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Jerusalem Homes  Group Ltd.
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Established: 1990
Line of Business: Real Estate Development
Address: 7 Hartom St., Jerusalem
Marketing and Sales: *5924
Phone: 972-2-6455391
Email: [email protected]
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Company Executives

  • Avishai  Meirowitz, Jerusalem Homes  Group Ltd.

    Avishai Meirowitz

    VP, Business Development

    Jerusalem Homes Group Ltd.

  • Moshe  Regobai, Jerusalem Homes  Group Ltd.

    Moshe Regobai

    Head of Urban Renewal

    Jerusalem Homes Group Ltd.

  • Moshe  Hominer, Jerusalem Homes  Group Ltd.

    Moshe Hominer

    Head of Finance

    Jerusalem Homes Group Ltd.

  • Yisrael  Streicher, Jerusalem Homes  Group Ltd.

    Yisrael Streicher

    Head of Marketing

    Jerusalem Homes Group Ltd.

    Yehiel Segal CEO
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About Jerusalem Homes Group Ltd.

Jerusalem Home Group Ltd. (JHG) was founded in 2010, and is considered to be one of the rising construction and development groups in the Israeli economy. The group develops and builds dozens of projects for residential and supplementary uses, with a total of about 10,000 new apartments and tens of thousands of square meters of commerce and employment spaces – both in new construction and in urban renewal. In the framework of its development operations, the group regularly acquires numerous land lots across Israel to increase its business inventory.
The group is distinct in its clear advantages in the urban renewal segment, and it champions the values that create this clear advantage in the urban renewal segment in particular, and in private development in general.

Financial Strength

The group holds an exceptionally large land lots inventory across Israel. The sum of these purchases in the years 2023-2024 amounted to close to NIS 1 billion. Correspondingly, the expected sales up to the year of 2027 amount to more than NIS 6 billion.


The group’s beating heart is constant investment and improvement of the employees’ knowledge and professionalism. In this framework, it conducts seminars, trainings and learning conventions, in order to constantly improve the employees’ knowledge and professionalism. The company also maintains a platform for remaining abreast of any innovation and development in legislation, rulings, technologies and new construction methods, and makes vast investments in building a battery of professionals who are experts in their respective fields in order to support its operations accurately and professionally.


The group emphasizes the planning quality and standard, and the planning is executed by internationally-reputed architects. In this framework, each project receives a unique character and story of its own in accordance with its target population and area. Each project is an icon.


All of the company’s projects are built with some of the highest specs and finishing levels in the market, with meticulous attention to each and every detail. The buyers and residents don’t receive an “apartment”, rather a “home” – in an environment which is full of life quality.

Experience – and Dealing with Bureaucracy

The group achieves fast, high-quality results, owing to the vast experience that it has accumulated, which enables it to understand and plan the various challenges in the process and respond to them quickly and accurately, step by step, and meet the preset schedules.

Experience and Tenure

The group is developing and building more than 10,000 apartments, tens of thousands of square meters in urban uses, about 1,500 residents in urban renewal complexes, dozens of approved rezoning plans, dozens of issued construction permits, countless active worksites, and numerous satisfied customers, all of the above saying “a whole lot of experience”.

Selected Projects in 2024

Some notable projects:
Katamonim – Jerusalem: 1,260 apartments alongside 10,000 sq.m. of commerce and public buildings near the Teddy Stadium.
Har Homa – Jerusalem: 240 apartments and 11,000 sq.m. of commerce, employment and public buildings.
A New Neighborhood in Northwest Hadera: about 1,500 apartments alongside thousands of square meters of commerce, employment and public buildings. The neighborhood covers an area of about 100 dunams.
Pisgat Ze’ev, Jerusalem: 518 mixed-use apartments – rental, free market, and assisted living - along with 3,500 sq.m. of commerce, employment and public buildings.
Giora – Tirat HaCarmel: 840 apartments and 3,000 sq.m. of commerce and public areas
Givat Shaul – Jerusalem: Offices and commerce tower – about 20,000 sq.m.
East Talpiot: About 800 apartments in a new neighborhood – “Mitzpe Talpiot” – that would cover about 25 dunams, including long-term rental apartments, public buildings, commerce and leisure areas.
Beit HaKerem – Jerusalem Entrance: about 150 apartments and 6,000 sq.m. of mixed-use urban areas, and a culture center.

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