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Energy, Commercial Law, Litigation, Regulation and Anti-Trust

Krispin, Rubinstein, Blecher & Co.
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Established: 2017
Line of Business: Energy, Commercial Law, Litigation, Regulation and Anti-Trust
Address: 7 Masada St., B.S.R. Tower 4, Bnei Brak
Phone: 972-73-3202021
Fax: 972-73-3202031
Email: [email protected]
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  • Amit  Krispin, Krispin, Rubinstein, Blecher & Co.

    Amit Krispin

    Founding Partner

    Krispin, Rubinstein, Blecher & Co.

  • Noga Rubinstein, Krispin, Rubinstein, Blecher & Co.

    Noga Rubinstein

    Founding Partner

    Krispin, Rubinstein, Blecher & Co.

  • Roy Blecher, Krispin, Rubinstein, Blecher & Co.

    Roy Blecher

    Founding Partner

    Krispin, Rubinstein, Blecher & Co.

  • Sagit  Chen, Krispin, Rubinstein, Blecher & Co.

    Sagit Chen

    Founding Partner

    Krispin, Rubinstein, Blecher & Co.

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About Krispin, Rubinstein, Blecher & Co.

Krispin, Rubinstein, Blecher & Co. Law Firm is a leading boutique firm practicing  in the fields of energy and infrastructure, commercial law, regulation and litiga-tion. The firm provides its clients with first-class legal services and advice, super-vised closely by the senior partners. The synergy that forms from the collaboration between the various teams leads to a combination of broad knowledge, experi-ence and expertise, together with a creative, efficient and professional approach.

KRB was founded by four partners, who are considered to be leading attorneys in their respective fields: Adv. Krispin, Adv. Rubinstein, Adv. Blecher, and Adv. Chen.

Practice Areas

Energy and Infrastructure – the firm is one of Israel’s pioneering and leading ener-gy practitioners. The firm represents 70% of Israel’s private power producers and the Private Power Producers Forum. The firm has comprehensive knowledge and unique experience in the field’s commercial and regulatory aspects, and its at-torneys take a significant part of the formulation of the regulatory framework and reforms. The firm advises leading entities and facilities, including conventional and renewable private power plants, and all types of natural gas utilities, on es-tablishment, operations, tenders and contracts. KRB’s team led and continues to lead most of Israel’s key energy projects, including the first and largest private power plant, and numerous leading renewable energy projects (based on PV, wind and bio-gas). In addition, the firm has extensive experience in supporting transportation companies in tenders, concessions and investments proceedings. KRB represents international companies with Israeli operations and supports many of Israel’s natural gas consumers, natural gas distributers, marketers and contractors.

Regulation and Competition – the team, headed by Adv. Rubinstein, provides comprehensive counsel and strategic support in this field, including in the com-munication, banking, food and pharmaceuticals, health, and transportation fields.

Regulation – KRB provides strategic advisory concerning economic regulation to major groups in the Israeli economy, and to leading companies from diverse in-dustries, and handles privacy protection and databases issues. KRB counsels multinational companies with operations in Israel and abroad and supports Israeli companies in foreign regulatory conduct abroad.

Antitrust – KRB facilitates antitrust-related proceedings, advises on competition aspects and actions concerning monopolies, collusions and mergers, and repre-sents clients before the Antitrust Authority and other governmental bodies, and in legal proceedings before the antitrust and civil courts.

Communications – KRB is highly experienced in the communication and tele-communication sector and is proficient in its complex regulatory issues. KRB ad-vises its clients, which include communication, telecommunications, broadcasting and advertising companies, on setting long-term regulatory strategies, represents them in legislation and administrative proceedings, as well as public policy hear-ings before all government authorities, complex disputes and tenders.

Support and Representation in Legislation Processes – as part of its public prac-tice, KRB participated in the design of the legal framework for various projects and matters it handled, including representation and litigation before government authorities, government companies and various public bodies.

Commercial Law – KRB handles all commercial and regulatory aspects of interna-tional transactions, and provides extensive legal advice to domestic and interna-tional companies and their management members on regular corporate conduct, including corporate governance, financing, as well as JVs, commercial transac-tions and M&As.

Litigation and Dispute Settlement – the firm’s litigation team, headed by Adv. Blecher, is experienced in representing private and public entities in litigation and dispute settlement proceedings. The firm advises on complex commercial lit-igation; corporate litigation in public companies; class actions; international liti-gation and arbitration; antitrust litigation; internet, real-estate litigation and more.

Administrative Litigation – the firm handles complex administrative disputes and represents clients before the relevant courts and tribunals, such as the adminis-trative court and the Supreme Court, as well as national committees of inquiry, public audit committees, parliament committees and administrative hearings be-fore various authorities.

White Collar – the firm represents senior businesspersons and public officials in criminal cases concerning matters such as securities, anti-trust, tax and money laundering, defense and homeland security offences, and represents clients be-fore governmental and military committees of inquiry, and in hearings and pro-ceedings concerning homeland security.

The Partners

Adv. Amit Krispin – a pioneer in the Israeli energy market, serves as the adviser  of the Israeli Forum of Private Power Producers, and supports the key entities in the Israeli energy market. Adv. Krispin represents companies in their correspond-ence with the regulators, and in matters concerning planning and construction agreements, power supply agreements, finance agreements, power purchase agreements,  etc.

Adv. Noga Rubinstein – an expert in regulation advisory and representation. Adv. Rubinstein gained experience in administrative and public law during her work as General Counsel of the Ministry of Communications, and earlier in her career, as Deputy Attorney General for Fiscal-Economic matters, in the Ministry of Justice.

Adv. Roy Blecher – a leading criminal- and white-collar-attorney, and one of the defense team leaders of former prime minister, Mr. Ehud Olmert. Adv. Blecher advises on some of Israel’s most complex tort and medical malpractice claims and is an expert in cases that combine multiple victims. Adv. Blecher advises to government companies and defense companies in the formulation of compliance programs aimed at the prevention of foreign officials’ bribery and represents them in complex civil and administrative litigation proceedings, that involve sensitive homeland security aspects. Adv. Blecher served as a senior consultant officer and as a Military Advocate at the Military Advocate General corps.

Adv. Sagit Chen – regularly advises Israeli and international companies, both pri-vate and public, and  senior executives, on a broad spectrum of business as-pects in various sectors, including the energy, transportation, banking, industry sectors, etc. Adv. Chen supports KRB’s clients in their regular conduct and pro-vides them with legal advice on commercial transactions, including M&As, from the initial stages of planning and design, throughout the negotiations and the fi-nal closing and execution of the transactions.

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