insurance companies, after various accidents. For vehicles that can’t arrive physically to the garage, mainly due to mechanical faults, the company operates a team of road services across Israel that provides emergency repair services to the customers. The company’s emergency vehicles are equipped with all of the required equipment for repairing problems that don’t require through service in the workshop.

Innovations and Technology

Hassan Shahwan Diesel Garage is characterized by innovation and a deep technological understanding of all of the vehicle systems that are serviced by the company. This results from the fact that as years go by, heavy vehicles become more and more advanced and computer-based, and therefore employees require higher skills for handling the vehicles computers, software updates etc. As a result of the “Hi-Tech” spec of innovative vehicles, the company employs skilled engineers and vehicle practical engineers, in addition to traditional workforce members such as general mechanics, metalworkers, painters, air-conditioning experts, electricians and more.

Professionalism, Efficiency and Fast Work

Since the company understands that its customers lose a lot of money while the truck or bus are idle at the repair shop, the company’s mission is to provide the most professional service at the shortest time. Thus, vehicles which undergo repairs in the company’s workshop, sometimes return to working on the roads on the same day.

The Company’s Clientele

The company’s customer base includes bus companies and transportation companies and also companies from various sectors who own fleets of heavy vehicles that require service and overhauls throughout the entire year. Each day, about 50 vehicles enter the company’s workshops, with a significant increase in this number in weekends, and on Fridays the company records on average about 130 vehicle entries.


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