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Local municipalities and government offices, planning and zoning, urban renewal, litigation, civil and administrative department, tenders, labor laws and municipal taxation

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Established: 2011
Line of Business: Local municipalities and government offices, planning and zoning, urban renewal, litigation, civil and administrative department, tenders, labor laws and municipal taxation
Address: Ramat Gan Office: 2 Ben Gurion Rd.
Nazareth Office: 50 Albishara St.
Phone: 972-3-5033005
Fax: 972-3-5033553
Email: [email protected]
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  • Rina Lapidot, Lapidot Law Office

    Adv. Rina Lapidot

    Founder and Owner

    Lapidot Law Office

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    Rina Lapidot
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About Lapidot Law Office

Lapidot Law Office is a leading boutique law firm that offers top-tier legal services to a large client base, both in the private and public sectors. The synergy created by the wealth of knowledge and integration of the firm’s various departments brings about the optimal results for which the firm is well known. These departments include administrative; real estate, planning, and building; urban renewal; litigation; labor law; tort (with a focus in local authorities); municipal taxes and levies; public procurement and competitive tendering.

Our firm is proud in representing many clients in the public sector, including municipalities, government offices, regulatory bodies and publically held corporations in all subjects of the law.

The firm serves as an external legal adviser for local authorities and advises legal departments of local authorities that employ in-house legal advisers. It is a leader in civil and administrative litigation and represents high-profile clients in all courts of law in complex cases, including administrative courts, the Supreme Court and the High Court of Justice, in claims related to administrative law, and represents a regional planning and building committee that encompasses five local authorities.

The firm’s unique perspective, resulting from the in-depth knowledge of its head, Adv. Rina Lapidot, with local authorities’ economic and strategic aspects, makes it possible to formulate creative solutions for a wide spectrum of subjects pertinent to local authorities, and this is precisely its unique advantage. No doubt that our deep familiarity with the numerous players in the public sector helps us bring to our clients’ excellent results time and time again be that in the litigation, administrative or commercial fields.

Adv. Rina Lapidot, Founder

Adv. Rina Lapidot holds an LL.M. degree from Bar-Ilan University and is an expert in mediation and conflict resolution relating to community, public and business disputes. Adv. Lapidot has roughly 30 years of experience in the public sphere and with local authorities, advising municipalities, municipal corporations, and cooperative associations. Her hands-on experience as a CEO of a local council and her extensive experience as a lawyer and legal adviser has given her a unique perspective, which translates into a significant advantage for our clients. Among others, Adv. Lapidot serves as a legal adviser for the local councils of Jatt and Daliyat al-Carmel and was appointed by the Ministry of the Interior to advise the municipality of Majdel Krum as part of the council’s financial recovery process.

Adv. Lapidot has special expertise in the field of public procurement and tenders, public law, litigation, and repossession – managing merger cases, including in the administrative and legal realm. In the area of planning and building, she serves as legal adviser to the HaBaron Settlements’ Planning and Building Regional Committee.

The firm’s clients include numerous local authorities, including the cities of Jerusalem, Beer Sheva, Holon, Bat Yam, Arabe, Kfar Yona, Beit She’an, Rishon LeZion and Nazareth, as well as the Mateh Yehuda Regional Council, the Daliyat el Carmel Local Council, the HaBaron Settlements Regional Planning and Building Committee and many other local authorities.

The firm also provides legal counsel to companies and clients in the private sector, such as large companies in the security industry and in the tender area, including representation in administrative petitions. The firm’s extensive experience writing tenders at all levels of local authorities is a unique advantage when representing entities taking part in tenders, and petitions submitted after winning tenders. In addition, the firm represents private clients in civil litigation, including in the area of labor law both in the private and the public sectors. The firm even represents government ministries and private entities in cases against government ministries and does so with impressive success thanks to its many years of close work with government ministries. 

Unique Experience Leads to a Comprehensive Legal, Managerial and Strategic Vision

The firm’s uniqueness lies in the legal service it provides, together with its legal, managerial and strategic vision. The experience of Adv. Lapidot, who served as CEO of a local municipality, including in-depth familiarity with the workings of local authorities, budget management, and organizational structure, contributes significantly to the management of the legal counsel. The comprehensive legal and managerial framework that the firm provides the local authorities, and counsel that includes unique advantages stemming from a deep knowledge of the authorities’ internal activities, including elected officials and position holders, form a unique strength for the firm. This advantage is also apparent when managing personnel in the field of labor law and human resources and managing other fields within local authorities.

Another substantial advantage is that the firm is experienced in establishing corporations, for example, regional clusters that provide regional services to several local authorities that are partners in the corporation. The firm was among the founding team that guided the Finance Ministry and the Ministry of the Interior and was responsible for composing all the tenders, practices and regulations that formed the foundation for establishing the regional clusters. The fact that the firm is familiar with the local authorities enabled it to assist the Ministry of the Interior and the Finance Ministry in establishing the foundations for the clusters and for providing solutions for merging services for the sake of improved efficiency and better service to the residents.

The firm currently employs 8 lawyers in its two branches, located in Tel Aviv and Nazareth and is in the process of expanding its size and practice. 

Personal Service and Availability

Adv. Lapidot’s hands-on management and extensive legal experience coupled with an endless dedication to her clients really stand out among her peers. Adv. Lapidot’s clients enjoy her close involvement in every case the firm handles, her around the clock availability and renowned personal connection.

As a premier boutique law firm, we are able to offer our clients the unique combination of direct and personal service while providing topnotch legal services, with an emphasis on depth, professional excellence, and thoroughness.

Integrity, Good Governance, and Extensive Experience

The firm’s legal team is endowed with skills of creative thinking, interdisciplinary understanding, and professional excellence. The firm enjoys an excellent reputation for its integrity and fairness and for preserving good governance. Adv. Lapidot is particularly known for her uncompromised battle against corruption and bad governance. Professionalism, law adherence and good governance by which the local authorities operate are the firm’s highest priority when counseling local authorities.

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