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Specializes in the Initiation, Development and Management of Residential and Investment projects in Israel and the world. Urban Renewal, Pinui-Binui and Improvement of Lands

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Established: 1999
Line of Business: Specializes in the Initiation, Development and Management of Residential and Investment projects in Israel and the world. Urban Renewal, Pinui-Binui and Improvement of Lands
Address: 7 Jabotinsky Ramat Gan,
Moshe Aviv Tower, Floor 52
Phone: 972-3-6843000
Fax: 972-3-6843024
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.horowitzgroup.co.il
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  • Chani  Horowitz, Horowitz Group

    Chani Horowitz

    Owner and CEO

    Horowitz Group

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    Chani Horowitz
  • Doron Sapir, Horowitz Group

    Doron Sapir


    Horowitz Group

  • Aviv Mandil, Horowitz Group

    Aviv Mandil

    Chief Engineer

    Horowitz Group

  • Rachel Levitan, Horowitz Group

    Rachel Levitan

    Sales and Marketing Manager

    Horowitz Group

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About Horowitz Group

“Faith, Trust and Reliability” are the core principles in the business operations of the Horowitz Group in the Israeli real-estate sector. The group, which was founded by Chani Horowitz, its Owner and CEO, is considered to be one of the prominent, stable and intriguing real-estate companies of the first two decades of the 21st century. “I believe in real-estate development and investment, both for residence and as an investment channel. I strongly believe in high quality construction, financial and executive stability and prioritizing of the customers and the investors, and in development and investments in carefully-selected locations from a forward-looking perspective. I believe in creating a base of satisfied customers on the one hand and of investors that trust us and our projects on the other hand. I am also proud of our team - together, through wisdom, honesty and diligence, we managed to create a strong foundation for the reliability that is associated with our excellent reputation”.

High Leverage, Financial Strength and Investment Opportunities

The group initiates and develops residential projects and real-estate investments in Israel and globally. The research department locates lands and the development department initiates projects in high-demand areas such as: Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Herzliya, Ramat HaSharon and Petach Tikva. The group has been active for more than a decade and has a record of dozens of successful projects as well as thousands of apartments that were delivered to satisfied customers.
“As someone who invests in quality, I know that I have excellent time management tools” says Chani Horowitz. But in order to understand the group’s success, one must view it from macro-perspective. Since its inception, Chani succeeded in steering the group as to annually accumulate knowledge, experience, organizational and business achievements and a professional and diligent team on the one hand, while gaining excellent reputation in the industry and a huge base of satisfied customers on the other hand.

The Group’s headquarters includes three divisions

The Development and Construction Division which includes an initiation department, a planning department, a purchasing groups department, a projects (towers, boutique neighborhoods) department, and an urban renewal department (Pinui-Binui, Tama).
The Customers Division Which includes the research unit, the marketing and sales department and the customer service department.
The Economic Division which includes the investors’ relations department, corporations, the suppliers department and the financial department.

Vision, Creativity and Urban Renewal

The group strongly believes in development and investment in areas where massive urban renewal is changing the face of the neighborhood and drives significant gentrification. The group is building projects with a significant scale in highly-demanded areas such as: Tel Aviv, Petah Tikva, Givatayim and Ramat Gan.
The group recently completed the planning and marketing of about 1,000 residential units in a Pinui-Binui project in southern Tel Aviv, and its urban renewal department is currently working to complete the planning of an additional renewal project in the city of Petah Tikva.

Originality and Quick Thinking, Curiosity and Excellent Familiarity with the Industry

Some of the Group’s prominent projects are:
The “Mooma” project in Herzliya, the Glil Yam project in Herzliya, the “Ck Tower” project in Tel Aviv, the “Marc Chagall” project in Tel Aviv, a project in the “HaMishtala” neighborhood in Tel Aviv, the “Ramah Tower” project in Ramat Gan which preserves the facade of the mythological “Ramah” cinematheque, the “My Horowitz” project in Petah Tikva, the “Hen HaMoshava” tower in Petah Tikva, the “Migdalei HaIr” towers in Petah Tikva, and the projects Meron 3, Meron 8, Ein HaKoreh 1 in Neve Sha’anan, and Zvolon 33, in Southern Tel Aviv.

Innovation, Professionalism, Fairness and the Benefit of the Customer

The principles of long-term stable management, lead the group’s executive team to choose the customers benefit as its ultimate goal.
Indeed, the group supports its customers from finding the lot and up to the delivery of the keys to the new apartment.
The company receives comprehensive professional support from leading professionals: bank support, leading architects, contracting companies, suppliers and investors from all over the world. The combination between the entrepreneurial vision and the uncompromising excellence in planning and execution is expressed throughout all of the company’s unique projects.

Research, High Feasibility and Successful Project Marketing

According to Horowitz, the fact that she is a woman and a mother of ten, contributes to the company’s added value. The company constantly thinks about its investors and customers and the best product tailored to fit their needs in a meticulous, details oriented, observant manner.

Loyal Investors and Satisfied Customers, Success Through Pre-Thinking, Stability, Determination and Reputation

People from the general real-estate industry provide positive opinions on the Horowitz Group. The compliments express appreciation of the company’s stability, originality and innovation. Alongside with people from the industry, there is also a lot of esteem from the group’s strategic partner and financiers and insurance companies. The fact that the group creates long term relationships with investors indicates its reputation.

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