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Established: 1977
Line of Business: Project Initiation and Construction
Address: “Moses House”, 74 Rothschild Blvd. Nahmani Corner, Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-3-5001500
Fax: 972-3-5750780
Website: http://www.levinski-ofer.co.il
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  • Ofer  Arviv, Lewinski-Ofer Ltd.

    Ofer Arviv


    Lewinski-Ofer Ltd.

  • Yossi  Lewinski, Lewinski-Ofer Ltd.

    Yossi Lewinski


    Lewinski-Ofer Ltd.

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About Lewinski-Ofer Ltd.

Lewinski-Ofer Ltd. is a public construction and initiation company, which is controlled by Yossi Lewinski and Ofer Arbiv, who has been active in the construction and initiation industry for more than 38 years. As a result, the company benefits from an extensive reputation as one of Israel’s leading construction companies. The owners of controlling interests of the company have built thousands of apartments, neighborhoods, commercial and industrial projects and education institutes. The company is one of Israel’s Top 20 urban renewal companies. It is currently constructing Israel’s largest Tama 38/2 project. Lewinski-Ofer Ltd. initiates, builds and specializes in the promotion of urban renewal projects across Israel. The projects are promoted while fully cooperating with the local authorities. All of the projects that are built by the company are conducted within a bank-support framework while providing maximal guarantees to the apartment owners and the landowners and provision of residence solutions for the apartment owners in urban renewal frameworks. The company, through its owners of controlling interests, benefits from the extensive trust, owing to the widespread and longstanding activities and the satisfaction of thousands of customers, who benefitted from execution at the highest standards, punctuality and excellent customer service throughout the entire process.

The Values of Service, Quality, and Excellence

Punctuality – Owing to Yossi Lewinski and Ofer Arbiv’s punctuality, they take pride in hundreds of high-quality apartments that were delivered on time and to their owners’ satisfaction.

Personal Service – The company’s team is at the residents’ disposal at any stage and provides quick solutions for every problem.

Architectural Flexibility – the company provides all of its customers with the option of making changes and advises them in accordance with their personal preferences, in order to guarantee that every apartment is its owner’s dream apartment.

Functional Planning – the extensive experience and proficiency of the company’s owners of controlling interests, lead to a successful integration between the residents’ needs and the environment’s characteristics, all with attention to construction at the highest standards while complying with the required quality standards.

Selected Projects

Agrobank – is Israel’s largest Tama 38/2 - “urban renewal” – project. The project is located in the historical Agrobank neighborhood at the heart of Holon. According to the plans, the first stage of the project is expected to be populated by the end of 2018. The Agrobank project offers an opportunity to live in an innovative and designed style at the city center, between the old and beloved streets. The project’s residents would benefit from the intimacy of a longstanding and peaceful area, along with proximity to the city’s commerce, entertainment, culture and leisure centers. The project’s design was entrusted to the architecture firm of “Barely Levitzky Kassif”, one of Israel’s top architecture firms. “Agrobank” was built to guarantee the preservation of the unique character and appeal of one of the city’s best and oldest neighborhoods.

Park 300 – is an upscale project which includes a complex of the building that had already been built and delivered. The project is located in the in-demand H-300 neighborhood of Holon in a unique location that overlooks the Ariel Sharon Park. The project includes a designed and exclusive 7-story boutique building at an excellent location in the in-demand Agrobank neighborhood. The project was completed and its apartments were delivered about a year ago. The residents benefit from meticulous landscape architecture and an upscale design of the common areas, and a lavish premium spec.

Believe in Kiryat HaOmanim – the project includes about 112 apartments. This is a uniquely textured project which combines 9-story residential buildings with 28 apartments in each building, terraced 3-story buildings with only 7 apartments in each and ground-level cottages. The project was completed and delivered about 6 years ago, and its residents benefit from a common public space which serves as a community meeting point and includes public facilities and open green spaces.

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