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Family law, wills and inheritance

Hoffman&Friedenberg, Law Office
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Established: 2016
Line of Business: Family law, wills and inheritance
Address: 1 Ben-Gurion Rd., BSR Tower 2,
Bnei Brak, 5120149
Phone: 972-3-6576666
Fax: 972-3-6576644
Email: office@hf-law.co.il
Website: http://www.hf-law.co.il
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  • Daniel  Friedenberg, Hoffman&Friedenberg, Law Office

    Adv. Daniel Friedenberg

    Founding Partner

    Hoffman&Friedenberg, Law Office

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    Daniel Friedenberg
  • Ohad  Hoffman, Hoffman&Friedenberg, Law Office

    Adv. Ohad Hoffman

    Founding Partner

    Hoffman&Friedenberg, Law Office

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    Ohad Hoffman
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About Hoffman&Friedenberg, Law Office

Hoffman&Friedenberg, Law Office is a boutique law firm that specializes in the various fields of family and inheritance law, and serves as a representative for private capital investment funds in Israel and abroad. The firm is ranked as one of Israel’s leading law firms in their field in D&B’s 2017 ranking.

All of the firm’s clients benefit from top-tier legal services that are provided simultaneously and personally by both of the founding partners, with an emphasis on availability and transparency. The firm is reputed as a reliable and practical firm, both in the courts and among its clients.

The unique combination of these advantages – leading personal service, reliability and an excellent reputation – constitutes the firm’s distinctive strength.

The firm provides legal services in Hebrew, English and French, and has extensive international operations, inter alia, in the provision of legal services for foreign residents concerning properties, inheritance and guardianship, and also child abduction.

Reliability, Availability and Personal Service

The firm provides its clients with comprehensive, up-to-date and thorough response and first-class legal services with constant personal attention, tailored to each client’s specific needs and goals.

The firm believes in resolving disputes peacefully, and makes every effort in order to guide its clients to achieve their goals quickly and efficiently. The firm benefits from a reliable reputation and as a firm that provides concise service for its clients. For this reason, the firm is also recognized and appreciated by judges, and its clients benefit from the added value of direct digital access to all of the their documents at any time.

The firm’s clients receive all of the information in advance and are informed on the legal proceeding they would face, and therefore sense that also during distressful periods, there is an order to things, and they avoid unexpected scenarios.

The firm sees each client as an individual, which receives optimal treatment without deference, with full confidentiality, through the personal service and direct, unmediated contact with the partners. In fact, this is the only family and inheritance firm where the partners are this high available, and handle all of the clients together.

Practice Areas

Family law - The firm provides its clients with top-tier comprehensive legal services in family law, with great attention to the sensitivity of the matter and with a clear emphasis on the children’s benefit. This includes services concerning joint living, prenuptial and divorce agreements, divorce in the rabbinical court, marital harmony, authority disputes, custody of minors, visitation arrangements and time allocation, division of property, alimony, child support, rehabilitation alimony, common-law marriage, guardianships, fatherhood, child abduction (Hague Convention), domestic violence, protective and restraining orders and endangered minors. The firm represents its clients in the various courts, including the family court, the rabbinical court and the Great Rabbinical Court. The firm also practices appeals, Bagatz (Supreme Court ) application, mediations and negotiations.

Inheritance and wills - The firm handles a variety of inheritance and wills issues for its clients. The firm specializes in preparing and writing wills, planning inheritance, representation in will enforcement and inheritance orders, inheritance disputes, estate management and proceedings before The Inheritance Registrar.

Private capital investments - The firm also handles private capital investments. In this framework, it accompanies investors, represents capital owners, VCs and real-estate initiators, in Israel and abroad.

The Partners

Adv. Daniel Friedenberg - Adv. Friedenberg has a vast experience in the management of complex family law cases, and gained expertise in the management of family disputes in Israel and abroad, with dedication, sensitivity and professionalism. He acts from the soul, with devotion for each client and the benefit of the client and the involved minors as an ultimate value.

He is a member of the Israeli Bar and certified as a mediator by its National Mediation Institute. He has an LL.B. (with merit) from Bar-Ilan University.

He participates in family and inheritance trainings and studies of the Tel Aviv University and the Legal Training Institute. He interned and was a partner in a well-known leading firm (included in the D&B ranking).

He is married+5; Graduated from the “Netiv Meir” Yeshiva in Jerusalem and the Karnei Shomron Hesder. Served as a fighter in the IDF’s Paratroopers division and as a commander in a combat reserves unit.

Adv. Ohad Hoffman - Adv. Hoffman handles complex family and inheritance affairs, including international cases. He believes in a dedicated and professional service, tailored in full cooperation with the client, while exhausting parallel channels for peaceful resolutions. He is a member of the Israeli Bar and certified as a mediator by its National Mediation Institute. He participates in family and inheritance trainings and studies of the Bar-Ilan University and the Legal Training Institute. He is a member of the family forum, the inheritance law committee and the rabbinical and family courts committee of the Bar. He interned and formerly worked in leading firms included in the D&B ranking. He is Married+3; has a vast experience in crisis and emergency management from his roles as a paramedic and shift officer in Magen David Adom since 1998, and currently serves as the Chairman of the organizations’ Discipline Committee.

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