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Established: 2009
Line of Business: Real Estate, Urban Renewal
Address: 4 Moshe Beker St., Rishon LeZion
Phone: 972-39666015
Fax: 972-39666016
Email: [email protected]
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  • Ido Shmueli, Ido Shmueli & Co., Law Office & Notary

    Adv. & Notary Ido Shmueli

    Founding Partner

    Ido Shmueli & Co., Law Office & Notary

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    Ido Shmueli
  • Dorin Refael, Ido Shmueli & Co., Law Office & Notary

    Adv. Dorin Refael


    Ido Shmueli & Co., Law Office & Notary

  • Ohad Youngervirt, Ido Shmueli & Co., Law Office & Notary

    Adv., Mediator & Notary Ohad Youngervirt


    Ido Shmueli & Co., Law Office & Notary

  • Korin Gaziel, Ido Shmueli & Co., Law Office & Notary

    Korin Gaziel


    Ido Shmueli & Co., Law Office & Notary

  • Daniela Golan Gerafi, Ido Shmueli & Co., Law Office & Notary

    Daniela Golan Gerafi


    Ido Shmueli & Co., Law Office & Notary

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About Ido Shmueli & Co., Law Office & Notary

Ido Shmueli & Co., Law Office & Notary is a boutique office with an expertise in the various aspects of real estate and complex transactions in particular, e.g., combination deals and urban renewal, NOP 38 and redevelopment projects. The office was founded over a decade ago by Attorney & Notary Ido Shmueli, a seasoned and experienced jurist who is considered a pioneer in representing and executing NOP 38 and redevelopment projects, with a large portfolio of completed and populated projects.

Pioneer in His Field, Professional by Nature

The office employs lawyers who are experienced in their field, including planning and construction, taxation and litigation. Ido Shmueli is among the pioneers of urban renewal in Israel and in fact formed the basic platform for agreements between tenants and developers in NOP 38 deals over a decade ago. Adv. Shmueli paved the way for today’s developers and was one of the first to organize the practice with the regulator and local authorities using the various legal provisions and regulations that allow for such projects, in the changing world of urban renewal.

In-depth Legal Knowledge, Experience and a Boutique Family Atmosphere

Clients benefit from the optimal combination of extensive experience and comprehensive legal knowledge in real estate and from the boutique family atmosphere that is between them and the staff. The office is an expert in representing private and commercial clients, including in combination deals and in redevelopment and NOP 38 urban renewal transactions.
The office assists complex and largescale projects and also ensures not to neglect the tiny details that require unique and personal attention. The services rendered by the office include representation of buyers and sellers of residential apartments, lots, industrial buildings, stores, agricultural lands and long-lease farms, commercial properties, group purchasing organizations, rental, real estate sharing and dissolution, sharing agreements, etc. Past and current clients include private individuals and development and commercial companies, who receive personal, professional, quality, proficient and comprehensive legal assistance.


Adv. & Notary Ido Shmueli, CEO & Founder - Ido has been practicing law since 2006 and is the current co-chairman of the Israeli Bar Association’s Urban Renewal Committee at the Center District. Ido Shmueli specializes in assisting and consulting development and construction companies as well as private clients with the myriad aspects of real estate, including planning and construction, taxation, authorities, etc. Ido Shmueli is among the pioneers of urban renewal and, in light of his rich experience and the profound legal knowledge he has accumulated over the years, he currently leads and organizes the office’s operations involving combination deals and redevelopment and NOP 38 urban renewal projects. Ido Shmueli also provides legal services and consulting in a variety of other matters, including family law, civil-commercial litigation, execution, receivership, company laws, etc., most of which are involved and required in executing the projects handled by the office. Ido Shmueli has an LLB in law and has been a member of the Israeli Bar Association since 2006 and a certified notary public since 2017.
Adv. Dorin Refael (Partner) - Dorin is an expert in assisting urban renewal projects, both NOP 38 and redevelopment, and also combination agreements, first- and second-hand sales, dissolution of sharing in real estate, transaction registration, real estate taxation, etc. Attorney Refael has extensive experience in assisting tenants and developers in urban renewal projects. She has an LLB in law and has been a member of the Israeli Bar Association since 2016.
Adv., Notary & Mediator Ohad Youngervirt (Partner) – Ohad has in-depth experience in mediating and managing civilian conflicts and particular expertise in all aspects of real estates. Ohad Youngervirt assists and consults urban renewal projects, sale transactions, combination deals and also banking assistance, condominium registrations and parcellations, transaction registration and real estate taxation. He has an LLB and LLM in law and is also a certified mediator for managing civilian conflicts. He has been a member of the Israeli Bar Association since 2011.
Adv. Korin Gaziel – Interned at our firm and returned as an attorney, after having received her lawyer’s license in 2022. She accompanies the regular activity of the firm’s urban renewal department successfully.
Adv. Daniella Golan Gerafi – A construction engineer and lawyer as of 2022, holds an LL.M., joined the firm’s urban renewal department after having interned with the supervisor of real estate and professionally accompanies the firm’s urban renewal department.

Representing Tenants and Developers in Urban Renewal

The office’s uniqueness in urban renewal is based on the extensive professional experience accumulated by the legal team in representing tenants and developers. This enables the office to look at the legal and commercial macro level from both sides of the coin, thereby better assisting legal, commercial and planning negotiations. The office assists numerous small- and large-scale projects in the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area and the Judean Foothills in various stages of NOP 38 and redevelopment, including multiple projects that have been completed successfully by delivering apartments to buyers after amending the condominium order.

Personal, Dedicated Assistance

The office emphasizes personal assistance to apartment owners and accessible, professional, reliable and effective legal handling along with maximum availability to all clients. The office is known for its “out of the box” thinking and creativity by understanding the complexity of the transaction, the success of the client represented by the office, and mostly – the project’s success.

One Stop Shop for Urban Renewal & NOP Transactions

Ido Shmueli & Co., Law Office & Notary is a one stop shop for consulting and handling related matters that are required to execute projects, provided by a professional, skilled and regular team. Such matters include planning and construction, taxation, arranging registration of rights, wills, inheritances, financial agreements, enforcing NOP 38 agreements concerning refusing tenants in claims before the Supervisor on Real Estate, claims to recover companies and appointment as receiver to complete rights registration actions, representation in planning and construction committees, appearing before instances in possession claims, real estate use and division, condominium order registration and amendment, expropriation registration, parcellations, etc. The process of assisting NOP 38 and redevelopment projects, similar to combination deals, includes comprehensive service from formalizing the tenants’ consent and understanding the procedure through drafting the engagement agreement and its appendices, running legal negotiations and initial commercial and planning directions, to delivering the apartments, amending the condominium order and actively registering the rights.
Time after time our office is ranked as a leading office for urban renewal matters.

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