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Established: 2011
Line of Business: Family and Inheritance Laws
Address: Tsarfati Space St., 2 Noah Moses, 5th floor, Unit 508, Rishon LeZion
Phone: 972-72-2302777
Fax: 972-77-2070221
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.ifatsh-law.com
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  • Ifat  Shahar Shurman, Ifat Shahar Shurman, Law Offices

    Ifat Shahar Shurman

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    Ifat Shahar Shurman, Law Offices

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About Ifat Shahar Shurman, Law Offices

Ifat Shahar Shurman, Law Offices is a boutique family and inheritance law firm, that specializes in matters pertaining to common law spouses, alimony and child support claims, custody, visitation arrangements, resource balancing and breaking up of joint ownership, nuptial agreements, divorce/separation agreements, lasting power of attorney, will probates/enforcement orders, objections, representation in the courts, support through negotiation proceedings, drafting complex agreements, mediations and more.

The firm was founded about a decade ago by Adv. Ifat Shahar Shurman, with the aim of providing professional and thorough service that would be personally customized to the clients, with maximal accessibility and the allocation of all of the resources that would be required in order achieve optimal results for them.

The firm accumulated vast experience in family and inheritance law, including in complex and intricate cases, which include, inter alia, breaking up shared ownership in companies, division of intangible assets, custody and visitation cases of same-sex couples, representation in cases of child abduction under the Hague Convention, handling cases and negotiations of clients who live abroad etc.

The firm has clients both in Israel and across the world, who manage their proceedings in Israeli courts and tribunals. The firm’s clientele includes owners of well-known Israeli companies, diplomats, hazzanim, artists, and more.

Adv. Ifat Shahar Shurman – Founder and Owner

Adv. Shahar Shurman has an LL.B. (cum laude) from the Academic Program of the College of Management, and a B.A., Behavioral Sciences (cum laude) from the Academic Program of the College of Management. In addition, she has a Mediator Diploma from the Academic Program of the College of Management and a Family Mediator Diploma from the Israel Bar Association. She is trained and certified in lawfully preparing lasting powers of attorney, preliminary instructions for appointing a guardian and expression of wishes documents, from the Israel Bar Association.

Unique Multidisciplinary Understanding that Creates Comprehensive Legal Services

Adv. Ifat Shahar Shurman graduated from her law studies with distinction and on the Dean’s list. In addition, she has a B.A., Behavioral Sciences with a specialization in management and extensive experience in understanding the special needs of children who was diagnosed with special needs in general and on the autistic spectrum in general.

Adv. Shahar Shurman worked for years in the business sector, where she accumulated also experience and understanding of the business-economic world and accounting terminology. The unique combination of the knowledge fields and the practical experience, of the understanding of the tough world of business and of the soft world of children, the academic disciplines, on their differences and similarities, create a multidisciplinary understanding in many fields, which enables Adv. Shurman to provide the unique and comprehensive legal service to her clients in diverse and multifaceted cases.

Legal Protection and Assurance

Adv. Shahar Shurman believes that in the legal profession in general, and in family and inheritance law in particular, there is great importance to the ability to remain sharp, focused, with self-discipline to work hard and intensively and the ability to deliver a message quickly and concisely, both orally and in writing. The firm’s team meticulously maintains a high level of accessibility, attention, a professional and thorough analysis of the legal issues on the agenda, good interpersonal relationships, patience and tolerance, with the clients’ benefit as the ultimate guiding value at all times.

Practice Areas

Divorce Proceedings
The firm specializes in divorce proceedings, including property claims, breaking up of joint ownership (including in companies), alimony claims, child support claims, custody claims, visitation arrangements, divorce agreements, obtaining a Gett (divorce certificate) and marriage dissolution.

The firm specializes in the field of wills, including complex wills involving trusts, mutual wills and living wills.

Obtaining will probate orders/will enforcement orders, heir agreements and estate management, wills contesting etc.

Drafting postnuptial or prenuptial agreements, joint living or common law spouses agreements, marital harmony and alternatively divorce agreements, divorce agreements, parenting agreements, gifting inside the family agreements, heirs agreements etc.

Common Law Marriages
Drafting joint living agreements, property and resource balancing claims, alimony and child support lawsuits, custody claims, visitation agreements and separation agreements.

Proceedings under the Hague Convention
The firm specializes in lawsuits of child abduction in Israel.

Claims for exclusive guardianship of a parent to a child and claims for body/property guardianship for adults, including relatives who can’t take care of their own interests.

Execution and Collection
The firm has a department that specializes in collecting alimony and child support debts, executing cheques and notes, executing monetary court decisions and eviction claims, including opening courts proceedings and execution through the Execution Chamber.

The firm has vast experience in mediation proceedings in complex cases, while understanding the needs of the parties and finding creative solutions.

When clients enter Ifat Shahar Shurman, Law Offices, they understand very quickly that they’ve found a home. A home that would provide them with legal protection and assurance, that would understand their own personal needs and the goals they aim to achieve in the proceeding, with a professional team that would accompany them and customize the solution that is most appropriate for them. A client whose case is taken by the firm knows that they would receive a high level of accessibility, attention, a thorough and professional analysis of all of the legal issues on the agenda, and the complete certainty that the opinion would be provided only after reviewing all of the alternatives and in accordance with the client’s interests.

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