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Wills, inheritances and LPAs, labor law, legal counsel to SMBs

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Established: 1998
Line of Business: Wills, inheritances and LPAs, labor law, legal counsel to SMBs
Address: Modi’in: 13 HaRehes St., Platinum Quartet, Building A, 4th Floor, 7178628
Tel Aviv: 28 Ha’Arba’ah St., Ha’Arba’ah Towers (Northern Tower), 34th Floor, 6473925
Tel: 972-76-5384260
Fax: 972-76-5104036
Phone: 972-3-5688618
Fax: 972-3-5688619
Email: [email protected]
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About Iris Yardeni, Law Office

Iris Yardeni, Law Firm and Notaries is a boutique law firm which specializes in wills, inheritance and lasting power of attorney (LPA), in labor law and in providing legal assistance for SMBs. The firm was founded in 1998 by Adv. Iris Yardeni, who has longstanding professional experience and is recognized as an authority in her practice areas.

The firm provides strategic legal support to businesses, specializes in aviation, tourism and travel law, in labor law, in real estate and in inheritance. Adv. Yardeni accumulated tremendous knowledge on the travel industry, including in her role as an external legal counselor of the Israir Group (and its subsidiaries) and of many other companies. Adv. Yardeni served as the exclusive legal counselor of the Diesenhaus Group for 25 years, and provided comprehensive legal services as a one-stop-shop (until the group’s operations were sold). The knowledge and experience that she accumulated in her practice areas built the excellent reputation from which she benefits, including the professional excellence in labor lawsuits for which she is recognized, and in the field of mergers and operation sales in the aviation and travel industries. Adv. Yardeni is a renowned authority in the wills and inheritance field, and she lectures on behalf of HaPoalim Bank’s Financial Growth Center, and also to companies, municipalities and the general public across Israel, in front of thousands of people. In its labor law practice, the firm represents construction contractors as employers in lawsuits of employees. Adv. Yardeni contributed to the formulation of Israel construction workers employment field. In addition, she is a first-class expert in the field of recognizing employment relations, and represents orderers of services in complex cases.

Adv. Iris Yardeni – Founder and Owner

Adv. Yardeni has an LL.B. from Tel Aviv University and an LL.M. (cum laude) also from TAU. She was certified as a mediator by TAU, graduated from the practicum and the family mediation course of the Israel Bar Association, and has in-depth experience in representing in the courts and the labor courts and expertise in negotiations. Adv. Yardeni accompanies, with legal and strategic counsel, numerous business in the fields of tourism, construction and industry.

Practice Areas

Wills and Inheritance
Vast experience and knowledge in drafting complex and smart wills and it assists in making moral decisions, solving problems of division between heirs and more. Adv. Yardeni prioritizes her clients’ interest, works thoroughly and with sensitivity, implements the deep knowledge that she accumulated, and customizes the service for each client personally, including in mutual wills and wills of parents of children.

Lasting Power of Attorney
LPAs are an innovative tool that enable people to decide in advance who would take care of their interests when they wouldn’t have the capacity to do so themselves. A properly executed LPA can determine how properties would be handles and also how personal and medical matters would be carried out. In the process of preparing these documents, vast knowledge and experience from numerous legal disciplines are invested, including commercial law knowledge, and they enable to create a document that would be both concise and efficient and complex and comprehensive.  This is a process that requires professionalism and thoroughness alongside with sensitivity and patience. Adv. Yardeni is certified to prepare LPAs, handled many hundreds of wills and LPAs, and accumulated extensive high-quality knowledge, including in preparing wills and LPAs for judges, ministers, academic professors, pilots of El Al, senior businesspersons and lawyers. In her wills and LPAs practice, Adv. Yardeni constantly remains abreast of every development and innovation, and is therefore constantly at the cutting-edge of the field.

Inter-Generational Transfers of Assets and Businesses
The combination of knowledge areas that Adv. Yardeni has and her vast knowledge in commercial law and in inheritance law enable her to counsel on inter-generational transfers of assets and businesses and on constructing the legal structures which are required for this purpose, including trusts, adjustments to AoAs, and employment agreements for formalizing the separation between management and ownership.

Strategic Legal Counsel for SMBs
The firm provides to business managers a service which is based on the understanding that executives must be free to manage, promote and grow their businesses, while leaving legal aspects to lawyers. The firm provides tailored business-support counsel and customized legal services, in a method which is based of deep familiarity with the needs of legal assistance and control in various fields. Adv. Yardeni has 30 years of experience in working with businesses from the tourism, aviation, industry, construction, importers and project management (low-tech) industries in Israel and abroad, as well as public relations and branding agencies.

Aviation, Travel and Tourism Law (Tourism Abroad, Incoming Tourism and Domestic Tourism)
The firm helps such entities in every aspect of their operations, from mergers, acquisitions and buyouts of operations (including due diligences), commercial agreements vis-à-vis suppliers, cooperations, public tenders and representation before authorities and drafting documents (articles of association, procedures etc.) in the relations that facilitate the activity with consumers. From the consumers aspect, representation vis-à-vis entities that represent consumers including the Consumer Protection Commissioner (in hearing and objections on fines) and in contracting with corporations or unions in travel orders of significant scopes. The firm has vast experience in lawsuits that concern the responsibilities of organizers airlines and travel agencies according to treaties, relevant laws and rulings.

Labor Law and Employment Agreements in the Travel and Tourism Industry
The firm provides legal counsel to employers in this industry including in various processes (hiring, organizational changes and reorganizations, unpaid leave, employment of women, terminations and hearings, employment agreements and more). The firm’s proficiency enables it to create agreements that protect the legitimate interests of employers in a balanced and valid manner.

Commercial Contracts in the Aviation and Travel Industry
The firm has been representing entities in the tourism industry for 30 years, including airlines, salary and GSA companies, travel agencies, organizers, travel wholesalers, and travel agencies chains.

Labor Law
The firm represents employers and employees in various employment relations issues. The firm’s service include litigation, ongoing counsel, representation before the Commissioner of the Women Employment Law and handling administrative fines in the labor law field, support in hearings.

Labor Law in the Construction Industry
The firm counsels contractors in their contracting with workers in every form of employment, including foreign workers with work permits who are employs through corporations, foreign workers without permits, workers from the Palestinian Authority and Israeli workers, and vis-à-vis subcontractors, manpower companies and manpower corporations, as to protect the contractors from future claims.

Real Estate: Real Estate Transactions, Representation in Sales and Purchases
The firm accompanies its clients through all of the transaction’s stages, from initial counsel and up to the completion of the sale/purchase process, and accumulated vast experience in representing buyers and sellers of apartments and commercial properties and in-depth experience in drafting and reviewing various rental agreements.

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