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Established: 1998
Line of Business: Family and Inheritance Laws
Address: 52 Begin Rd., Sonol Tower, Tel-Aviv
Phone: 972-3-6393330
Fax: 972-3-6393360
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  • Romy  Knebel, Knebel & Co., Law Offices

    Romy Knebel

    Owner and Founder

    Knebel & Co., Law Offices

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About Knebel & Co., Law Offices

The field of matrimonial law in Knebel & Co., Law Offices was established in 1998 by Adv. Romy Knebel, the firm’s Founder, who is a leader in this field. The firm emphasizes personal service and the client’s interests as its major value. Adv. Knebel follows the guideline that family disputes require “one on one” representation, and individual and continuous support with the option of contacting the firm 24/7. The firm has been one of the leaders in its field for many years. Its uniqueness stems from the capability to provide, under one roof, a complete representation in family, inheritance and personal status cases and in the real-estate and commercial law fields. Adv. Knebel specializes in these areas and in companies’ law, breaking-up of partnerships and disputes in family companies. The firm handles various family disputes, concerning guardianship, custody, visiting rights, adoption, child support, property division, surrogacy, inheritance and other familial disputes.

Over the years, Adv. Knebel handled dozens of intricate and complex family disputes, of which some with a sensitive public profile. Adv. Knebel and the firm are committed to legal representation at the highest level, while keeping and protecting the clients’ privacy and confidentiality. The firm accompanies its clients from initial legal counsel, through outlining a case strategy and up until the completion of the required legal treatment: representation in front of the various judiciaries (including the family courts, the rabbinical courts, appeals to the district court, appeals to the Supreme court and Bagatz), support in reaching and preparing agreements, and various actions with governmental entities. The firm maintains ongoing professional co-operations with leading professionals who accompany the clients throughout the case, including criminal lawyers, private investigators, social workers, psychologists, land appraisers, valuators, accountants, actuaries and others –in order to provide a complete, professional and focused representation. The firm also supports its clients in the conduct with various entities: parental capability evaluation institutes, psychologists, The Child Welfare Department, the review committee, social workers and others. Moreover, the firm provides support in reaching pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements, with a full emphasis on a compromissory and professional atmosphere in the agreement process. The firm supports the clients in throughout dispute settlements in the Assistance Unit including in confidential or public mediations.

Uncompromising Professionalism, Justice and Personal Attention

The firm is renowned for the professional and uncompromising service it provides throughout the entire proceeding. The firm believes in hard and thorough work with an in-depth and meticulous legal review, the construction of an accurate, rational and customized legal strategy, and attention to a personal, professional and devoted service for each and every client. Adv. Knebel and the firm gained extensive appreciation among lawyers both in the family law field and in other fields, owing to a combination of determination, uncompromising professionalism, and prioritizing the client’s benefit. The firm believes in full cooperation with the client in outlining and constructing legal strategies and actions, and the decision-making throughout the case. An involved client is a satisfied client. 

Practice Areas

The firm handles a wide variety of issues, including divorces, inheritance disputes, pre-nuptial agreements, common-law marriage, breach of marriage promise, adoptions, surrogacy and family disputes.
Intra-familial agreements – the firm supports in the preparation of agreements between family members, including siblings, family fortune distribution, pre-nuptial, common law marriage, separation of properties agreements and others.
Divorce cases – consulting meetings, strategy construction, preparation of lawsuits (custody, child support, property), preparation of legal answers and handling statements of claim and various requests of the counterparty. Representation in the family courts and the rabbinical courts including in divorce claims and support in the enforcement or breaching of divorce agreements and rulings as well as post-divorce disputes. The firm also handles divorce objectors and marriage permissions for same-religion and mixed-religion spouses. The firm supports its clients in requests for immigration with minors and international child abduction in accordance with the Hague Convention, dissolving real estate partnerships in the framework of receivership proceedings in the family court and the rabbinical court.
Inheritance and family member disputes -  comprehensive legal service in the preparation of wills, applications for will and inheritance orders, appointment as estate mangers, submission of and opposition to objections to wills, preparation of agreements between heirs.
Adoption, surrogacy, single parent families – the firm also supports clients in adoption, surrogacy, same-sex families, single-parent families, fatherhood claims and DNA tests.
Family disputes in Moshavim and Kibbutzim – Adv. Knebel gained extensive experience in property relations, monetary claims, family disputes and family fortune distribution in Moshavim. She is a renowned lecturer on this topic, both in the Legal Training Institute and in front of local committees and agricultural associations concerning estates division and inheritance.

Adv. Knebel and the Firm’s Staff

Adv. Knebel is a member of the Israeli Bar since 1998, and certified in “Collaborative Divorce”.
Adv. Knebel is the Chairman of the Tel Aviv District’s Inheritance Committee and the “Bet HaPraklit” Communications Committee.
She has an LL.B. (Magna Sum Laude); LL.M. from Tel-Aviv University; and an LL.M. (Magna Cum Laude) from the Hebrew University. She is currently studying for her LL.D. In addition, she is a member of the teaching staff of the Peres Academic Center, and lectures in the Israeli Bar and other public frameworks. She is an active member of the family forum of the Bar’s Central Committee, and a member of the forum’s training team. The firm’s team also includes: Adv. Roy Navot – managing partner, an expert with more than 20 years of experience in real estate and dissolution of partnerships, Advocates Eithan Solomon, Eyal Yonatan and Hava Kleiman – Guestfruend, all experts in family and inheritance law.

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