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Established: 2008
Line of Business: Development and Construction Contracting
Phone: 972-3-6390997
Fax: 972-3-6390020
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.hoshiar.co.il
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Company Executives

  • Avi Hoshiar, Hoshiar Building and Development Ltd

    Avi Hoshiar

    CEO and Owner

    Hoshiar Building and Development Ltd

  • Inbal Hoshiar Aharon, Hoshiar Building and Development Ltd

    Inbal Hoshiar Aharon

    Office and Supply Manager

    Hoshiar Building and Development Ltd

  • Nadav Sinai, Hoshiar Building and Development Ltd

    Nadav Sinai

    Chief Financial Officer

    Hoshiar Building and Development Ltd

  • Shahin Haniya, Hoshiar Building and Development Ltd

    Shahin Haniya

    Project Manager

    Hoshiar Building and Development Ltd

  • Yossi Sheri, Hoshiar Building and Development Ltd

    Yossi Sheri

    Project Manager

    Hoshiar Building and Development Ltd

  • Raz Tezet, Hoshiar Building and Development Ltd

    Raz Tezet

    Safety Officer

    Hoshiar Building and Development Ltd

  • Sharona Sports, Hoshiar Building and Development Ltd

    Sharona Sports

    Accounting Manager

    Hoshiar Building and Development Ltd

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About Hoshiar Building and Development Ltd

Hoshiar Building and Development Ltd is a family-owned company with over 25 years of experience (formally registered as a limited company in 2008).
Construction services are provided by the company to individuals and industrial entities, and it serves as a contractor and execution arm for various municipalities in the Gush Dan area. The company carries out various urban renewal projects, including internal and external renovation of private and shared buildings, preservation of buildings in cooperation with the conservation departments of the various authorities, and construction alterations.
Furthermore, the company designs and builds extensions, including concrete and steel sun terraces, as well as secure spaces.
Since the company specializes in strengthening and renovating buildings, it naturally initiated NOP 38 projects.
The company employs approximately 30 professionals and administrative staff members, as well as subcontractors, who contribute to the company’s high-quality standards.

Avi Hoshiar, CEO and Founder

Avi Hoshiar, the company’s CEO, is a board member of the Dan District Contractors Association.
Avi began his journey in the construction industry as a young boy who did not fit in at school. As he worked in the industry over the years, he eventually founded his own company at age 26, that later became a prosperous and successful business.
He completed the academic component of his education at the age of 30 when he enrolled for a bachelor’s degree in finance. Currently, he is attending Bar Ilan University to get a master’s degree in negotiation and conflict resolution.
As a result of Avi’s experience and his reputation, he has personally been involved in a number of big urban renewal projects while forging a fruitful relationship between the largest development companies in Israel and residents of complexes that aspire to carry out Pinui Binui projects.

Israel’s Urban Renewal Pioneers

In addition to its executive capabilities, Hoshiar Building and Development Ltd is also a development company engaged in the initiation and construction of urban renewal projects (alongside traditional transactions of land acquisition, improvement, and combination transactions) within Gush Dan. As one of Israel’s pioneers of urban renewal, the company deals with all components of NOP 38, including earthquake strengthening, exterior building renovation, and building extensions.

From the planning stage, through the execution stage, to the final stage of each project, the company guarantees a different real estate experience, one built on trust and full cooperation. Throughout the project, we guarantee that schedules are adhered to, the most advanced construction processes are followed, high-quality and environmentally friendly materials are used, and the construction standards are the strictest in Israel.
NOP 38/1, NOP 38/2, and Pinui Binui projects are promoted and developed by the company with apartment owners treated as equal partners. A leading execution company of “Ezra veBizron” and of the Tel Aviv Municipality, the company specializes in the execution of all NOP components.

Entrepreneurship and Development Bundled Together

Combining the company’s development and performance capabilities allows it to operate independently without relying on external factors and meet the project schedules and budgets. As a result of Hoshiar’s experience and engineering expertise, it is able to complete any project it approaches while constantly monitoring the planning and execution processes. This combination also gives the tenants peace of mind throughout the process, knowing that the owners of the company whom they met at the tenants’ conference are the ones who will also accompany them during the execution and will hand them the keys to their new/upgraded apartment once it is complete.

Quality and Safety Without Compromise

Throughout the early planning phase, the coordination and project management, down to the smallest details, Hoshiar Building and Development Ltd demonstrates its great professionalism. At its sites, the company maintains a safe routine that meets the highest safety standards, adheres to schedules, and meets all project objectives.

The Company’s Clientele

The company’s clients include, among others, the Ministry of Housing, the Municipality of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, the Municipality of Ramat Gan, the Municipality of Givat Shmuel, Ezera veBizron in Tel Aviv, educational institutions, sports halls, Atarim, Tel Aviv Foundation, the Association for Housing Culture in Ramat- Gan, Ramat HaSharon, Herzliya, Givatayim, Hod Hasharon and Ra’anana, Pandora Industries, Kfar Saba Economic Company, Givatayim Economic Company, Mekorot, Packer Plada, hotels in the Gush Dan area and HaSharon area, and many others.

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