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Established: 2014
Line of Business: Legal Services in the White Collar Offences and Civil Litigation
Address: B.S.R. Tower 3 (31th floor),
5 Kinnereth St. Bnei Brak
Phone: 972-3-7671500
Fax: 972-3-7671501
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://kstlaw.co.il/en/home-page/
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  • Yaron Kosteliz, Kosteliz & Co. Law Office

    Yaron Kosteliz

    Founding Partner

    Kosteliz & Co. Law Office

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    Yaron Kosteliz
  • Yoav Segal, Kosteliz & Co. Law Office

    Yoav Segal

    Managing Partner

    Kosteliz & Co. Law Office

  • Aviad Shaulson, Kosteliz & Co. Law Office

    Aviad Shaulson


    Kosteliz & Co. Law Office

  • Michal Mann, Kosteliz & Co. Law Office

    Michal Mann


    Kosteliz & Co. Law Office

  • Daniel Rosenblum, Kosteliz & Co. Law Office

    Daniel Rosenblum


    Kosteliz & Co. Law Office

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    Simcha Albachari Partner
    Shiraz Passentin
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About Kosteliz & Co. Law Office

Kosteliz & Co. Law Office is a cutting-edge and thriving firm with exceptional expertise in complex civil and commercial litigations, white-collar crimes, administrative law and real estate transactions. Since its establishment, the firm demonstrated a record of extraordinary achievements, including the swift growth in the number of its clients that include key public figures, famous businessmen and the leading Israeli companies, and the unprecedented legal results that the firm succeeded in achieving.

Our Clients

The firm’s clientele include senior public officers such as the Minister of Finance Mr. Avigdor Lieberman, the late Rabbi Bakshi Doron - former Chief Rabbi of Israel, the former Chairman of Keren Hayesod Mr. Eliezer (Modi) Zandberg, the Director of the Israel Land Authority Mr. Yaakov (Yanki) Quint, former Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem Mr. Meir Turgeman, former CEO of Rosh HaAyin Municipality Mr. Yigal Yanai, Head of Infrastructure Directorate at the Ministry of Transport Mr. Shilo Adler, businessmen Mr. Michael Chernoy, Mr. Amos Luzon, Mr. Avraham Nanikashvili, Mr. Jackie Ben Zaken, and Adv. Philip Meyer. The firm’s clients also include the leading Israeli companies such as the global accounting firm Ernst & Young (Kost Forer Gabbay and Kasierer), Delek Drilling Partnership, ELCO Group and Electra Consumer Products, Redimix Industries Group, Amos Luzon Energy Ltd. (Formerly the A. Dori Group), Manrav Company, Berman Bakery, Angel Bakery, IKEA Company, Ayalim Association, Givat Shmuel Municipality and many others.

About Us

Kosteliz & Co., Law Office is one of the Israel’s leading law firms specializing in legal representation. The firm provides representation in criminal proceedings (white-collar crimes), civil-commercial litigation, administrative litigation and legal advice to commercial companies on a variety of matters.

Adv. Yaron Kosteliz

Adv. Kosteliz, Founder and Senior Partner at Kosteliz & Co. Law Office, has extensive expertise in criminal law (white collar crimes), complex civil-commercial litigations, administrative law, labor law and planning and construction law. Adv. Kosteliz “is thought to be one of the stars in the “white collar crimes” sector in Israel”(Globes, March 9, 2014), and his clients include key pesons in Israel’s business and political world. At the age of 29 Adv. Kosteliz was rated in the first list of “40 to 40” in G magazine belonging to the Globes newspaper (2006), and was included in the lists of exceptional lawyers of “The Marker” (2008), “Maariv” (2011 and 2013) and “Nana10” website (2014).
In 1999 – 2005 Adv. Kosteliz was a senior assistant to then Chief Military Prosecutor, Col. Einat Ron (currently President of the Magistrates’ Court in Central District). Adv. Kosteliz served, inter alia, as the military prosecutor in the trial of the five military service refusers for political reasons, and in the trial of the service refuser Yonatan Ben-Artzi. He also represented prisoner “X”, Mordechai Kedar, in his appeal for a retrial.
In 2005, Adv. Kosteliz joined Dr. J. Weinroth & Co. Law Firm as a partner, until he founded Kosteliz & Co. Law Office at the beginning of 2014. Adv. Kosteliz earned his LL.B., LL.M (summa cum laude) and MBA (cum laude) from Bar-Ilan University.

