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Immigration law and formalizing the resident status of foreigners in Israel

Liora Turlevsky, Law Office
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Established: 2014
Line of Business: Immigration law and formalizing the resident status of foreigners in Israel
Address: 7 Mesada St., Bnei Brak, BSR Tower 4
Phone: 972-3-5022888
Fax: 972-3-5447725
Email: [email protected]
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  • Liora Turlevsky, Liora Turlevsky, Law Office

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    Liora Turlevsky, Law Office

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About Liora Turlevsky, Law Office

Liora Turlevsky, Law Office is a boutique law firm that specializes in immigration law and formalizing the status of foreigners in Israel. The firm represents weakened populations, mainly immigrants from former USSR, and wages an unrelenting and uncompromising battle against the authorities and tribunals in order to exercise the rights for which they are entitled by law. The firm has a track record of numerous successes, particularly in complex cases, where it represents persons with a “problematic” background (a criminal record, illegal residents, etc.). Among others, the firm had successes in the area of release from custody, with strong insistence right for freedom that everybody has, including those who lack a legal right to reside in Israel. The firm has vast legal knowledge and experience in managing cases concisely, professionally and creatively. The firm is also renowned for the thorough and professional pleadings, while implementing the suitable current legal and general knowledge.

Adv. Liora Turlevsky, the Firm’s Owner

Adv. Turlevsky has almost 10 years of experience in the legal profession, and its firm specializes in formalizing the status of spouses, political asylum applications, humanitarian requests (with an emphasis on families without status, parents of Israeli children and foreign women who suffered from domestic violence), requests for status for parents of Israeli citizen, release from custody applications and complementary issues. Adv. Turlevsky represents clients mainly before the Population and Immigration Authority, the appeal courts, the court for reviewing custody of illegal residents, and in appeals before the district and Supreme Court. Before opening her firm, she worked as an associate in a leading law firm, following her internship in the State Comptroller’s Legal Counsel Unit (headed by the Late Judge (ret.) Micha Lindenstrauss). By education she has an LL.B. from the academic program of the College of Management, and she is currently completing her LL.M., Public Law, in Tel Aviv University.

Fighting for Justice

Adv. Turlevsky immigrated to Israel at a young age, grew up in an environment of former USSR immigrants and experienced what it feels like to live as a foreigner during her childhood. Owing to her mastery of the Hebrew language, she served as a “mouth” for numerous Russian speakers and helped them to exercise their full rights vis-v-vis the various authorities. This has made the legal profession a natural choice for her as she grew up. In light of her life experiences, Adv. Turlevsky acts from a deep sense of mission and sees herself as a fighter for justice for her clients. She follows her conscience and has no fear of any authority or institute, high as these may be. She utilizes every possible lawful mean to protect the rights of her clients, legal or otherwise, and doesn’t relent until the goal is reached.

Notable Cases

Preventing the deportation of a foreign mother of Israeli children who was convicted of an attempted suicide with her minor child and served a prison sentence: The firm represented an Ukrainian citizen, the father of whose children is Jewish. The father broke down the family and arrived to Israel with one of their children, without the woman’s consent, forcing the woman to come to Israel with their youngest son. In her stay in Israel she became dependent on her husband due to her lack of legal status and language proficiency, as well as economic dependence. This dependence forced her to suffer regular physical and verbal violence, and he used every opportunity to threaten to turn her into the immigration authorities so that they would deport her. Her desperation led her to attempt suicide with her young boy, for which she was sentenced to 26 months of prison, during which she was denied the right to meet her children, and a deportation was order awaited her for after her sentence. Adv. Turlevsky entered the picture at this point, and was able to prevent the deportation only hours before the flight, and also release her from custody after several legal proceedings, including a district court appeal, while arguing that despite her problematic background the benefit of the children required that she would remain in Israel and that her deportation would hurt their future, against all odds.

Representing the parents of the Late child Yasmin Vinetta: The firm represented the parents of the Late Yasmin Vinetta, who died as a result of shocking abuse her the day care center in Israel. During this tragic event, the parents resided in Israel unlawfully with a tourist visa, and after burying their daughter in Moldova they were requested by their parents to come to Israel and testify in the trial, while receiving a time-limited visa. Following the criminal proceedings, but before the conclusion of their civil proceeding, the parents were requested to leave Israel. Owing to Adv. Turlevsky’s involvement, an injunction stopped the deportation and afterwards their status in Israel was formalized for humanitarian reasons.

Release from custody of a foreign citizen who was arrested on false charges and transferred to the immigration authorities after he was released by the police, with the aim of deporting him: The firm represented an Azeri citizen after he falsely accused by an Israeli citizen whom he broke up with. Following his police investigation a decision for his release was issued, but the precinct’s cops decided to keep him in the station (even though the documents stated that he was released), and called the immigration department. The immigration police issued a custody warrant and a restraining order, both illegal, claiming that his staying visa is invalid, while completely ignoring the decision of the Ministry of Interior to automatically extend the visas (because of the lockdown). The firm managed legal proceedings and claimed that the orders are illegal, as aforementioned. After the immigration representative were caught red-handed, they started claiming that he was arrested because he is dangerous, despite the lack of conviction and/or indictment (and his release by the police). The firm managed to disprove the dangerousness claim and eventually revoke the orders.

Stopping the deportation of a mother and her children from Ivory Coast (after they already boarded the plane) while exposing severe violence by the immigration inspectors: When Adv. Turlevsky was an associate, she actively participated in managing this case. The mother and her children were ordered to deport and suffered severe violence from the immigration inspectors in an airport custody facility, and they even boarded the plane. Owing to a real-time action by Adv. Turlevsky, the client proved the violence, and a police report was filed against the inspectors, who eventually underwent a disciplinary proceeding. Furthermore, a deportation postponement order was given, and after extensive legal proceedings, the mother and children’s status was formalized, against all odds.

Preventing the deportation of a family of asylum seekers from Georgia who were presented as a crime family: The firm handled a complex case of asylum seekers, family members from Georgia, who were presented as a crime family by the Administration of Population. Furthermore, it was argued that in light of the general opinion that Georgia is a safe country, they should be deported without transferring the case to the Consulting Committee for Refugees Issues. The firm presented hundreds of documents to substantiate the claim that they were persecuted by the government and have a right for asylum and undermine the claim that the application should be rejected because of the general opinion. Her action led to the transference of the case to the Counseling Committee.

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