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Established: 1961
Line of Business: 5 Shimshon St., Petach Tikva, Olympia Park, Building A
Address: Development, Construction, Urban Renewal
Phone: 972-3-9312198
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.kofman-group.co.il
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  • Ofer Kofman, Kofman Entrepreneurship and Construction

    Ofer Kofman

    Kofman Entrepreneurship and Construction

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    Ofer Kofman
  • Tomer Kofman, Kofman Entrepreneurship and Construction

    Tomer Kofman

    Kofman Entrepreneurship and Construction

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    Tomer Kofman
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About Kofman Entrepreneurship and Construction

Kofman Entrepreneurship  and Construction is a leading real estate group that specializes in building high-quality and unique residential project at a particularly high level of planning, design and execution. During its decades of operations, the company has built more than 1,500 apartments and it is currently managing and building 10 projects with more than 400 residential apartments, while conducting initiation and planning proceedings for another 10 projects. The group has been operating in the Israeli market for 60 years and is considered to be one of the builders of the city of Petach Tikva, since the company’s foundations were laid already in the early 1960s when it was founded by the contractor Shlomo Kofman (dec.). During the first two decades of its operations, the group focused on building public buildings, education institutes and residences and in the late 1980s Shlomo’s son, Ofer Kofman, who is a graduate of the Technion and a civil engineer, joined the company. Ofer took the company’s reins and expanded its areas of operations through several partnerships and subsidiaries while deepening the group’s reputation in the construction market. Alongside Ofer, the group currently employs his son Major (res.) Tomer Kofman who formerly served as an IAF aircrew member and an engineer and economist by education.

Complete Control over the Construction Quality

The group has the highest contractor classification - C5 - the highest classification in Israel which enables it to execute residential projects of any physical and financial scope. The combination that exists in the group between development and initiation and between first class execution provides the customers with the peace of mind of knowing that the company’s team would accompany them throughout the entire process - from signing the contract, through the construction execution and afterwards in the post-construction checkup period. The company human capital is of an extremely high quality, with professional and skilled managers, highly experienced workers and modern and advanced equipment, which provide it with the ability to execute projects independently without relying on external entities.

The group hires subcontractors who have been working with it for many years and are committed to high-quality and meeting the schedules.

These advantages provide the company with absolute control over the construction quality and enable it to provide dedicated and professional service for its buyers while meeting the preset timetables. The company ISO9001 certified and its conduct complies with this quality control and management standard.

Financial Strength

Owing to proper governance and consistent constant growth, the group benefits from high financial strength that is expressed in cost-saving and the ability to complete every project it commits to. The group’s financial department is managed by an external CPA and has vast experience in accompanying landowners and apartment buyers throughout the entire financing, guarantees and mortgages process.

As of July 2021, the company has a very high rating according to D&B’s review report, also in comparison with the industry average.

The Worksite and Workers Safety

All of the group’s worksites have cameras installed for ongoing control of the execution rate and protection of the workers safety and worksite integrity.  The group goes even beyond that, and an internal safety supervisor in entrusted with maintaining the safety in its various projects.

Winner of an Urban Renewal Award

Over the past few years, the group expanded its operations also into the urban renewal segment (Tama 38 and Pinui-Binui) and for this purpose it established a dedicated department which sole purpose is to promote projects in these channels, from the aspects of both the planning and construction and the direct contact and immediate availability to residents of these projects. Currently, the group is promoting the planning of about 8 urban renewal projects in Tel Aviv (prime locations) and about 12 additional projects in the city of Petach Tikva. In the years 2020-2021, the group was ranked 1st in the urban renewal ranking in the city of Petach Tikva by the Real Estate Center and in 2021 by DUNS100.

Prominent Self-Developed Projects

6,7,8 Green Point, Green Kfar Saba: A project where the group is building 3 boutique buildings with 67 apartments. This is one of the last projects in the neighborhood, and it is characterized by green building and excellent architecture and is very advanced marketing stage. The company already successfully populated about 150 apartments in this neighborhood.

Green Point 3, Green Point 4, Neve Zemer, Ra’anana: Two projects at the most attractive location in the neighborhood, in front of the incredible new sport center and near the elementary school. The projects include about 70 apartments with a diverse mix of 4,5 and 6-room apartments and garden apartments, and the group is currently in planning proceedings for another 200 apartments in 3 additional projects of the neighborhood. In addition, the company already built and populated about 52 apartments in this neighborhood.

Prominent Projects in Urban Renewal Channels

Petach Tikva: As a leading group in this city, Kofman is leading numerous projects in the city, including 14 Kalisher - 36 apartments, 10-12 Kitroni - 54 apartments, 1 Pinkas - 24 apartments, 18 Kisch - 36 apartments, 12 Motzkin - 24 apartments, 18-20 HaRav Kook - 36 apartments, and more.

Tel Aviv: Some of the numerous projects in the city “That takes no breaks” include: 1 Epstein - 17 apartments, 21 Yesod HaMa’ala - 55 apartments, 12 Zlatopolski - 12 apartments, 69 Shlomtzion HaMalka - 37 apartments, 7 Ben Yehuda - 15 apartments, 3 Epstein - 15 apartments and more.

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