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Real Estate Development, Urban Renewal

Magshimim Properties Ltd.
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Established: 2011
Line of Business: Real Estate Development, Urban Renewal
Address: 22 Yehuda HaYamit St., Tel Aviv Yafo
Phone: 972-3-5589215
Fax: 972-3-5586002
Email: [email protected]
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  • Arthur Mankovich, Magshimim Properties Ltd.

    Arthur Mankovich


    Magshimim Properties Ltd.

  • Erez Dayan Harbagiu, Magshimim Properties Ltd.

    Erez Dayan Harbagiu


    Magshimim Properties Ltd.

  • Alexei  Zelazny, Magshimim Properties Ltd.

    Alexei Zelazny


    Magshimim Properties Ltd.

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About Magshimim Properties Ltd.

Magshimim Properties Ltd. is a real estate company that operates in the initiation and management of urban renewal, architectural preservation, Tama 38 and new construction throughout Israel.

The company champions the values of transparency, listening, innovation, creativity and compassion while trying to provide the best customer service and constantly streamlining its operations and meeting its commitments. The company was founded in 2011 by Arthur Mankovich and Erez Dayan Harbagiu, entrepreneurs with an extensive background in real estate.

After an acquaintance spanning many years, they decided to join forces and leverage their experience in order to create an innovative and leading real estate company. Erez comes from the High-Tech sector, and has a B.Sc., Electric Engineering and Electronics, an M.Sc., specializing in finance and training in construction project management. Arthur comes from the public sector, and has two degrees in business administration with a specialization in finance, marketing and business strategy development. He has extensive managerial experience in real estate, capital markets, industry and insurance. In his last position he was assistant to the CEO of the National Roads Company. By education, Alexei is a Doctor of Medicine with an M.D. and a Ph.D. He has been specializing in development of business strategies and management of companies from various sectors across the world for the past 25 years. His operations in Israel are focused on promoting the urban renewal and the understanding of its advantages for the residential culture. Alexei has a strong affinity and love of Israel and its development.

From Architectural Conservation to Leading the Urban Renewal Field

Initially, Magshimim focused on conservation and rezoning with one of its first projects being the conservation of a 42-apartmets building in Yehuda HaYamit Street in Tel Aviv-Yafo for the purpose of constructing 200 affordable housing units. Afterward, the owners decided to focus on urban renewal, which was an emerging field at the time, while operating in accordance with the strictest quality standards and putting people first - both the future residents and the people whom the company cooperates with, in every project it builds.

Transparency and Reliability

Throughout the years, Magshimim developed a unique work model, which is based on the understanding that the apartment owners are full partners in the renewal process. They share the process from the initial feasibility checks and up to the construction completion and building’s maintenance for preserving it in its rejuvenated state. In each project, all of the residents’ needs and desires are thoroughly reviewed and the renewal process is carried out with a full and ongoing dialogue with the residents, in order to create a pleasant living environment that would significantly improve the residents’ life quality. All of the planning and construction processes are transparent, and residents would soon be able to access the company’s systems and check the project’s status in real-time.

Quality Standards - Gold Standard

Magshimim was the first Urban Renewal - Tama 38 company which QA system was reviewed by the SII and was found to be compliant with the requirements of the Israeli and international standards: ISO 9001:2008, IS 18001 (OSH), and IS 14001:2004 (Certified Environmental Management System).

Constant Innovation

The company highly believes in the implementation of innovation and advanced technological tools that would march the conservative construction industry into the 21st century. The company’s construction processes are based on cutting-edge trends in global planning, construction and architectural design, which are implemented in projects in Israel. All of the projects and work processes are managed through advanced monitoring and control methods that guarantee a complete coordination between the various entities. On the basis of this strategic approach, the company developed an advanced digital system that enables its customers, apartment owner and new residents, to continuously monitor the construction status throughout all of the planning, execution and check-up stages. In addition, the system provides the company’s subcontractors with optimal payment and budget monitoring capabilities. This innovative system relies on systematic and organizational processes that enable the company to deliver its buildings at the fastest time while meeting all of its commitments to its suppliers and customers.

An Execution Company that Meets Strict Safety Standards

As part of the group, the company employs an execution company that builds the projects. This provides Magshimim with complete and strict control of the progress of construction in every one the projects it builds. It also enables it to significantly shorten the construction time and streamline the construction process while minimizing construction defects. The execution company in Magshimim projects works in accordance with strict standards and advanced work methods, including the acquisition of advanced scaffoldings from Germany which comply with EU safety standards, in order to improve the work safety on its sites.

Financial Strength and Bank Support

All of the company’s projects are fully supervised by Israel’s leading banks, following the banks’ strict reviews that found it to be experienced, professional and capable from the planning, legal and financial aspects. All projects built by Magshimim are supported by full guarantees and collaterals.

Prominent Projects

The company builds mainly in Central Israel and the Sharon regions, with the southern-most projects being in Rishon LeZion and the Northern-most in Ra’anana-Kfar Saba. To date, the company occupied 3 projects with about 60 new apartments and conducted Tama processes for about 700 additional apartments. Currently, the company is responsible for about 18 projects in various urban renewal programs with the main ones being: Tama 38 project under construction in 15 Rosh Pina St., Herzliya, with the seismic retrofitting of 9 existing apartments and the addition of 10 new apartments and a fully-robotic underground parking; 17-19 Sharira Shmuel St., Rishon LeZion – Seismic Retrofitting of two buildings with 32 existing apartments and the addition of 22 new apartments, for a total of 54 apartments; A demolition and reconstruction project in 18 Pinsker, Herzliya, where two building with 15 apartments would be demolished and a single building with about 44 apartments would be built; Tama 38/1, 26 HaPartizanim, Herzliya – seismic retrofitting and construction of 22 apartments. The first Tama 38-1 project in Israel that was built in green building standards; In the same street, seismic retrofitting for two addition buildings with a total of 23 apartments; Tama 38/1 in 5-11 Canada Community St., Tel Aviv-Yafo - seismic retrofitting for four buildings and the construction of about 86 new apartments.


Magshimim Properties aims to continue and be one of Israel’s leading urban renewal companies while improving the living quality and the engineering culture of the industry.


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