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Established: 2014
Line of Business: Planning and building
Address: 7 Menachem Begin Rd., Ramat Gan, 5268102
Phone: 972-3-5288746
Fax: 972-3-5288745
Email: office@gidron-law.com
Website: http://www.gidron-law.com
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About Micha Gidron – Law Firm

Adv. Micha Gidron is a boutique firm specializing in all aspects of planning and building law, and is one of the field’s leading firms. Adv. Micha Gidron, who heads the firm, served as Chairman of the Tel-Aviv District Planning and Building Appeal Committee for seven years, and is considered to be an authority in his practice area.

The firm provides its clients with first-class counsel and representation services in all planning and building legal aspects, including the representation of clients before various planning authorities; before The National Planning and Building Committee, and planning and building district committees, local committees and appeal committees.

In addition, the firm represents clients in various planning and building proceedings in court. Furthermore, the firm specializes in the areas of betterment charges and compensation claims due to real-estate devaluations.

The firm provides planning and building legal opinions and supports initiators, contractors and property owners through the legal aspects of planning proceedings. The firm has a particular specialization in Tama 38 and urban renewal, and it supports many projects in this field. The firm provides top-tier counsel services in this segment, opinions, representation before local committees, project accompaniment, and representation in appeals before the district appeal committees.

The planning and building legal field is complex and requires a particular specialization that is based on knowledge and experience. Therefore, the firm decided to provide its legal services, as a boutique firm, in this area, where it benefits from a significant advantage in light of Adv. Gidron’s and the firm’s staff’s extensive experience and knowledge, in the full spectrum of planning and building law issues.

The firm provides its clients with counseling, legal support services for facing the complex, and often exhausting and Sisyphean, proceedings on the way to the building permit or plan approval. In this context the firm represents its clients, including initiators, contractors, property owners and individuals, before the various planning institutes, such as The National Planning and building Council, District committees and local committees.

The firm also represents its clients in appeals on local committees’ decisions before the district planning and building committees. The firm also represents clients in court appeals and objections concerning planning and building, betterment charges and real-estate devaluations. Furthermore, the firm specializes in betterment charges and real-estate devaluation claims, including representation before judicial appraisers, compensation and betterment charge appeal committees and administrative appeals.


Adv. Micha Gidron

Adv. Gidron is the author, together with Prof. Aharon Nimdar, of the book “Tama 38”, the leading book on the subject, and considered to be bible of urban renewal and Tama 38.

The many years during which Adv. Micha Gidron served as Chairman of the Tel-Aviv District Planning and Building Appeal Committee, greatly contribute to the firm’s leading professional capabilities in general, and the representation of clients before appeal committees in particular.

As Chairman of the District Planning and Building Appeal Committee, Adv. Gidron signed many decisions that serve as the cornerstones of this field.

Adv. Gidron serves as the (co-) Chairman of Planning and building Committee of the Israeli Bar Association.

In addition, Adv. Gidron teaches Planning and building law in the program for an M.A, Real-estate, of the Netanya Academic College.