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Established: 2012
Line of Business: Criminal Law
Address: Yokne’am Branch:
26 Hakidma st. High-Tech Park, Hermon House
Ramat Gan Branch:
3 HaYetzira St., S.A.P. House
Phone: 972-4-6233100, 972-50-6216884
Email: [email protected]
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  • Reichert Idit, Idit Reichert -  Law Office

    Adv. Reichert Idit

    Owner and Founder

    Idit Reichert - Law Office

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About Idit Reichert - Law Office

Idit Reichert, Law Offices is a boutique firm that specializes in criminal, administrative and disciplinary law. The firm is considered to be one of northern Israel and Haifa’s leading and well-known criminal law firms and has an additional extension in central Israel.

Adv. Idit Reichert, the firm’s head and founder, has been a criminal attorney for more than 2 decades, formerly a senior attorney in the State Attorney’s office and for the past decade as a defense attorney for first-time offenders and crime victims.

The firm specializes in criminal litigation, crisis management and close support and strategic consulting throughout the entire criminal proceeding – from the police investigation through the initial arrest, pre-indictment hearings and up to managing the trial and additional criminal proceedings such as: Supervision orders for sex offences, pardon proceedings and expungement.

In 2020, the firm won the public tender process of “Inbal”, the governmental insurance company, for providing legal defense for members of the Israeli defense establishment in criminal proceedings against them. In addition, Adv. Reichert serves in significant positions in the Israel Bar Association: (co-)Chairperson of the National Committee for the Rights of Offense Victims, member of the Courts Committee and the Trainings Committee, accuser on behalf of the Ethics Committee Attorney in the Disciplinary Court, and also a regular lecturer on criminal law in training and professional seminars for lawyers and the general public.

Her Experience in the Criminal State Attorney Provide Her with a Unique Advantage in the Legal Arena

Before founding the firm, Adv. Reichert served as a senior attorney in the State Attorney (North District Office) for 14 years. Her many years of work in the State Attorney Office provides her not only with a unique and significant professional toolbox, but also with deep mastery in the work methods of the police and the State Attorney and familiarity with the enforcement authorities “from the inside” – starting from the assembly of a case in the intelligence stage and the collection of evidence and up to the management of the case in the court. Adv. Reichert harnesses all of the above for the planning of an optimal, determined and accurate defense for her clients, thus creating a tremendous advantage for them in all of the stages of the criminal proceeding.

The Firm’s Commitment – To Counsel the Client with Sensitivity and Determination

Adv. Reichert’s core values are excellence, professionalism and thoroughness, and she believes that you can succeed in every case and make the impossible possible.

Adv. Reichert, who meets her clients in their darkest hour, in their anxiety, uncertainty and sometimes delay of justice, is aware of the magnitude of responsibility on her shoulder and of her obligation to free them from their tangle, return the peace of mind and freedom into their lives and lead them with determination and devotion to the coveted victory.

Main Practice Areas

During the firm’s decade of operations, Adv. Reichert represented hundreds of suspects and defendants in a variety of criminal proceedings and a broad spectrum of offences, mainly white-collar offences, sex offences, fraud offences, cyber offences, drugs offences and juvenile offences.

• Some of her clients in white-collar offences area include executives and officers in a corporation who committed offences of fraud, embezzlement, bribery or kickbacks, company owners who committed antitrust offences and more.

• Another significant area of practice is the representation of suspects and defendants of sex offences. In these cases, Adv. Reichert utilizes her tremendous experience, reviews in depth the option of other legal perspectives, and examines how a different interpretation can be provided for the complex situation. In many cases, and exactly due to her experience and striving for victory, Adv. Reichert manages to raise the reasonable doubt which suffices for an acquittal and she can often achieve a closure of the case before an indictment was filed.

• Another specialization of the firm is arrests and detentions: in these proceedings, Adv. Reichert serves as an attentive ear and a source of strength and support for the clients and their families. In the framework of accompanying such cases, Adv. Reichert knows how to manage the legal crisis, lead to the immediate release of her detained clients and turn the situation in their favor until the case is closed. There is no doubt that the critical experience that she accumulated in the State Attorney Office, her familiarity with the system including its weaknesses and strengths, and her skill in evaluating the quality of potential incriminating evidences, assist her clients in successfully handling the overpowering interrogation proceeding.

• In addition, Adv. Reichert accompanies offence victims with sensitivity and determination throughout all of the criminal proceeding stages, serving as a source of support and strength for them.

Providing Accurate and Unique Legal Solutions

Adv. Reichert developed a unique model where the clients receive a perfect solution as a one-stop-shop, which begins with a meeting with the clients and their families, examining the pain and the needs and aligning the expectations accordingly. On the basis of all of the above, an accurate “defense suit” is tailored to the client, in accordance with his/her needs and situation, and includes a professional umbrella also in complementary fields to the criminal proceedings, including various experts and professional therapists who are supervised by Adv. Reichert. This unique model provides the clients and their close circle not just a real, holistic, long-term stable solution, but also a tremendous advantage in the future legal arena.

Exactly for that reason, and in light of the personal attention and the close and dedicated support which is required along the complex proceeding, Adv. Reichert picks her clients carefully and she would not represent a case that she doesn’t believe in. The firm’s list of hundreds of clients includes first-time offenders, minors, offence victims, public and elected officials, members of the defense establishment, senior executives and more. The common thread for all of them is that one fine day, their world fell apart and now they need someone who would manage the crisis for them with sensitivity, determination and discreetness.

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