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Lihi Cohen Dembinsky Law Office
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Line of Business: Law firm, personal status sector
Address: Kardan House, 154 Menachem Begin St., Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-3-6098818, 972-3-6098819
Fax: 972-3-6098820
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    Lihi Cohen Dambinsky
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About Lihi Cohen Dembinsky Law Office

Lihi Cohen Dembinsky (LCD) Law Office was established in 1988, and has since served as a boutique firm, specializing in family law and inheritance. The firm is proud of its credibility, fairness and high availability for its clients. As a result of the choice to specialize in this specific field, the firm boasts a resumé of hundreds of cases that ended with successful rulings or settlements, to the client’s satisfaction. 

The firm’s uniqueness is expressed in every client receiving services that are adapted individually for them, and with the involvement of Lihi Cohen Dembinsky in every stage of their case, and personally representing clients in all discussions. The personal attention that the firm’s clients enjoy is reflected in the client being a partner in every step of the various proceedings, in developing strategy, through to the successful completion of proceedings.

The firm was chosen as one of the well-known law firms in family law and inheritance by Dun & Bradstreet’s 2019 rankings, and, in 2016, Adv. Lihi Cohen Dembinsky was chosen by the “At” magazine as one of the leading 12 women in the legal world.

The firm specializes in litigation in the courts for family matters, rabbinical courts, and various appeals courts on cases of divorce, child support, alimony, distribution of property and balancing resources, liquidating partnerships, reputation, custody, joint custody, visitation arrangements, immigration, custodianship, contesting wills, legal power of Attorney and more. The firm also specializes in drafting divorce agreements, prenuptial agreements, life partnership agreements and wills. 

Integrity, Credibility and Fairness

LCD believes in the values of integrity and transparency in every stage of the legal services that its clients enjoy. The credibility and fairness, for which the firm in general and Adv. Lihi Cohen Dembinsky in particular are known, are expressed in every case in which the firm is involved, and receives a repeated seal of approval, from both the firm’s satisfied clients, and professional colleagues.

LCD is careful to respect the dignity of clients both during legal procedures and outside of them, by involving clients in the details of procedures, the highest availability for clients, and personal attention reflected in the personal involvement of Adv. Lihi Cohen Dembinsky in every case. 

Practice Areas

Family Law

The firm specializes in conducting suits in the field of family law in the family affairs courts and the rabbinical courts, while maintaining maximum discretion and placing special emphasis on the children’s well-being in these proceedings. 


The firm drafts prenuptial agreements, life partnership agreements, divorce agreements, family reconciliation agreements or alternatively divorce, and agreements between common law spouses. 


Adv. Lihi Cohen Dembinsky is a mediator by training and has undergone professional training in the field of partnerships and society with the Smart Divorce organization and in this capacity has occasionally been involved in divorce proceedings. 

Inheritance and Wills

The firm is engaged in drafting wills, obtaining requests for inheritance orders and executing wills, conducting proceedings involving contesting inheritance orders and/or execution orders for wills and managing estates. 

Power of Attorney

Adv. Lihi Cohen Dembinsky and her team were among the first to get certified for filling and handling legal power of attorney, since the firm understands the importance of choosing one’s own future ahead of time, as well as the significance of determining who will make life decisions for you when you are unable of making them yourself. 

Adv. Lihi Cohen Dembinsky

Adv. Lihi Cohen Dembinsky completed her legal studies at Tel Aviv University, and has been a certified lawyer since 1996. Adv. Lihi Cohen Dembinsky also has a B.A. Sociology and Anthropology from Tel Aviv University, and MA in Business Management from Tel Aviv University.

Adv. Lihi Cohen Dembinsky has undergone professional training over the years, in both Israel and abroad, including courses in Partnership Mediation in New York. She is also a member of the Israel Bar and IACP. Adv. Lihi Cohen Dembinsky was one of the founders of Smart Divorce– divorce through cooperation specializing in a fair and pleasant separation.

Adv. Lihi Cohen Dembinsky is known as an authority in the field of personal status and is one of the authors of the book “The Israeli Guide to Divorce”, which was published in 2003. The book deals with the divorce process, and provides detailed explanations in accessible language for readers on a range of popular questions, arising among those who undergo the process. Adv. Lihi Cohen Dembinsky has over the years, managed the Family Law Forum for the YNet news website.

Since 2009, Adv. Lihi Cohen Dembinsky has written a regular weekly column on the website of financial newspaper Globes, in which she analyzes the latest family law rulings. The column helps clarify relevant topics for the readers. The column is regularly found on the list of most read articles and is often quoted.

Adv. Lihi Cohen Dembinsky is also interviewed for radio and TV shows on family law matter, occasionally writes for “Sixties” magazine, The Marker’s seniors magazineand lectures in various study programs, such as: official lectures for the training programs of debt collection, a course at the Institute of Certified Public Accountants and seminars at the Israel Bar Association.

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