Meir Mizrahi from Meir Mizrahi & Co.
Meir Mizrahi מחברת Meir Mizrahi & Co.

Meir Mizrahi

Managing Partner & Founder

Year of Birth: 1965
Fields: Real Estate Taxation
Position: Managing Partner & Founder
Past positions: Director, Real Estate Sector at the Income Tax Commissioner and Former Legal Counsel to the Real Estate Tax Office and Real Estate Tax/Assessor.
Seniority in position: 23 Years
Education: LL.B. Law, Advocate.
Community Activity: Tax Assistance to Residents.
What are the firm's strengths in your eyes?

Exceptional professionalism and being service oriented.

What are the main measures carried out recently that will lead to the strengthening of the firm in the coming years?

Recruiting new partners specializing in tax litigation and income tax.

What advice would you offer to a young lawyer who is starting out?

To focus and specialize in a chosen field.

What is important to remember even in difficult times?

That everything is for the best and for certain better times will come.