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Established: 2014
Line of Business: Planning and building
Address: 7 Menachem Begin Rd., Ramat Gan, 5268102
Phone: 972-3-5288746
Fax: 972-3-5288745
Email: office@gidron-law.com
Website: http://www.gidron-law.com
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  • Micha  Gidron, Micha Gidron – Law Firm

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    Micha Gidron – Law Firm

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    Micha Gidron
  • Michal Halberstam, Micha Gidron – Law Firm

    Adv. Michal Halberstam


    Micha Gidron – Law Firm

  • Hagit Helmer, Micha Gidron – Law Firm

    Adv. Hagit Helmer


    Micha Gidron – Law Firm

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About Micha Gidron – Law Firm

For more then 3.5 decades that Adv. Gidron has been playing a significant role in a wide variety of events and processes that took place in the field of planning and building in general, and in the field of urban renewal, in which he contributed greatly to the development of these legal fields in Israel. 

Adv. Gidron has served for seven years as chairman of the district appeals committee for the planning and construction of the Tel Aviv District. As chairman he significantly affected hundreds of transactions and projects of various types in the center of the country. 

The firm was established in 2014 by Adv. Gidron that has been practicing law for over than 35 years. Adv. Gidron is an expert in the fields of urban planning, construction, urban renewal and considered to be one of the leading lawyers in Israel in such fields. 

Adv. Gidron’s unique professional experience gives him a significant advantage in all matters relating to the representation of entrepreneurs, contractors, property owners and private clients before various planning institutions such as local and district committees, objections sub-committtees, district appeals committees, district committees and local committees. The firm also provides expert opinions on planning and construction issues and TAMA 38, which includes consultation and representation of clients in preliminary examination of approved build-ing rights, accompanying and promoting building plans before local and district committees, petitions and appeals to courts in the areas of planning and construction, claims for damage to real estate and a wide range of issues related to planning, building and urban renewal. 

Adv. Gidron is one of the most renowned experts in Israel in the field of TAMA 38. Adv. Gidron authored the book TAMA 38 jointly with Prof. Aharon Namdar, along with a series of professional articles on this subject and others, which developed and laid the groundwork for the appli-cation of the plan. Moreover, Adv. Gidron serves as chairman of the Planning and Building Committee of the Israel Bar Association.

In addition to his legal work, Adv. Gidron is a sought-after lecturer in various academic institutions throughout the country, and teaches, among other things, the planning and building law course at Netanya Academic College.

The firm’s team includes leading lawyers with expertise in the field of planning and construction who handle a wide range of planning and construction issues. 

Adv. Michal Halberstam

Michal holds a unique and in-depth professional specialization in all aspects of planning, construction and administrative law, and has exten-sive experience in advising, and representing the various government ministries before the Administrative Affairs Court, as well as developers, property owners and private clients, in the various planning institutions such as the National Planning and Building Council, district committees, local committees etc. Michal also has a vast and varied professional experience in leading appeals and petitions to the various courts of law on a wide range of issues related to planning and building and urban renewal. Michal has also served in several academic positions.

Adv. Hagit Helmer

Hagit has more than 15 years of experience in the field of planning and construction, administrative law and environmental law, and has many years of experience in leading petitions to the High Court of Justice, administrative petitions, objections and appeals. Complex legal opinions, etc. Throughout her many years of experience, Hagit has provided counseling, legal representation to government ministries and state authori-ties, non-profit organizations and private individuals before all the courts, including the High Court of Justice, the Court of Administrative Affairs and the various planning authorities. Hagit was a lecturer at the School of Sustainability at IDC Herzliya.

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