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Civil-commercial law, municipal law

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Line of Business: Civil-commercial law, municipal law
Address: 10/2 Weizmann St., Beer Sheva 8429460
Phone: 972-8-6235588 972-54-4303995
Fax: 972-8-6231155
Email: [email protected]
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  • Lior Markovitz, Marcovich & Co., Law Office and Notary

    Lior Markovitz


    Marcovich & Co., Law Office and Notary

  • Snait Markovitz, Marcovich & Co., Law Office and Notary

    Snait Markovitz


    Marcovich & Co., Law Office and Notary

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About Marcovich & Co., Law Office and Notary

Marcovich & Co., Law Office and Notary was founded in 2000 and provides diverse legal services across Israel. The firm is located in the city of Beersheba and has very experienced lawyers who accumulated, over the years, vast reputation in the fields of civil commercial law, tort, municipal law and marital status, along with interns and legal secretaries. Since its inception, the firm has set client satisfaction as its top priority. In order to accomplish this goal, the firm provides its clients with an efficient, professional and optimal service with full availability and responsiveness to the clients, six days a week, from morning to late evening. The firm’s team represents and counsels a variety of clients before all of the legal and administrative judiciaries, including in alternative dispute resolution frameworks, arbitrations, mediations and other judicial and quasi-judicial tribunals.

Areas of Practice

The firm’s main areas of practice include cases of tort, road accidents, workplace accidents, bodily harm, property damage, family law, divorces, alimony, nuptial agreements, wills and inheritances, common law spouses, family mediations, lasting power of attorney, business mediations, labor law, women rights in the workplace, National Insurance, work incapacity.
The firm includes a skilled and highly-experienced team of lawyers, most of whom have LL.M. degrees. Alongside these lawyers, the firm operates an execution department and a mediation department with a specialization in family mediations. The firm’s lawyers take pride in lecturing in professional trainings of the Israel Bar Association to lawyers in their areas of practice and to serve as chairpersons of professional committees in the Israel Bar Association (the Insolvency Committee, The National Insurance Committee, The Mediation Committee and the Tort Committee). The firm’s team represents local authorities such as the municipalities of Beersheba, Dimona and Arad in a variety of proceedings from collection to the drafting of bylaws and employment agreements and provides various legal services to public institutions, corporations, non-profit organizations, senior businesspersons, public organizations and private clients.

One Stop Shop

The firm’s lawyers specialize in service-orientation, professionalism, legal proficiency and first-class determination: for the firm, each client is a world unto itself and the clients’ benefit are above all else. The firm’s team of lawyers specializes in a very wide range of topics including labor law, administrative law, liabilities of insurance companies according to the terms of the policies or the pension fund’s regulations, tort and libel, lasting power of attorney, National Insurance, and matters of family and inheritance. The expertise in a wide variety of legal topics turned the firm into a one-stop-shop for all of the client’s legal needs.

Executive Team

Adv. Lior Marcovich, Founding Partner
Adv. Marcovich is a certified notary and mediator. He accompanies and provides legal opinions to local authorities in various proceedings in the fields of public tenders, city tax and construction deviations, and also represents them in administrative appeals which are filed against them. In addition, Adv. Marcovich serves as a court-appointed officer – liquidator, receiver, estate manager, and manages civil litigation cases. By education he has an LL.B. and an LL.M. – commercial specialization. He was admitted into the Israel Bar Association in 2000.
Adv. Snait Marcovich, Managing Partner
Adv. Snait Marcovich is a certified mediator who specializes in the firm in the civil commercial practice area. She practices labor law, tort, national insurance and claims under insurance policies and serves as a civil litigator for the municipality of Dimona and as an information, familiarly and coordination mediator on behalf of the courts administration. By education she has an LL.B. and an LL.M., and also a B.A., Behavioral Sciences. Graduated from her law studies with honors.

Prominent Cases from the Past Year

Representing an engineer who was sued by the estate of deceased person: A case where the firm represented an engineer who worked on the project of paving a road in a local council in southern Israel and a young passerby who entered the project’s area, fell into an unfenced hole and died. The deceased’s estate sued the engineer and other defendants in the claim for damages amounting to NIS 2,500,000. The insurance company that insured the engineer renounced its insurance liability in accordance with the terms of the policy. The lawyer who represented the engineer proved that the latter was not negligent at all under the accident’s circumstances. In addition, the firm proved vis-à-vis the insurance company of the engineer that there is an insurance coverage under the policy and in the framework of a settlement agreement the engineer paid only the NIS 10,000 deductible.
Representing a work manager in a packaging factory who suffered a severe workplace accident: The firm’s client was required to check a new machine that was introduced to the packaging factory where he worked and while he was inside it the machine was turned on. As a result, his aorta was ruptured and he was left with a high level of medical disability – 80%. The firm filed a bodily harm tort lawsuit against the employer in the sum of NIS 3,000,000 beyond the compensations that were received from the National Insurance Institute. The case is still being litigated in the Beersheba District Court.
Representing a project manager who had a road accident: A case where the firm represented a project manager in a lighting company, who stopped in a gas station on his way to work and when he got off the car, he twisted his leg and suffered a severe knee injury. The insurance company denied the existence of the road accident on the basis of medical records where the plaintiff complained of falling during his work without mentioning the car as the cause of the injury. In the summation stage the insurance company reconsidered its claim that this wasn’t a road accident and the court ruled that the plaintiff would receive NIS 350,000 as damages in addition to NIS 500,000 from the National Insurance Institute, for total damages of NIS 850,000.
Representing a person who sued his lawyer for professional negligence: a case where the firm is representing the owner of a luxury jewelry company who provided a loan in the sum of NIS 2M to a well-known contractor. As a guarantee for the loan the borrower pledged agricultural land. The borrower defaulted, and the plaintiff liquidated the land in a receivership proceeding with the help of a lawyer who was appointed to be the land’s receiver. There was a fault in the land sale proceeding, which forced the plaintiff to pay NIS 200,000 of the proceedings to the ILA. The lawsuit is an economic damages lawsuit on grounds of professional negligence of the lawyer. The lawsuit was filed in the sum of about NIS 550,000.

Community Outreach

The firm manages pro bono cases every year, conducts mediation proceedings in small claims voluntarily, lectures on various legal topics both to the general public and to lawyers in training of the Israel Bar Association.

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