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Project construction, management and development

M.G.A.D Construction and Investments Ltd.
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Established: 1980
Line of Business: Project construction, management and development
Address: 36 Haifa Street, Kfar Bara
Phone: 972-3-9383529
Fax: 972-3-9387658
Email: [email protected]
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Company Executives

  • Rashed  Aasi, M.G.A.D Construction and Investments Ltd.

    Rashed Aasi

    CEO and Owner

    M.G.A.D Construction and Investments Ltd.

  • Morad  Aasi, M.G.A.D Construction and Investments Ltd.

    Morad Aasi

    CEO and Owner

    M.G.A.D Construction and Investments Ltd.

  • Hayat  Aasi, M.G.A.D Construction and Investments Ltd.

    Hayat Aasi


    M.G.A.D Construction and Investments Ltd.

  • Micha  Schwartz, M.G.A.D Construction and Investments Ltd.

    Micha Schwartz

    VP Engineering

    M.G.A.D Construction and Investments Ltd.

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About M.G.A.D Construction and Investments Ltd.

M.G.A.D Construction and Investments Ltd. is a construction company that has been operating in the field of construction and development in the past 40 years. The company has the highest contractor classification – C5 – and in its many years of operation executed a large variety of projects, starting from small projects and finishing work and ending with luxury residential towers. M.G.A.D is a subsidiary of the Rashmad Group, which also includes M.G.A.D Construction and Investments Ltd. – a company that executes large projects, towers, and public buildings; M.G.A.D Management and Investment Ltd. – a company that executes smaller projects and TAMA 38 projects developed by the company; as well as Orek Top Ltd. which deals with construction development throughout Israel.

The Company’s Owners

Rashed Aasi – Rashed started his way as a paving and finishing contractor. Over the years, Rashed gained experience, held several on-site positions and made his way up the ranks. Using his hands-on experience and knowledge, Rashed now leads the company, along-side his bother Morad, and carries out vast activities in the fields of society and community.
Morad Aasi – Morad began his path in the construction field at the age of 18. After gaining experience, Morad established several groups of finishing and foundations’ contractors, and shortly after started his own construction company. During the last decade, Morad is the owner and CEO of a 200 employees C5 classification construction company. Under Morad’s management, M.G.A.D. constructed thousands of housing units and commercial areas across the country.
Notable Projects

Completed Projects

Aura 300 project, Holon - 300 residential units for Aura Israel;
Smart Towers, Ramat Gan, HaHula St. – 168 residential units for the Cnaan Group;
Boutique Icon Tower, Kiryat Ono - 91 residential units for Oren Hasela;
Golda Me’ir St., Holon – 92 units for Aura Israel;
Habait Basharon, Kfar Yona, Shoshana Damari St. – 112 residential units for the Yitzhaki Group;
1 Mota Gur St., Holon- 23 residential units;
Minrav Tower, Holon– 111 residential units for Minrav;
ART TOWER, Holon – 125 residential units for Aura Israel and Meshulam Lewinstein;
Mishkanot Nehalim, Petach Tikva project 116 residential units for MASHAV;
Rokah Towers, Ashdod – 54 residential units for Rokah Building Company Ltd.;
Boutique, Beer Yaacov, HaOdem St. – 70 residential units for Burak Winer company;
Smart Towers, Holon - 39 residential units for developer Yuval Levi and Yuvalim Group;
Yahud Hanging Gardens, Yahud, Maklev St. – 300 residential units for Aura;

Prominent Projects Pending Construction or Completion and Delivery:
Ganei Tikva, Derech HaTikva St. – 140 residential units for Rotem Shani;
Evacuation and construction project in Raanana, Brandeis St. – 136 residential units for Rotem Shani.
Haroeh St., Ramat Gan – 242 resitential units including a commercial and parking floors for Aura Israel;
Savion Ve’Eros, Ness Ziona – 216 residential unit for Africa - Israel;

Urban Renewal

Along with its primary activity as an executing company, M.G.A.D. includes an urban renewal branch that specializes in the execution of TAMA projects, from the stage of planning the project, leading the legal process among the tenants, managing the statutory area up to receiving the permit, through to the project’s execution and delivery. The company executed a project on Haneviim Street in Bat Yam and is currently completing a project on Tel Chai Street, Rishon Lezion. The company has several projects in advanced stages.

Getting Down to the Smallest Detail

M.G.A.D is a small family-owned business, managed according to the most professional values of quality, with personal involvement down to the smallest detail, in every project. The owners and VPs do not manage the company “from the top”, but are present and manage the work on the ground, in every stage. This personal involvement means that they consider themselves committed to and responsible for the highest level of execution and finishing, the structure’s quality and the safety of the building, workers, and residents. The Aasi brothers accumulated over time great reputation and the company’s customers now include Israel’s largest construction and development companies. “We know that the key is quality and that only professional work and use of extensive knowledge and experienced professionals – will lead to the highest possible finishing level.”

Unique Manpower

M.G.A.D has a significant advantage in the industry, especially on all matters relating to manpower: M.G.A.D holds exclusive manpower activities in the construction industry, and as part of this directly manages approximately 200 professional workers that specialize in the fields of the framework and finishing work.

Basic Values

The company’s work and management teams include men and women, Jews and Arabs, who work together side by side in complete harmony. The company believes that this human fabric is one of the company’s strengths, and intends to continue promoting it. The company considers human dignity a basic value in its activities, and its managers believe that an apartment is not merely a dream come true to the tenant buying it, but also an achievement for the developer building it, and source of livelihood to the worker building it.

Vision for the Future

M.G.A.D made it its goal to lead and promote the area of high-quality and professional construction in Israel. The slogan “Aiming High” applies to all aspects of the company. Morad and Rashed made their way to the top through field work, while growing from its foundations, and they possess a thorough understanding of all construction fields. The built with their own hands, learned with their feet, with no compromises or shortcuts, while growing the company’s heart of activities - its human capital.


Hayat Aasi, CFO – A tax consultant with more than 22 years of experience in the fields of finance and consultation.
Micha Schwartz, VP Engineering – Building engineer, a graduate of the Technion with 20 years of experience in managing and developing large projects throughout Israel.

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