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Lilach Holdings N.I 2010 Group Ltd.
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Established: 2010
Line of Business: Manpower Recruitment
Address: 61 Ben Ziyon Galis St., Segula, Petach Tikva, 4927955
Phone: 972-1-700-501214
Fax: 972-50-8971532
Email: [email protected]
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  • Arik  Yaniv, Lilach Holdings N.I 2010 Group Ltd.

    Arik Yaniv

    Joint CEO and Founder

    Lilach Holdings N.I 2010 Group Ltd.

  • Lilach  Yaniv, Lilach Holdings N.I 2010 Group Ltd.

    Lilach Yaniv

    Joint CEO and Founder

    Lilach Holdings N.I 2010 Group Ltd.

  • Noam  Yaniv, Lilach Holdings N.I 2010 Group Ltd.

    Noam Yaniv

    Deputy CEO

    Lilach Holdings N.I 2010 Group Ltd.

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About Lilach Holdings N.I 2010 Group Ltd.

Lilach Holdings is a leading staffing group that specializes in assigning employees to commercial (restaurants) kitchens, institutional kitchens, hotels, industrial facilities and logistics centers across Israel. The group, which benefits from economic strength and resilience, started operating in 2008 as a company for assigning housekeeping and cleaning workers for homes and restaurants, high-altitude workers, and rappelling, and over the years it has expanded its operations to supplying a wide variety of workers as mentioned above. Lilach Holdings was selected, for the third consecutive year, as the leading company out of 100 companies in the market and provides clients with first-class service and an ongoing and comprehensive response with attention to professional excellence, thoroughness, execution quality, safety and full availability. The company is financially sound and exists in the market for more than a decade.

Employing more than 1,000 Employees

Nowadays, Lilach Holdings is at the top of Israel’s largest staffing companies and it employs about 1,000 workers regularly, working untiringly around the clock seven days a week, 24/7, in order to provide its customers with uncompromising high-quality service with full availability. The group has an HR Contractor License from the Ministry of Economics. The group focuses on supplying workers mainly to businesses in central Israel (Gedera-Hadera) with an emphasis on the city of Tel Aviv.

Areas of Expertise

The group specializes mainly in assigning employees to restaurants and hotels and assigning nonprofessional employees to a variety of entities and companies in the restaurant and hotels category the company provides dishwashers, cook assistants, and general kitchen workers. In its second category, the company assigns nonprofessional workers and temps to production and industrial facilities from numerous segments, to logistics centers, retail chains and more. The company is considered the national leader in these categories and it takes full responsibility for the immediate hiring of the required number of employees including the complete employment umbrella: transportation to and from the workplace, professional and safety training, salaries and social benefits, and handling ongoing HR matters throughout the entire employment term.

A Unique Operating Model

The group includes about 10 regional operation managers, each responsible for the hiring activities in the region under his/her professional responsibility. Every client is assigned to their regular operating manager who provides them with full service on both ongoing and unexpected matters, with 24/7 availability. The operation managers are responsible for evaluating and selecting the best employees who demonstrate the highest service-orientation, and to train them appropriately in every professional aspect of their job.

Care and Devotion to both Clients and Workers

The company’s core values are devoted service, reliability and professionalism with the clients at the ultimate priority. For example, if one of the workers has a problem vis-à-vis the Immigration Authority or in case they sue the company where they worked, Lilach Holdings would handle the matters by itself. In addition, the company pays its employees properly and provides medical insurance for them. Furthermore, in cases where a foreign resident’s visa is about to expire, the company notifies them in advance to verify that they arrange their visas in due time. The Firm’s Operations Department is responsible for the direct contact with the customers and the employees, including verifying the validity of visas, facilitating the medical insurance for every employee and organizing the workers’ transportation in every hour of the day, evening and night. It should be noted that the company’s drivers are courteous, professionals, presentable, and service-oriented, with a special emphasis on punctuation. The groups takes care to handle and correct events quickly, and uses cutting-edge equipment.

90-Minute Response Time

The company boasts uncompromising service for its clients. This is exemplified in cases where workers fail to show up at the workplace for any reason whatsoever. In such cases the company works unceasingly until it brings an alternative worker to the client within only 90 minutes. The company puts such a great emphasis on response times, that in several cases the group’s executives took the employees’ place until they arrived to the location. In addition, when a large workforce is required, the company provides an insured and well-organized transportation array, which streamlines the entire work process and creates an available and fresh workforce that arrives as a group and is picked up in an orderly and responsible manner for the benefit of all of the employees.

Constantly Reinventing Itself

The group constantly reinvents itself and it recently launched, which enables firms that require workers on a daily/semi-weekly basis, for any purpose and at any location, to fulfill said requirements with only 3 clicks through easy credit payment, with workers arriving to the premises within as little as 90 minutes. The company has a broad reach in the areas of central Israel.

The Group’s Clients

The groups assigns workers to some of Israel’s largest companies and entities, including: the chefs Haim Cohen, Yonatan Roschfeld, Eyal Shani, Yossi Shitrit, Yuval Ben Neriya, Segev Moshe, Yaron Shalev, Hillel Tavakoli, and Ran Shmueli. Other notable clients include the Segev Group, Giraffe Group, Popular Group, Nono/Mimi Group, Yarzin Sela Group, Zozobra Group, Gerco-Grinberg Group, the restaurants Turquoise, Toto, Claro, Taizo, Thai House, Shalvata, Animar, George and John and more, as well as the chains Roladin, Landwer, Beta Café, and the hotels Montefiore, Florentine and Gordon, the Braun Chain, R2M Group, and the Hilton Hotel Chain, and the group is also present in TV project such as Israel’s Next Best Restaurant. Production Facilities: Merkavim, Alum Eshet, Rimoni Plast, David Lobinsky, RomEl Industries, Gimur Metals and more. Hi-Tech Kitchens: Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Wix and more. 

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