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Civil Engineering, Quality Control, Project Management

Malkom Civil Engineering
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Established: 2016
Line of Business: Civil Engineering, Quality Control, Project Management
Address: 22 HaOman St., Jerusalem
Phone: 972-2-6315555
Fax: 972-2-6574444
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  • Malek Abu Madi, Malkom Civil Engineering

    Malek Abu Madi


    Malkom Civil Engineering

  • Halla Abu Madi, Malkom Civil Engineering

    Halla Abu Madi

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    Malkom Civil Engineering

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About Malkom Civil Engineering

Malkom Civil Engineering is a leading and growing company that accompanies large-scale project in the infrastructures and construction industries. The company’s comprehensive service offering includes project management, QA management, building and operating IT systems, Quality Control, consulting and planning. The company’s team participates in large-scale and budget-intensive projects in the fields of infrastructures and construction, such as the construction of buildings, the construction of transportation infrastructures, paving and maintenance of roads, construction of interchanges and bridges, construction of sports courts, development of new neighborhoods.

Engineer Malik Abu Madi, Founder and CEO

The company was founded in 2016 by Eng. Malik Abu Madi (M.Sc.), an experienced civil engineer with an engineer license of the Engineers and Architects Registrar of the Ministry of Economics. Malik graduated with a B.Sc. in civil engineering from a leading Jordanian University, and also studied engineering in the Technion. In addition, he graduated with a B.A. in business administration from the Ono Academic College and is about to complete his LL.B. studies in this leading academic institute. He also formerly served as an engineering student in Be’er Sheva Technology College, where he met numerous professionals, developers and contractors with whom he remains in touch to this very day. Before establishing his own private company, Malik worked 4 years as an engineer in the company of Yariv Engineering, one of Israel’s prominent QC and QA management companies, where he accumulated vast experience in large-scale projects such as Road 6 South. The professional knowledge and tools that he acquired in Yariv Engineering, along with his Technion studies and his work as a lecturer in the Be’er Sheva College, created numerous connections and power points from which the company has been benefiting to this very day.

Overcame Numerous Difficulties on the Way to Success

Malik is an Arab resident of South Jerusalem, and despite the glass ceiling that he faced in Israel, particularly in projects that required a security clearance, he managed to overcome the difficulties and nowadays the company that he founded takes part in a variety of national infrastructures projects. Therefore, Malik is a living testimony of the chance to grow and succeed in life also from a place that has no horizon and a secured future. Malik opened his first business in 2014 and his limited liability company in 2016. Initially, the company had 5 employees and over the years it grew and evolved while relying on vast knowledge, professionalism and service-orientation. The big change that the company experienced occurred when it started working for those who ordered the works rather than the contractors. The flagship company in this context was Moriah Jerusalem Development Corporation, a mega-company with an annual turnover of NIS 2B – Malkom Civil Engineering was one of the first companies the executed QA for MJDC, and it is currently accompanying 18 active projects of the corporation. Simultaneously, Malkom entered into the infrastructure projects market and has managed several projects in East Jerusalem.

Responsible for a Very Wide Variety of Projects

Currently, the company is accompanying about 150 projects across Israel with a very broad diversity: bridges, light rail, open public areas, new neighborhoods, road maintenance, industrial buildings, parking garages, structures, sewage lines, power stations, sea ports, industrial factories and more. The company’s broad customer base includes many customers such as Moriah, Ayalon Highways, The Be’er Sheva Economic Company and the Ministry of Housing, and it intends to expand with additional municipal companies and government agencies.

The Company’s Team Working in Complete Peaceful Coexistence and Harmony

Just like the company is active in a variety of diverse projects, it also has a very diverse human capital. The company’s team includes young and old employees, Jewish and Arabs, new immigrants, Russians, residents of Lod, Ramla and Taibe, and more. What brings together all of the company’s employees are the familial atmosphere, the good relationships, the vast professionalism, and the interesting projects that the company executes. Malik also personally promotes engineers from East Jerusalem who studied in Jordan, like him. He professionally trains them, thus helping the integration of this high-quality workforce into the Israeli economy, as part of the promotion of minority population in the Israeli economy and society.

A Young Spirit that Glorifies Innovation

Malkom’s team integrates professional experience with a young spirit that glorifies innovation. The company’s engineers are technology-driven by training and professional orientation, and they implement the knowledge that they acquired through a wide variety of civil engineering technologies. The company’s engineers’ open mind, alongside with commitment to innovation and engineering, enable the work teams to locate potential problems and solve them with maximal efficiency. Many of the company’s employees are native English-speakers, and this enables the company to win bids for accompanying prestigious international projects. The company provides customers with an umbrella of engineering services of the highest level with numerous added values, a combination that generates constant growth and leadership.

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