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Construction and Infrastructures, High-Tech, Labor Law, Litigation, Corporations Law, Real Estate and Tama 38

L.D. Komissar & Co., Advocates and Notaries
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Established: 1961
Line of Business: Construction and Infrastructures, High-Tech, Labor Law, Litigation, Corporations Law, Real Estate and Tama 38
Address: Ramat Gan: 7 Jabotinsky St., Moshe Aviv Tower, 53rd floor, 5252007
Haifa: 2 Pal-Yam St., Oren Building, 3309502
Tel: 972-4-8622111 Fax: 972-4-8622666
Phone: 972-3-6336838
Fax: 972-3-6336842
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.komissar.co.il
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  • Ariel Komissar, L.D. Komissar & Co., Advocates and Notaries

    Ariel Komissar


    L.D. Komissar & Co., Advocates and Notaries

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    Ariel Komissar
  • Sharon Zeiger Alfonta, L.D. Komissar & Co., Advocates and Notaries

    Adv. Sharon Zeiger Alfonta

    L.D. Komissar & Co., Advocates and Notaries

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    Sharon Zeiger Alfonta

Senior Executives

    Adv. Michael Komissar Partner
    Adv. Jacob Etzioni Partner
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About L.D. Komissar & Co., Advocates and Notaries

L.D. Komissar & Co. has been practicing for almost 60 years. In its many years of operation, the firm gained extensive reputation and numerous judges emerged from its ranks, few to the Israeli Supreme Court. The firm has branches in Haifa and in Ramat-Gan and includes 12 lawyers. The firm’s clientele includes some of the most prominent companies and institutes in the Israeli economy (some of which have been serviced by the firm for decades) in the fields of construction, real estate development, infrastructure financed projects, electro-mechanics, industry, energy, commerce, residences  movie theaters and entertainment, medicine and assisted living.

The Firm’s Worldview

The firm’s worldview is based on the client entitlement to a service which includes uncompromising professionalism combined with an understanding of the client’s needs as well as personal and close attention to its justified requirements and instructions. Therefore, the firm is committed to highest standard of work based on expertise in the required practice area, flexible and creative thinking, dedication and efficiency in order to achieve the result which best serves the clients’ needs. The firm’s work is executed by all of its lawyers, partners and associates, with personal and direct involvement, accessibility, availability and personal relationship with the client. This conduct provides clients with assurance and peace of mind, knowing that their matter is handled professionally and devotedly.

The Firm’s Executive Team

Adv. Michael Komissar, Advocate and Notary - Senior Partner: Adv. Michael Komissar was admitted to the Israeli bar in 1967 and has unique expertise in handling international mega projects, mainly in construction, infrastructure, and energy, located in Africa, Latin America and the USA, usually financed by multilateral institutions, the world band and the EU Development Fund, commercial banks and export credit agencies (ECA), including negotiating all transaction and the project finance documentation, accompanying the performance of the projects and litigating them in adjudication and  arbitration, before international arbitration institutions, such as ICC, LCIA, SCC, UNCITRAL, etc.. Adv. Komissar has long and close contacts with leading law firms across the globe.

Adv. Jacob Etzioni, Advocate and Notary - Partner: Adv. Jacob Etzioni was admitted to the bar in 1970 and has longstanding practice, knowledge and specialization in the civil and commercial areas, particularly in companies’ law, partnerships, complex real estate transactions, torts and insurance and administrative law. Mr. Etzioni has extensive experience in conducting and litigating various types of legal proceedings in courts and arbitration. He serves as an arbitrator and mediator in complex disputes. Mr. Etzioni has been accompanying many of the firm’s clients for many years in all their ongoing business activity in various areas, industry, commerce, project execution, entertainment, cinema theaters centers, and commercial centers.

Adv. Ariel Komissar, Advocate - Partner: Adv. Ariel Komissar was admitted to the bar in 1995; He heads the firm’s Tel-Aviv branch (located in Ramat Gan) and is the managing partner of the firm, responsible for the firm’s day-to-day operations. Ariel has unique knowledge and experience in facilitating the operation of the Israeli most complexed and biggest infrastructure construction and renewable energy projects, awarded by the public and the private sectors, including all applicable financial aspects, from their inception, through tenders preparation and the negotiating and drafting all respective contracts and transaction documents, through their financial close and later close accompanying the performance and completion of such projects. In addition, Ariel accompanies the ongoing business operations of clients in commerce and industry fields, project financing, banking and loans, merger and acquisition, cooperations and joint-entrepreneurship ventures and has vast experience in very complex real estate transactions.

Adv. Sharon Zeiger Alfonta - Partner: Adv. Sharon Zeiger-Alfonta was admitted to the bar in 1998 and heads the firm’s vast commercial litigation and labor law practice. Sharon has a special and longstanding experience and specialization in managing complex civil-commercial legal proceedings with substantial financial scopes, mediations and arbitrations, with a particular emphasis on infrastructures and construction. Sharon has a particular specialization in labor law and she provides ongoing advice to the firm’s clients in Israel and abroad on such matters. Sharon serves as a mediator and an external investigator for workplace harassment claims.

Main Practice Areas

Construction, Energy and Infrastructures: The firm has a particular specialization and longstanding experience in facilitating and supporting complex infrastructure projects worldwide, including projects with complex models that span finance, planning, execution, operation and maintenance (PPP, PFI, BOT/DBOT).

Litigation and Dispute Resolutions: The firm represents Israeli and international entities, corporations and private clients in civil and commercial proceedings concerning numerous and diverse topics, such as monetary lawsuits and injunctions, construction defects, labor relations, administrative petitions, class actions, bodily harm, maritime cargo and properties, planning and zoning, intellectual property and more.

Labor Law: The firm has very broad experience in labor law and it represents mainly employers including companies with hundreds of employees who are subject to special and general collective employment agreements. The firm also provides counsel to employees concerning their work and retirement rights and drafts employment agreement up to the most senior executive levels. In addition, the firm specialized in issues concerning the employment of foreign workers in Israel and agreements with manpower and service contractors.

Real Estate and “Tama” 38: A significant share of the firm’s operations is focused on various and diverse real estate transactions, such as: sale and purchase of real estate property and rights, sale and rent back, property partnerships and breakup thereof, sale in liquidations and asset-swap transactions and more. The firm specializes in parcellations and registration of multi-occupancy houses and registry of notes and rights in the Land Registrar chambers.

Corporations: The firm provides ongoing support and counsel advice to corporations on all aspects which concerns structural and managerial changes, changes in the holdings type and composition, reporting, drafting corrections and amendment of the AoA and guidance and counsel for compliance with the provisions of the Companies Law and the Securities Law. In addition, the firm handles the incorporation of new corporations partnership and joint ventures, and in this regard negotiate and draft shareholders agreements, joint venture agreements, investment and allocation transactions, mergers and split-ups and acquisition of operations transactions.

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