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Established: 2002
Line of Business: Civil-Commercial, Criminal Law
Address: Beit Gibor Sport, 7 Menachem Begin St., Ramat Gan 5268102
Phone: 972-3-6114414
Fax: 972-3-6114415
Email: [email protected]
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  • Shmuel Iny, Iny Litvak Lazar & Co., Advocates

    Shmuel Iny

    Founding Partner

    Iny Litvak Lazar & Co., Advocates

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    Shmuel Iny
  • Ruth Litvak, Iny Litvak Lazar & Co., Advocates

    Ruth Litvak

    Founding Partner

    Iny Litvak Lazar & Co., Advocates

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    Ruth Litvak
  • Motti Lazar, Iny Litvak Lazar & Co., Advocates

    Motti Lazar

    Founding Partner

    Iny Litvak Lazar & Co., Advocates

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    Motti Lazar
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About Iny Litvak Lazar & Co., Advocates

Iny Litvak Lazar & Co. is renowned for its combination of legal expertise in the civil-commercial field and the criminal (white-collar) field.

The firm specializes in a wide range of commercial deals in the real estate sector in Israel and abroad providing advice on all white-collar offenses, criminal and civil litigation, including handling tax appeals, administrative petitions and conducting arbitrations, as well as labor law. The firm also specializes in providing advice and on-going consultation to private and public companies.

In a complex commercial world, the client, whose benefit the firm sees at all times, must examine his affairs in a comprehensive way. Therefore the firm provides an overall package of first rate legal services – business, regulatory, and legal. The synergy created between the different areas of expertise of the firm’s partners, as well as the deep knowledge of the capital market and securities, are the added value that clients enjoy.

Practice Areas

Commercial Law

The firm specializes in drawing up the full range of commercial agreements including entrepreneurial, founding, purchase and sale agreements, distribution and franchise agreements, agreements between shareholders, work agreements, and a wide range of other agreements and contracts.

Land and Real Estate

The firm has rich and comprehensive experience in representing commercial organizations and private entrepreneurs and a range of deals in the residential and commercial construction sectors, partnership deals, combination deals, implementing changes, supporting land purchases, and supporting projects overseas.


The firm represents public and private companies as well as private clients in all courts including the Supreme Court and when sitting as the High Court of Justice, as well as arbitration and mediation proceedings. The firm has proven experience in conducting court hearings in complex cases in a range of areas including companies law, real estate, banking, contracts and commercial deals, money laundering, assessment appeals and labor law.

Criminal Law

The firm is engaged in consultancy and representation in the field of criminal-economic law (white collar offenses) and mainly represents clients coping with law enforcement bodies in criminal proceedings in all stages of criminal proceedings. Handling criminal proceedings is conducted together with the civil repercussions of the criminal proceedings. The firm’s clients include public employees, elected representatives, accountants and lawyers, private and public companies, not-for-profit associations, executives, employees, and private clients forced to cope for the first time, in most instances, with Israel’s law enforcement agencies.

Labor Law

The firm specializes in labor law on both the collective and individual levels. On the collective level, the firm specializes in collective national agreements and sectorial collective agreements, both in public service and in the private sector. On the individual level, the firm specializes in handling personal work disputes including resulting damages from injustices, and criminal offenses on the fabric of work relations and drawing up personal work contracts and retirement agreements.

The Partners

Adv. Shmuel Iny - Adv. Shmuel Iny’s main practice areas are real estate, commercial litigation, civil-commercial law, arbitration and administrative law. Adv. Iny handles many leading commercial deals and large-scale commercial disputes. Adv. Iny has rich and proven experience in supporting companies in large scale projects including in real estate in Israel and abroad and he specializes in representing private and public companies in complex commercial and administrative litigation cases.

Adv. Iny has served for 30 years as an external legal advisor to Israel’s Diamond Exchange Ltd. and as an arbitrator in business disagreements and disputes. Adv. Iny also serves as legal advisor to the International Federation of all the world’s diamond exchanges and as an advisor to the diamond sector in the field of legislation, relevant to the sector, and in general on the Law for Prohibiting Money Laundering. This field is a unique specialty of the firm.

Adv. Ruth Litvak - Specializes in the field of criminal-white collar law and conducting criminal-economic cases. Adv. Litvak has extensive experience in accompanying investigations and conducting complex criminal-economic cases involving bribery, fraud, breach of trust, causing death by negligence, securities, tax offenses, money laundering, antitrust,, computer offenses and the like.

In the past, Adv. Litvak served for 10 years as senior Tel Aviv district Attorney (taxation and economics) and after retiring from the attorney’s office, she expanded her practice areas to other areas of criminal law. Adv. Litvak serves voluntarily as a judge in the Supreme Court of the Israel Football Association.

Adv. Motti Lazar - Adv. Lazar specializes in the field of criminal-white collar law. Adv. Lazar has extensive experience in representing clients in court from arrest, freezing assets, support and advice during interrogation, hearing proceedings including conducting the trial until its conclusion. Adv. Lazar specializes in criminal litigation for tax offenses, money laundering, fraud and bribery offenses, securities and computer offenses, sexual harassment, causing death by negligence, extradition law, and disciplinary and administrative trials. Adv. Lazar also specializes in civil litigation as part of civil-legal proceedings accompanying criminal proceedings in the tax and money laundering sectors such as; handling assessment proceedings combined with payment arrangements, objections, tax appeals, and handling and representing financial suits derived from criminal proceedings from a comprehensive perspective of the legal needs that clients have encountered for the first time in their lives from the enforcement authorities. Adv. Lazar served in the past as Deputy Tel Aviv District Attorney (taxation and economics). Adv. Lazar serves voluntarily as head of the disciplinary court of the State Committee for the Prevention of Drugs in Sport.

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