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Real Estate, Urban Renewal, Representation of Local Authorities

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Established: 2011
Line of Business: Real Estate, Urban Renewal, Representation of Local Authorities
Address: 12 Aba Hillel St., Ramat Gan 5250606
Phone: 972-3-7755666
Fax: 972-3-6965786
Email: [email protected]
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  • Shlomi Avihazira, Kraus, Abissira Law Office

    Adv. Shlomi Avihazira

    Founding Partner

    Kraus, Abissira Law Office

  • Or Kraus, Kraus, Abissira Law Office

    Adv. Or Kraus

    Managing Partner

    Kraus, Abissira Law Office

  • Vered Zuaretz Herman, Kraus, Abissira Law Office

    Adv. Vered Zuaretz Herman


    Kraus, Abissira Law Office

  • Racheli Margalit, Kraus, Abissira Law Office

    Adv. Racheli Margalit


    Kraus, Abissira Law Office

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About Kraus, Abissira Law Office

Kraus, Avihazira Law Firm is a unique boutique firm which practices all aspects of real estate law including urban renewal, local authorities and public tenders. The firm’s team works transparently as well as professional integrity and extraordinary personal service in order to achieve all of the set goals. The firm works tirelessly to maximize the considerations for its growing clientele, which includes public authorities, developers and residents. The firm benefits from very intensive consistent growth in operations while it increases its projects, in the representation of both developers, contractors and residents.

In his last position, Adv. Or Kraus, the firm’s manager, served as the legal counselor of the Properties Division of the Tel Aviv Municipality, where he handled and influenced many hundreds of various and diverse projects and transactions.

The Client at the Center

As part of the vast experience of the firm’s owners in the real estate field, the firm believes in uncompromising professional service and provides comprehensive service to every client in accordance with the unique needs in every project. As part of the meticulousness, the determination and the creative thinking of the firm’s employees, the team aspires to complete the legal service to the client’s satisfaction while emphasizing the interpersonal relationship and very high availability.

Involvement and Personal Availability

One of the firm’s greatest advantages is its involvement and personal availability in every case that it accompanies. The initiators or alternatively the residents know the lawyer who accompanies the project on a personal and friendly level and are accompanied also beyond the customary business hours. It should be noted that Adv. Kraus, the firm’s manager, personally handles every urban renewal project in the firm. The personal service for the clients reaches, as aforementioned, a particularly pleasant and personal level, while maintaining uncompromising professionalism and representing forcefully and determinedly in the various levels of the courts.

The Firm’s Partners

Adv. Or Kraus
Has an LL.B. and an LL.M. from Bar Ilan University. Adv. Kraus is a former employee of the legal department and the properties division of the Tel Aviv Yafo Municipality, and has vast knowledge and experience in handling projects of leasing, complex sale and purchase transactions, property partnership agreements, building agreements vis-à-vis authorities, agreements with consultants, contractors and utilities, and more. In addition, Adv. Kraus has experience in accompanying public tenders such as affordable housing, infrastructures consulting and control, and land marketing. During his work in the Tel Aviv Municipality, Adv. Kraus accumulated extensive experience in a variety of real estate topics such as land expropriations, land disputes, land arrangements, eviction claims etc.

Adv. Shlomi Avihazira
Has an LL.B. (2009). Adv. Avihazira has vast experience in the field of urban renewal where he has been representing initiators and contractors on the one hand and residents and apartment owners on the other hand. Over the past decade, Adv. Avihazira completed numerous trainings in the area of land transactions, real estate taxations and urban renewal. In addition, Adv. Avihazira specializes in representing corporations, companies and associations while accompanying in mergers, company acquisitions, and cooperation and founders agreements.

Main Practice Areas

Local authorities: The firm represents several local authorities, the largest of which is the Tel Aviv Municipality. The firm’s work in this area includes, inter alia, formulation and preparation of public tenders in the infrastructures and residential fields, representing the authorities in eviction proceedings for properties that they own, and more. The firm has deep and longstanding familiarity with the process of providing ongoing legal support to local authorities which utilize the firm’s esteemed capabilities in accompanying high-value projects and in public tenders that were held for the first with the cooperation of our firm.

Real Estate: the firm specializes in formulating and preparing complex sale and purchase agreements, combination transactions, construction and development agreements
vis-à-vis local authorities, expropriations, leasing agreements, rental agreements, promoting zoning and master plans, construction defects and more.

Urban Renewal: A field where the firm is considered to be a one-stop-shop in the representation of residents and initiators in Tama 38 and Pinui-Binui. In the representation of residents, the firm accompanies them from the delegation selection stage, through the execution of a public tender, getting the residents’ signatures, formulating the contract vis-à-vis the initiating company, finding creative solutions for objector residents, and more. The firm accompanies the project from start to finish until the registration of the residents in the Land Registry. In the representation of initiators and contractors, the firm represents them across the entire process – the planning stage, the contracts stage, the rights registration stage, the negotiations and the reporting to the tax authorities.

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