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Established: 1947
Line of Business: Kitchen supplies
Address: 47 Moshe Sharet St., Azor
Phone: 972-3-6533333
Fax: 972-3-6533365
Email: [email protected]
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    Hanan Leibovitch VP of Service & Logistics
    Danny Zisman VP of Trade
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About Kiroskay

Kiroskay, Israel’s leading company in the field of marketing equipment and accessories for professional kitchens. Kiroskay offers its customers a wide variety of products from the best international manufacturers have to offer. Kiroskay meticulously provides comprehensive professional solutions that meet all of its customers’ needs, with personal customization for the customers’ professional requirements. Kiroskay leads in service and provides devoted customer service through 100 employees of the company. In September 2013, the largest companies in this industry merged: Kiroskay, Palbam Ein Harod and Pal Group. Kiroskay has been the largest company in Israel in its field of operations, since 2013. Pal Group has been Israel’s leading appliances and home electronics service provider, since 1975. Palbam Ein Harod is Israel’s oldest stainless-steel products and has been offering professional kitchen solutions since 1947. Kiroskay benefits from an excellent reputation owed to its service, longstanding position, the variety of high-quality brands that it markets, its professional expertise and excellence, and its trend-adjusted solutions. Kiroskay is the leading service company in its field, the only one on its branch to offer 24-month warranty on its products, providing dishwashing solutions, offering operating leases for kitchens and trade-in on kitchen supplies, and providing professional and culinary know-how services through a chef who accompanies and consults on both the equipment selection and the accompaniment of the customers’ activities. The company’s operations are divided into six channels, which are managed by experts who lead in their segments in Israel.

Areas of Operations

HORECA: Specializing in providing solutions for the catering and hospitality industry, offering the perfect selection of products for the hotel industry, restaurants, cafes and catering companies.

Palbam Projects: Israel’s leading projects department recently executed projects for Discount Campus, Amdocs, Microsoft, Assuta Ashdod Hospital, Facebook, Ikea (across Israel), Leumi Card and the Fattal Hotel Chain.
The stainless-steel equipment which is installed in the projects is produced by the Palbam Ein Harod Factory- a leading producer of high-quality metal in Israel and globally, Palbam has an advanced engineering and technology array, modern and diverse manufacturing infrastructures, a skilled project management function and a strict quality control which meets the highest standards.
Palbam has a variety of manufacturing, engineering and project management capabilities, as well as the technological experience and depth to enable developing and customizing the most professional solutions. Palbam has a unique specialization in processing titanium, stainless steel and special steels.

Quality: Palbam Ein Harod complies with and has certifications of the strictest standards and dedicated requirements of the customers. Standards and certifications: ASME IX, ISO 9001-2000, AS 9100. Made in Israel.

N. I. Tank: In 2016, Kiroskay acquired the dishwashers’ operations of N. I. Tank Israel (2002) Ltd., which offers 24/7 service for restaurants’ dishwashers and represents leading producers from across the world. The company offers customers with dishwashing systems on a monthly rent and service basis. The company is spread all across Israel, and provides service to approximately 900 customers, including institutional kitchens and restaurants, emphasizing service at the highest standards, while committing to a dishwasher technician’s arrival within 4 hours of the call.

FeinCook: Kiroskay merged with FeinCook in 2019. Feincook was founded in 2007 by Chef Yair Feinberg and Eli Hofner, offers kitchen solutions through some of Israel’s best service and sales personnel, professional chefs and food technologists. The company offers, inter alia, services of product development, imports, exclusive imports, development and marketing of some of the world’s most advanced cooking accessories and techniques such as Thermomix, Sous Vide Supreme, FeinCooker, PacoJet, CIRCU FeinChef and more, unique cooking and baking guidance and workshops, culinary consulting, original concepts development and accompanying the establishment of businesses and restaurants.

Ice Cream: Kiroskay develops the field of ice cream, and specializes in marketing and product for the industry, consulting services and technical service. The company has a perfect variety of products for all the needs of the ice cream industry such as ice cream machines, freezers, whipped cream machines from the best manufacturers in the world.
The company serves as the exclusive marketer of ice cream machines manufactured by TAYLOR USA and ice cream freezers produced by FRIGOMECCANNICA Italy.

Merkaz Mechonot Mazon (“Food Machinery Center”): Kiroskay acquired the operations of this company in 2021. The company has been specializing in the supplies for meat stores, fish stores and delicatessen industry since 1965, providing various equipment including machines and equipment with approvals for operating in the food industry. The company offers clients a product variety from the best producers in the world and is Israel’s leading company in the field of supplying leading retail chains.

Always the First in Service

Kiroskay sees service as its guiding value and provides fast human response. The company employs 18 licensed technicians. The service department handles approx. 1500 service calls monthly and boasts fixing 91% of problems during the first visit!
Kiroskay is the only company in the industry that offers a 24-month warranty (compared with the customary 12-month warranty in the industry), including original parts and work time of duly licensed technicians. The company’s professional and comprehensive service is measured through empirical indices, and therefore Kiroskay is renowned for its excellent service and leads the industry while providing a comprehensive umbrella of solutions, which differentiates from its competitors in Israel. Kiroskay also offers its customers with a shopping experience in a showroom, located at 36 HaPeled St., in Holon, that covers 1,800 square meters.

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