Adv. Yoav Segal

Adv. Segal specializes in litigation and dispute resolution, commercial engagements, real estate transactions and ongoing legal advice to companies.
Adv. Segal has considerable experience in civil litigation and in representing defendants in white collar crimes. Adv. Segal was part of the defense team of the businessman Michael Chernoy in “Eilat” and “Bezeq” affairs. Simultaneously, Adv. Segal handled a variety of real-estate transactions amounting to hundreds of millions of shekels.
Significant Achievements and Accomplishments Criminal law
Representing Mr. Michael Chernoy: Mr. Chernoy was indicted together with the businessman Gad Zeevi. The prosecution claimed that the two purchased Bezeq shares in 1999 while concealing Mr. Chernoy’s involvement from the Ministry of Communications. Advocates Kosteliz and Segal had been representing Mr. Chernoy since 2005. The trial had been going on for over 10 years and in October 2015 the District Court acquitted Mr. Chernoy.
Representing Rabbi Bakshi Doron, the Chief Rabbi of Israel: the Supreme Court accepted the appeal filed by Adv. Kosteliz on behalf of the late Rabbi’s estate and overturned his conviction.
Representing Mr. Avigdor (Yvette) Lieberman, Minister of Finance and leader of the Yisrael Beiteinu party. Adv. Kosteliz represented Mr. Lieberman in the “straw companies” affair, in the appointment of Ambassador Zeev Ben-Arie and and in a variety of matters, including High Court proceedings, client – lawyer immunity proceedings and more. At the preliminary hearing of the “straw companies” matter, the Attorney General closed the case and no charges were brought. Also, Mr. Lieberman was unanimously acquitted in the ambassador appointment matter.
Representing Mr. Jackie Ben Zaken in the Manofim matter (appeal to the Supreme Court) and in the Ben-Eliezer matter. The Supreme Court granted the appeal on the severity of the punishment imposed on Mr. Ben Zaken.
Representing the Berman Bakery and its former CEO of the “Bread Cartel” matter: the Supreme Court accepted the appeal filed by Adv. Kosteliz on the severity of punishment imposed by the District Court.
Representing CPA Eli Abogani, Forer Gabbay and Kasierer CPA firm, Ernst & Young (Israel) in the “Pixel affair”, in which he was accused of alleged fraud on NIS 50 million taxes.
Representing Mr. Yaakov Efrati, former Head of the Israel Lands Administration, in Holyland (Salt Industries) trial.

Civil Law

Representing the global accounting firm Ernst & Young (Kost Forer Gabbay and Kasierer)
Sanny lawsuit: In a NIS 250 million lawsuit filed by Sanny (formerly Scailex) to the Tel Aviv District Court. In April 2021, Hon. Justice Khaled Kaboub accepted the arguments of the defense and dismissed the lawsuit in its entirety. Inter alia, Hon. Justice Kaboub accepted Adv. Kosteliz’s arguments that the auditors’ negligence had not been proven, and the company’s creditors, including its bondholders, had suffered damage due to the valuations made by the CPA firm.
Agrexco lawsuit: In a NIS 150 million lawsuit filed by the joint of Agrexco to the Tel Aviv District Court, alleging alleged failures of the firm of accountants while fulfilling its role as the company’s auditor many years ago. In may 2022, Hon. Justice Magen Altuvia accepted the motion filed by Adv Kostelitz and dismissed the lawsuit in limine.
Representing Adv. Philip Meyer: a NIS 60 million lawsuit was filed against Adv. Meyer, a trustee of the late Mr. Mordechai Zisser, former controlling shareholder of Elbit Imaging Company. Adv. Meyer, represented by Kosteliz and Co. sought to dismiss the lawsuit in limine claiming that the company should have exhausted its rights with its officers before reaching a settlement with the late Mr. Zisser’s estate. In August 2021, Hon. Justice Magen Altuvia accepted the motion and dismissed the lawsuit against Adv. Meyer.
Representing Amos Luzon Energy Ltd. Group in a lawsuit filed against it by Edeltech Holdings for more than NIS 10 million plus VAT. The District Court accepted the arguments of the defense and dismissed the claim in its entirety.

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