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Developing and Promoting Projects, which Shape the Economy of Jerusalem

תמונה ראשית JDA The Jerusalem Development Authority
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Established: 1988
Line of Business: Developing and Promoting Projects, which Shape the Economy of Jerusalem
Address: 2 Safra Square St., Jerusalem
Phone: 972-2-6295482
Fax: 972-2-6250875
Email: noah@jda.gov.il
Website: http://www.jda.gov.il
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  • Eyal Haimovsky, JDA The Jerusalem Development Authority

    Eyal Haimovsky


    JDA The Jerusalem Development Authority

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    Eyal Haimovsky
  • Udi Ben Dror, JDA The Jerusalem Development Authority

    Udi Ben Dror

    Deputy General Director Finance & Business Development

    JDA The Jerusalem Development Authority

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About JDA The Jerusalem Development Authority

Jerusalem Development Authority (JDA) is a statutory corporation and operates as an NPO under the Jerusalem Development Authority Law 1988. JDA develops, encourages, plans, coordinates and provides information related to entrepreneurship and economic enterprises in the city, and promotes projects that shape the city’s economy and impacts future planning of Metropolitan Jerusalem. JDA strives to balance the public and private sectors and create optimal conditions for private sector development through efficient land exploitation, developing preservation, future planning, and respecting the city’s past and heritage. In the last 20 years, JDA has promoted hundreds of ventures contributing to Jerusalem’s quality of life, improving the city’s economy and making Jerusalem an international center of innovation, excellence and source of pride to residents. JDA invests major resources in strengthening human capital and upgrading and developing the city’s physical and technological infrastructures.

On June 2nd 2016, Jerusalem Day, the government approved, under clause 1483, the master plan to Jerusalem’s economic development, which will be carried out by The Jerusalem Development Authority between the years 2016-2021.

The program, which was granted the overall budget of about NIS 850 million, will focus on growth accelerators that will strengthen the city in the following areas: tourism, advances employment, higher education and quality of life improvement.

This program is added to previously approved city development programs, including an economic program and the Old City Development program. Along-side these programs, and additional budgets, the JDA will operate in the following areas:

Employment: Developing industry infrastructures and increasing job offers that are vital for Jerusalem’s growth and strength. JDA upgrades existing industrial areas and develops new ones and employment sectors where Jerusalem has a relative advantage.

Business Incentives & Grants: JDA encourages entrepreneurs, companies and technological factories to move, set up and expand their businesses and enjoy a range of benefits and grants. Jerusalem is the only central Israeli city with Development Area A status, enjoying unique tax tracks and benefits. The government and JDA also award benefits as part of a designated government program for Jerusalem.

Bio Jerusalem: Set up to promote a cluster of biomed companies as an economic growth engine. Operates to locate biomed development opportunities, form unique benefits, and stabilize Jerusalem as a biomed city and create cooperation mechanisms between elements of the cluster in industry, hospitals and academia. Jerusalem offers a package of advantages: proximity to research institutes and the scientific community, leading technology and biotech companies, quality human capital, a national and international information transfer framework, and unique economic incentives.

Tourism: JDA strives to develop tourism as a central growth engine for Jerusalem and to maximize the economic potential of the sector and create new jobs. The program includes developing tourist infrastructure and tourism marketing “products” in the city. As part of these activities, JDA grants incentives to local and global conferences.

Old City: Jerusalem’s Old City is a global tourism heritage site and tourism magnet for the world’s religions. JDA works to renovate, preserve, develop and maintain the Old City and its surroundings, including renovating sites and monuments, public areas, developing and improving access to the Old City and building promenades and viewpoints. JDA promotes a statutory program for the preservation and development of private and public spaces. JDA also operates to develop tourism products in the Old City. The government, the Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage, and the municipality have a multi-year investment plan totaling hundreds of millions of shekels.

Jerusalem Park: JDA develops metropolitan parks based on preserving the natural areas surrounding the city and creating leisure activities in the lap of nature. These parks significantly influence quality of life. Park Jerusalem covers 3,750 acres and includes Haarazim Valley, Moza Valley, and the Tzofim Valley and Refaim Valley. The park’s cycle track is part of a 42 kilometer track circling the city.

Culture & Leisure Infrastructures: JDA leads projects to develop new culture and leisure complexes such as the Old railway Station, Railway Track Park, Hansen New Media Center, Design Center and Cinema and more.

Academic City: Jerusalem has quality high education institutes and JDA promotes a venture to: increase the student population from 40,000 to 60,000, expand the link between industry and academia, increase numbers of graduates settling in the city and creating an innovative study experience.

The Cinema & TV Ventures: This venture was designed to encourage movies and TV series productions sets to take place in Jerusalem. Other than encouraging creativity, it was also intended to create added-value and economic leverage for Jerusalem productions. This venture has brought about change, and today about 20% of all the movies in Israel are filmed in Jerusalem and feature the city as a subject. Between 2008-2017, the venture invested in producing over 70 local and international television and movie productions, placing Jerusalem on screens everywhere, as well as in the production of 15 TV series and dozens of other cinema and TV productions. This venture also managed to establish an animation industry in Jerusalem, which hires a large staff in top of the line animation studios. With the ventures assistance, the studios were able to produce 8 local and international animation productions, to date. The venture also worked to create a local film industry, developing TV and cinema infrastractures in the city, hiring local crew members, encouraging the establishment of local post houses and providing them with jobs by offering support in their final projects. The Venture also engaged in significant work as an Urban Foundation enabling the collaboration and enhancement of the Jerusalem Film Festival, developing a local eco-system, offering support to dozens of film students productions throughout the city.

Jnext: A joint project of the Jerusalem Development Authority, the Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage and the Municipality of Jerusalem, which aim is to strengthen and empower the technological ecosystem in Jerusalem. Jnext’s mission is building an ecosystem for entrepreneurs in Jerusalem and support technology innovation development by engaging all the active organizations in the entrepreneurial space in one, city-wide coordinated program.

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