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Established: 2020
Line of Business: Real Estate
Address: 4 Ariel Sharon St., HaShahar Tower, Givatayim
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Phone: 972-3-5642820
Fax: 972-77-3180917
Website: http://www.me-law.co.il
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  • Kobi Michael, Michael, Edri, Stekel & Co.

    Adv. Kobi Michael

    Founding Partner

    Michael, Edri, Stekel & Co.

  • Avi Edri, Michael, Edri, Stekel & Co.

    Adv. Avi Edri

    Founding Partner

    Michael, Edri, Stekel & Co.

  • Victor Shtekel, Michael, Edri, Stekel & Co.

    Adv. Victor Shtekel


    Michael, Edri, Stekel & Co.

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About Michael, Edri, Stekel & Co.

Michael, Edri Stekel  & Co. Law offices is a boutique firm that specializes in real estate. Kobi Michael and Avi Edri, who co-founded the firm, hail from a well-established real estate law firms and have accumulated more than 20 years of experience in the field. The firm provides One-Stop-Shop solutions to development companies and real estate contractors, from legal consultations and advice at the very beginning of the transaction - testing and choosing the right outline for the transaction, through banking and sales support to negotiation with buyers. The firm is known for its high-level professional qualities that combine personal care along-side dedicated and efficient service. A number of leading entrepreneurial and contracting companies and key figures in the Israeli economy are among the firm’s clients. Among the firm’s partners are real estate experts who are graduates from the top universities in the country (and even the world).

The Partners

Adv. and Notary Kobi Michael, Founding Partner - Michael is the head of the firm’s real estate department and has extensive experience in the field of real estate with an emphasis on managing complex transactions as well as projects for some of the largest development companies and contractors in Israel. Michael worked for about a decade in the firm of Adv. Hajaj Buchnik & Co. in a number of positions, including managing the firm’s transactions department. As such, he managed and executed hundreds of transactions, including combination transactions, purchasing groups and urban renewal, which resulted in thousands of residential and commercial units. As the head of the firm’s real estate department, he outlines the strategy for each transaction, bringing a creative business vision that comes from being involved in all stages of a transaction, from feasibility, to negotiations, to agreements, to ongoing counsel. He is a member of the Bar Association since 2009.
Adv. Avi Edri, Founding Partner - Avi has in-depth experience and knowledge in the field of real estate, with an emphasis on urban renewal and complex transactions. He provides creative solutions and offers a thorough tax and legal planning before executing any transaction. He has gained unique experience in urban renewal, and in drafting complex commercial real estate agreements, which has enabled him to implement thousands of residential, commercial, hotel and industrial units. Before founding the firm, he worked at Adv. Hajaj Buchnik & Co., where he dealt with large-scale transactions, purchasing groups, urban renewal, financing aspects, and real estate taxation. As the head of the firm’s real estate and urban renewal departments, he provides ongoing counsel to leading developers and contracting companies, takes an active part in examining every transaction at hand, and lays the legal foundation that enables it to be executed in the best way. He is a member of the Bar since 2015.
Adv. Victor Shtekel, Partner - he is a partner and head of the firm’s civil-commercial litigation department. His main area of expertise is construction and real estate disputes, and he has extensive experience in providing legal services to commercial companies, public institutions, construction companies, and mall groups from all over Israel. Adv Shtekel specializes in advising entrepreneurial companies and contractors, and in providing legal assistance to real estate projects, from project planning stages, through tenant claims, to litigation, mediations, and arbitrations with contractors and suppliers. In addition, Adv. Shtekel specializes in accompanying the largest groups of malls in Israel, including the Melisron and Moshe and Igal Gindi malls, in complex lawsuits on contractual and accounting issues, in tenant lawsuits, in tenant eviction lawsuits and other matters. He has been a member of the Bar Association since 2015.

The Departments

Real Estate Department - the department provides legal advice on all aspects of real estate, with an emphasis on accompanying real estate developments, including large-scale residential and commercial projects: urban renewal, Pinui-Binui and NOP 38 - Representation of developers and apartment owners in Pinui-Binui projects and in projects of Tama 38/1 (strengthening) and NOP 38/2. Among other things, the firm handles Pinui-Binui projects for hundreds of units in cities such as Tel Aviv, Haifa, Lod, etc. We also handle NOP 38/2 projects in Gush Dan and HaSharon areas. In some of them the firm represents the developers and in others it represents the apartment owners.
Entrepreneurial companies, contractors and residential and commercial projects - The department handles residential and commercial projects on behalf of real estate companies and contractors, from the purchase of land to the registration of apartment buildings and individual registration of buyers rights. The team deals with a variety of issues starting from proper planning of the relevant transaction, conducting a preliminary and comprehensive due diligence for the purpose of obtaining comprehensive information before entering into the transaction, as well as drafting purchase agreements, combination agreements, land lease from Israel Land Administration, etc.
Representation in purchase transactions from a contractor and private sale transactions - The department specializes in representing sellers and buyers of “second hand” apartments in all aspects of the sale and purchase, including handling the rights check, examining tax aspects, and representing in negotiations to formulate an acceptable agreement.
Litigation Department - The department is led by Adv. Shtekel and provides the best legal service tailored to its clients’ needs. The clients benefit from the expertise of the head of the department directly, who offers a dedicated, efficient, and creative response with the assistance of the firm’s staff. The firm handles litigation in all legal jurisdictions as well as arbitration and mediation, and it represents its clients in a variety of commercial disputes involving business entities, from the onset of legal proceedings to the end of the case in a final judgment. The firm represents its clients in a wide range of civil and commercial disputes but has special expertise in real estate disputes - disputes between developers and contractors and between contractors and subcontractors, disputes concerning combination transactions, construction defects claims and delays in delivery, etc.

International Real Estate Transactions

The firm accompanies buyers who are interested in making real estate investments abroad, performs all the necessary checks to ensure that the client knows exactly where his investment funds are allocated, and what the collateral is for the funds invested by the client, in order to give the client full certainty about the nature of the transaction and the risks involved.

Notary Services

The firm provides all the notarial services that a notary is authorized to perform, including verifying the signing of a document, notarizing power of attorney for mortgage banks, translating from Hebrew to English or English to Hebrew and certifying the correctness of a document, notarizing a will or mutual will without witnesses, and other services.

Lasting Power of Attorney

Adv. Avi Edri is certified for drafting a lasting power of attorney, which is a very important tool for planning and optimal control later in life in a situation of future loss of legal capacity. A lasting power of attorney allows the person to decide, during his lifetime and while he is still competent, who will be his guardian when he no longer has legal capacity. This tool prevents legal disputes, between family members regarding the appointment of a guardian when the person is no longer legally competent.

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