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Rearing, production and marketing of non-kosher meat, retail, import, marketing, distribution and Real Estate

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Established: 1996
Line of Business: Rearing, production and marketing of non-kosher meat, retail, import, marketing, distribution and Real Estate
Address: 19 Hahagana St., New Industrial Zone, Rishon Leziyon
Phone: 972-3-9517045
Fax: 972-3-9519069
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  • Meir  Mania, Mania Group

    Meir Mania

    Owner and Chairman

    Mania Group

Leading Executives

    Yaakov Mania CEO Retail and Distribution
    Amir Elias CFO
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About Mania Group

Mania Group has been active in the food and gourmet business for over 50 years. The Group’s activities include a pig farm, a factory that specializes in unique meat products and filled pastries, a chain of gourmet food stores, a food and beverage importing and distribution business, and real estate activities in Israel and abroad. The Group’s subsidiaries are all owned by Meir Mania and together employ approximately 500 workers.

50 years of excellence and continuous growth

Mania Group was founded by the late Herman Mania in the 1960s.
In 1966, he began raising pigs in the Galilee village of I’billin. The cooperation he initiated back then with the local Arab residents, persists to this day. In recent decades, the pig business was expanded; state-of-the-art technologies were introduced, and steps were taken to meet international standards.
In 1996, the Group established a factory in Rishon LeZion for producing meat products and smoked sausages. The plant produces and develops a broad range of products, including deli meats, ham, sausages and gourmet products. The plant specializes in producing fermented sausages (RAW), prepared through smoking and fermentation. This process does not use catalysts or chemicals and is unique to Mania. These sausages won prizes at several competitions in Europe. The factory’s products are sold at the chain of gourmet stores owned by the Group, as well as about 1000 other shops and restaurants throughout Israel, from Eilat to Kiryat Shmona.
In 2000, the Group founded Maadanei Mania, a chain of 18 privately-owned gourmet food shops located between Kiryat Yam in the North and Beer Sheva in the South.  The stores are designed in a unique style that imparts a European atmosphere.
In 2001, the factory began producing stuffed pastries according to traditional recipes, using state-of-the-art technology.
In 2003, the Group entered the real estate business, at first focusing on properties that serve the Group. Over the years, this business expanded into yielding real estate in Israel and abroad.
In 2011, the Group began importing and distributing dried food products, alcohol, sweets, frozen foods, and beverages.

Quality without compromises

The group’s meat products and sausage factory in Rishon LeZion is one of the most advanced of its kind in Israel. The sophisticated production process takes place entirely in large refrigerated rooms, at temperatures that prevent the growth of bacteria and facilitate the processing of a wide variety of meat products, nearly without human touch.
The company maintains stringent sanitary standards, and the entire production process is carried out under the strict supervision of food engineers specializing in quality assurance. The factory managers strive to increase the proportion of meat relative to fat, thereby raising the products’ nutritional values.
The factory meets all the standards of the “Standards Institute of Israel”, the Israeli Health Ministry and the Veterinary Service. In 2013, the plant was certified according to the HACCP and ISO 9000 international standards.
The plant works with leading food and spices Suppliers in Israel and abroad, that supply the highest quality raw materials from all over Europe.
The Group’s gourmet food stores meet the Health Ministry’s and Veterinary Service’s standards, as well as stricter guidelines set by the management with the help of external consultants.

Community outreach

Mania Group considers contributing to the community to be a valuable part of its activities, and therefore donates of its own volition to charitable organizations as well as being involved in fund-raising for organizations such as WIZO, Yad Sarah, The Soldiers’ Fund, Haim Foundation and Larger Than Life.

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