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Henco Construction Ltd.
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Established: 2003
Line of Business: Construction, Execution and Initiation
Address: 14 Odem St., Kiryat Matalon, Petach Tikva
Phone: 972-3-9190400
Fax: 972-3-9190401
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.henco.co.il
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  • Eli  Cohen, Henco Construction Ltd.

    Eli Cohen


    Henco Construction Ltd.

  • Hananel  Cohen, Henco Construction Ltd.

    Hananel Cohen


    Henco Construction Ltd.

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About Henco Construction Ltd.

Henco Construction Ltd. is a leading construction company that is also active in execution and initiation operations, and is renowned for the excellent reputation it accumulated in light of its vision of a Different Style of Construction. The company, which was founded in 2003, has a C5 (unlimited) contractor classification, and it also serves as an execution company. This unique strength of Henco creates the added value from which the clients benefit, which stems from the longstanding warranty and the peace of mind from which they benefit, in light of the fact that the company executes its initiated projects itself, and provides a solid back for its customers and a longstanding warranty for first class quality.

Henco executes and initiates residential, Tama 38 and commerce projects in high-demand areas across Gush Dan. The company also executes projects for other companies, and also promotes the initiation of projects including Tama 2, Pinui-Binui, asset-swap transactions and development of construction areas, including a large lot in Bat Yam with an area of 50,000 sq.m.. Henco’s financial strength stems from its accurately controlled growth rate, with the maintenance of appropriate revenue sources, cash flows and a modest operational staff of about 15 employees. The attentive budget system enables a thorough review of every last detail, before every project.

Dynamism and Creativity alongside Experience and Responsibility

The synergy between Henco’s dynamism as a young company in a growth momentum, and its longstanding know-how and professional experience, lead to a responsible and experienced perspective and an in-depth review of each project. The creativity for which the company is renowned, the out-of-the-box thinking and the analysis which leads to creative solutions, integrate with the company’s responsible perspective and create professional excellence and a new construction standard. The company adamantly meets the goals of every project, including the schedules, the budget and the construction quality. This, in combination with its thoroughness and professionalism, leads to the excellent reputation from which it benefits.

Professionalism, Reliability and Integrity

Henco greatly emphasizes the small details. As the company grew, its projects’’ scope also increased, yet the attention to the finishing and the small details remained, and serves as a cornerstone in the company’s conduct. Extra engineering leads to a high-quality response in all of the company’s projects.

Each project benefits from the personal involvement of the company’s owners. The first-class service and the personal commitment of the company’s owners create the company’s uncompromising professional standards, from both the technological and service aspects.

The seasoned employees of the company, who have been accompanying it for 13 years, come from every segment of the Israeli society and serve as a microcosm of a healthy and familial society. The company’s subcontractors, which have been working with it for many years, and its returning customers, serve as an indication for Henco’s honesty, reliability and professionalism.


Hananel Cohen, Co-CEO, is a practical engineer and has extensive experience in construction execution. He served as a senior project manager in a leading company for about a decade and was in charge of managing the construction of tens of thousands of sq.m. in various projects.

Eli Cohen, Co-CEO, has been an industrialist for two decades and owns leading companies. He has extensive managerial and financial experience and a broad business perspective.

Pinui-Binui and Tama 38

The company specializes in executing Tama 38/2 projects with a first-class standard in dozens of buildings across Gush Dan. The company, which is both the initiator and the executing company, provides its customers with the peace of mind of knowing clearly who the executing contractor is. The compliance with schedules and the advanced technologies it utilizes lead to each project’s excellent results.

Residential Projects

The company initiates and builds residential projects of up to 100 apartments across Gush Dan with uncompromising construction quality and the involvement of the company’s owners in each project, and meets the goals and deadlines while remaining constantly up-to-date and streamlining processes.

Commercial Projects

The company builds commercial and offices projects with attention to the little details, and an emphasis on professional excellence and personal service. Every stage is personally supervised by the owners and reviewed in strict quality control tools. The company’s longstanding experience and its transparent conduct lead to efficient execution and excellent results for its customers. The company is initiating a large-scope commercial project in Bat Yam from its faith and ability to aim for the future of construction in Gush Dan’s area.

Environmental Protection

Henco was selected as one of only three companies in Israel which received a grant from the Ministry of Environmental Protection, for a green project in Givatayim. The company builds in accordance with green standards and complies with all of the stringent requirements of green building.

Community Outreach

Henco works for the community, both in donations and in independent activities of the company. Its managers volunteer as active managers of the “Yad Tamar” association.

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