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Jerusalem Homes  Group Ltd.
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Established: 1990
Line of Business: Real Estate Development
Address: 7 Hartom St., Jerusalem
Marketing and Sales: *5924
Phone: 972-2-6455391
Email: [email protected]
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    Yehiel Segal CEO
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About Jerusalem Homes Group Ltd.

Jerusalem Home Group Ltd. (JHG) is a leading real estate development company, that specializes in developing and building numerous residential, commerce and employment projects across the district of Jerusalem and its neighborhoods. The group is developing dozens of projects with thousands of new apartments and tens of thousands of sq.m. of commerce and employment areas, both in new construction and in urban renewal frameworks. Owing to the extent of its operations and its diverse mix of projects, the company accumulated over the years a professional advantage and high skills in initiating, planning and promoting real estate projects in Jerusalem with a high level of quality and agility, with extensive experience and in-depth familiarity with the unique processes that are required in the city. These characteristics turn JHG into one of the capital’s leading and most professional developers.

Business Entrepreneurship as an Urban Renewal Driver

Alongside the group’s business operations in acquiring land reserves for construction and exercising them, JHG has an urban renewal division for promoting and initiating Pinui-Binui complexes and buildings. The company’s urban renewal operations benefit from the financial strength that the group built through its various real estate projects, and from its field-tested experience and professionalism. JHG is trusted by Israel’s leading banks and financiers. Thus, it enables the residents to enter the process with peace of mind and a proven track record in the field in light of the dozens and projects and properties of the company across the Jerusalem District.
Realizing the Vision and a Holistic Perspective
As a company with many projects, all concentrated in the Jerusalem area, the project planning is executed from an environmental perspective, with the planning of the layout of the projects, and the planning of the projects themselves, are executed in a manner which takes into consideration the neighborhood’s future and the broad environmental aspect beyond the planning of a specific building. The group frequently provided various planning recommendations which were accepted by the planning authorities and included in general policy documents.

Service-Orientation and Partnership

The urban renewal segment is materially different from the business entrepreneurship segment. Every resident of the project is a full partner in every aspect. The group strategically built human and technological system for maintaining an ongoing relationship and contact with the customers and involving them in the process, so that despite the long duration of the process, the residents receive updates of the project’s progress throughout the entire process, with individual meetings every once in a while. In addition, periodic field tours are conducted in the projects, in combination with a meeting with the residents for a fertile and efficient dialogue.

Raising the Standard

As a strategic principle, the company invests a lot of resources in order to execute the projects at a very high level of finishing. The group’s projects offer luxurious and trendy raw materials as a standard, expensive home heating systems, and smart and technological devices in the home systems. These products and materials are provided also in the group’s basic apartments, from a place of thinking about the customers who buy the apartments, or the residents of the projects. All of the company’s projects are always designed at the highest level, and planned by the best architects in order to give the maximum to the customer. All according to the population, the project location and its character.

Selected Projects

Katamon Towers: A large-scale Pinui-Binui project near the entrance of the Katamonim neighborhood in Jerusalem. In the framework of the project, upscale towers would be built in the complex, with about 600 apartments, public areas and commerce areas, to be synchronized with the Light Rail project.
Katamonim City: A project for building two upscale residential towers in the center of the Katamonim neighborhood. The project is being promoted as a Pinui-Binui program where 300 apartments would be built.
Alongside these projects, two additional complexes are being promoted in the Katamonim Neighborhood by the group: the “Home in HaShomer” and “Home in Margolin” projects, in which a total of 1,000 apartments would be built. These are old townhouses which would be demolished, and in their place luxury towers and urban buildings would be rebuilt, while redesigning the complexes and creating green lungs, parking and traffic solutions, and a considerable upgrade of the residents’ life quality. The scale of group’s projects in this neighborhood is a milestone for the entire neighborhood.
Oranim: A project in the neighborhood “Ravitz” in Neve Ya’acov, currently in marketing to the ultra-orthodox public. The project includes 112 apartments in three upscale residential buildings above a commerce floor that would serve the inhabitants and the project’s residents as a neighborhood shopping center.
Aminadav: An upscale residential project in the neighborhood of Abu Tor, with dozens of luxury apartments being built on an area that includes the conservation of two historical buildings which were built about a 100 years ago. The project has a view of the Temple Mount and is marketed to Israeli and foreign residents.
Bayit Ba’Ir: A Pinui-Binui residential project in the neighborhood of Kiryat Menachem. The project covers three complexes where the existing townhouses would be demolished and new modern buildings would be rebuilt, with about 330 apartments and commerce areas at the lower floors in order to create an active urban façade.

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