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Entrepreneurship and marketing of residential and commercial real estate, land development, nature reserve management.

Kass Group
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Established: 2007
Line of Business: Entrepreneurship and marketing of residential and commercial real estate, land development, nature reserve management.
Address: 8th Ha-Tan St., Giv’at Ze’ev
Phone: 972-2-5000418
Fax: 972-0-5630034
Email: [email protected]
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  • Hanoch Kass, Kass Group

    Hanoch Kass

    Chairman and Owner, Kass Group

    Kass Group

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    Hanoch Kass
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About Kass Group

Kass Group, a real estate development company, was founded in 2007 by businessman and developer Hanoch Kass.

Operations in Israel and Georgia

The Kass Group started as a real estate marketing and development company, and within five years established itself as one of the largest real estate development companies in Israel, successfully delivering more than 2,000 residential units. Over the years, its customers have included some of the leading real estate companies in Israel. The Group’s uniqueness in the marketing field is due to the fact that it also provides a full range of services that exceed the marketing. These include responsibility for the entire bureaucratic process entailed in the approval of all project stages, as well as banking accompaniment, close and exacting supervision of the contractor’s work, and more.

Leading Development Company

In recent years, the company has been focusing its activity in the real estate development field, with the marketing area being of secondary importance. Attesting to the company’s impressive growth is the scope of its current holdings which includes more than 150,000 square meters of income-yielding real estate in shopping malls and commercial centers, in Israel and abroad.

Vast Real-Estate Activity in Georgia

In recent years, the Group’s development arm has focused on the country of Georgia, identifying it as the next hot real estate market thanks to its low score on the “Corruption Perceptions Index” alongside its flexible bureaucracy proceedings. The Group acquired and initiated the construction of hotels, business centers, and office towers, and the operation of nature reserves, in prime location areas throughout the country. The Kass Group is currently considered one of the three largest developers in Georgia and continues to grow and prosper in this country.

Prominent Projects in Israel

DCITY - the biggest home design complex in the world
Mishor Adumim - The group initiated the construction of “DCITY” - the largest design center in the world, covering over 55 dunams with 100,000 sqm of constructed area.The amazing Complex with outstanding design and the PIAZZA restaurants area attracts over a million visitors in 2022 to come and purchase their home furniture, electric and homestyle accessorize in the DCITY. with the benefits of its location, DCITY is also very attractive with OUTLET prices all year.
MAGIC KASS - Indoor amusement park.
Ma’ale Adumi- The group initiated the establishment of Magic Kass, the largest indoor amusement park in Israel. The complex is one of the advanced indoor amusement parks for all ages, in the year 2022 almost 500,000 kids and their families enjoy the complex, along with a food complex, jungle area, arcade floor, 360 rides, toy stores, and activities for toddlers.the MAGIC KASS hosts lots of convention events, company events and birthdays bar mitzva, and even weddings.
RAMAT GIVAT ZEEV - The Group took part in developing the Gazelle Valley project in Givat Ze’ev and brought about full occupancy of the neighborhood with 1,500 new families within just 3 years. The construction included buildings of 1,500 residential units, a complex with 150 beautiful villas, and a luxury complex with 40 residential units at an especially high standard.
TOP RAMAT ZEEV - 38 luxury units in two boutique buildings with an outstanding view currently in development and will be occupied in the year 2024.
KASS WATER PARK - one of the biggest indoor waterparks in the world. 100,000 sqm area with Indoor waterpark, 900 rooms hotels, restaurants, fountains show, 4000 sit amphitheater, Fantasy Island with over 1000 3d arcade games, Spa and fitness club.this complex will be one of the most attractive complexes in Israel for locals and tourists.
expected to open in the year 2024.

Prominent Projects in Georgia

KASSLAND - the first-ever in Georgia, envisages the arrangement of the most diverse ecotourism area in the nature reserves by international private investment. 240-meter long glass bridge over the canyon, with a diamond-shaped café in the middle, a premium quality resort hotel with cottages in the area, also a Visitor Center, restaurant, swimming pools, an 1800-meter path to the canyon river, stunning views, campgrounds, and a variety of infrastructure for perfect experiential recreation.The iconic feature of the company is the most beautiful 240-meter long Diamond Bridge, at a height of 240 meters, extended over the unique Tsalka Canyon. The bridge was designed by Tomer Mor Yosef in a way to fully synthesize with the environment, enabling 360-degree panoramic sights for unforgettable sensations and at the same time integrating the highest level of safety standards.
Kass Business Center - Top-of-the-line complex located in Tbilisi that includes offices, commercial space, event halls, and a hotel. The complex covers an area of 15,000 square meters.
Operating Georgia’s Nature Reserves - The Group was awarded the tender to operate Georgia’s nature reserves for the next 45 years. It plans to build a suspension bridge, with a bar in the shape of a diamond at its center, which will be the highest suspended bar in the world.
TLS - the biggest and well known for its quality laundry in Georgia, providing services for all the major hotels around Tbilisi and in it for the last 5 years.
the company uses cutting-edge machines to handle over 250 tons per month.
CITY BOX - Kass group provides public toilet service with patent register on self-service toilet boxes over 30 major locations in Tbilisi and Batumi. The government pilot was extended to unlimited time due to the success of the project. operated already 4 years, and is currently in review by other countries.

Company Vision

The Kass Group strives to be an international development company in real estate and in a wide range of projects considered massive traffic generators, among them nature reserves, amusement parks, attractive hotels, and more.

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