Levant Technologies Ltd.

Medical, Scientific and Industrial Instrumentation Marketing

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Established: 1944
Line of Business: Medical, Scientific and Industrial Instrumentation Marketing
Address: 18 Galgalei Haplada St., Herzliya Pituah
Phone: 972-9-9521666
Fax: 972-9-9555428
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.levant.co.il
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    Elon Karassik CEO
    Alon Liberman CFO
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About Levant Technologies Ltd.

Levant Technologies is a longstanding leading company that imports, installs and provides maintenance services for medical and scientific industrial devices and equipment.
The company represents exclusively leading medical and laboratory equipment manufacturers: Abbott Vascular, Boston Scientific, G.E.Healthcare, Thermo Fisher Scientific and more. The company is one of the “Hirshberg Brothers” group’s companies, which deal in a wide array of activities in the industry, research, medicine and scientific fields.

The company

“Hirshberg Brothers” was founded in 1925, and marketed products and raw materials for the industry, dairy plants, medicine, medical devices and more.
In 1944, Levant X-Ray Ltd. was established, and “Hirshberg Brothers’” medical activities were transferred to it.
In 1994 the name of the company was modified to “Levant Technologies Ltd.”, which better reflects the company’s wide range of activities in many varied areas pertaining to the technological, medical and research fields.
“Levant Technologies” is managed by private owners who maintain a conservative financial attitude. From its establishment up to the present, the company has been financing its activities from internal sources, and managing its financial activity vis-a-vis one financial institute. The company’s clients are all of the major hospitals in Israel, clinics, labs and research institutes.
“Levant Technologies” employs 60 employees, among which are clinical specialists, salespeople, headquarter’s staff and service engineers, who provide around the clock professional courteous service, with immediate availability.
The company has 2000 sq.m. of assigned professional storage space for the imported goods. In 1997 the company was ISO 9002 approved by the Standards Institution of Israel and in 2016 it was also ISO 27003 certified.

“Hirshberg Brothers” companies group

The group has 5 companies that employ about 130 employees:
Hirshberg Brothers & Co. Chemicals
Markets raw materials for the food, cosmetics and medical industries, among others.
Hirshberg Brothers & Co. Machinery
Markets industrial equipment.
Levant Technologies
Markets medical and scientific equipment.
FP Israel
Markets industrial processes control instrumentation and water chlorination equipment.
Markets, mainly, equipment for the microelectronic industry.

Areas of Expertise

“Levant Technologies” is involved in marketing products for the interventional cardiology, anesthesia, respiration, intensive care departments, maternity departments, neonatology, neurology, urology, orthopedic and research labs equipment.

The company markets a wide variety of electro-physiologic (E.P.) products for cardiology, among which are diagnostic catheters, wearable and implantable defibrillators, heart monitors and remote monitoring equipment. The company markets heart valves replacements, valve fixing rings, stents, “artificial-hearts”, catheterization accessories, cannulas for open heart surgery and aortic-aneurysms-sealing-systems.

Intensive Care and Anesthesia
The company imports state-of-the-art physiological monitors for intensive care units. The company’s anesthesia monitors vary from the basic to the most sophisticate monitoring systems, which monitor all to the parameters relevant to the anesthesied patient. In addition, the company markets a complete range of anesthetic and respiratory systems, as well as excellent stretchers for patients’ transportation in the emergency room, operating room and the hospitals.

Laboratory Products
The company markets most of what is needed for the modern lab, among which are: centrifuges and their accessories, incubators, freezers, climate chambers and more.

Medical products for Maternity and Neonatology
The company markets products for monitoring, neonatal incubators, phototherapy systems and warmers for newborns and premature babies. For the maternity departments, the company markets neonatology and maternity monitoring systems. For the delivery rooms the company markets state-of-the-art delivery beds, highly equipped with cutting edge technology.

Scientific and Industrial Measuring Instruments
The company imports and markets systems and gauges for measuring force, acceleration, pressure and moments.

Neurology and Urology
The company markets diagnostic equipment for examining EMG/EP and urological investigation systems for urodynamic examinations.

The company markets equipment for splinting fractures in the femoral neck, needles for bone biopsies and patient transport systems.

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