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Construction, Project Management and Initiation

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Established: 2009
Line of Business: Construction, Project Management and Initiation
Address: 84 Herzl St. (Passageway), Ramla
Phone: 972-8-9700735
Fax: 972-8-9400735
Email: [email protected]
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Company Executives

  • Zouheir Abu Suis, Mivnei Tamara Ltd.

    Zouheir Abu Suis

    CEO and Owner

    Mivnei Tamara Ltd.

  • Tamara Mor Goor, Mivnei Tamara Ltd.

    Adv. Tamara Mor Goor


    Mivnei Tamara Ltd.

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About Mivnei Tamara Ltd.

Mivnei Tamara Ltd. was founded in 2009 by Zouheir Abu Suis. The company handles the initiation construction of residential, offices, industrial and public buildings, and also specializes in urban renewal.

For almost 20 years, Zouheir Abu Suis has been engaged in the execution of steel frames and finishing works. The extensive knowledge he accumulated over the years is the source of his in-depth familiarity with every detail and skill in the field. This expertise, in combination with the professional relationships he developed, led to the establishment of a fast-growing and successful company.

Mivnei Tamara is characterized by a close, reliable and efficient service, owing to the employment of professionals who lead their respective fields. A devoted team accompanies the apartment owners and upgraders. Throughout every stage of the process, an immediate and accessible answer for any question and aspect of the project and supportive and reliable accompaniment are guaranteed.

Constant cooperation serves as the key for delivering the apartment to the buyers’ satisfaction, including the responsibility for the one-year post-construction warranty. The company is committed to execute its project professionally, reliably and within agreed-upon time tables.

Mivnei Tamara’ winning advantage stems from the permanent employment of professional craftsmen. This frees the company from dependency on a variety of subcontractors, thus creating a much faster and smoother flow. The workflow no longer depends on external logistics, and every stage is handled by permanent employees who are skilled in their field, with trust that was accumulated over years. All of the activities are performed under a single guiding professional hand – from the steel frame to the delivery of the apartment to the buyers.

The ability to provide an immediate and qualified response to the customers also stems from full familiarity with the project. In Mivnei Tamara, the personal service and attentive ear are always backed with complete understanding of every detail of the mission. The company has recognized and licensed contractor classification in the Ministry of Housing.

Two Arms of Operations – Construction Contracting and Initiation of Urban Renewal

Mivnei Tamara boasts a variety of large-scope projects, with hundreds of residential units and thousands of sq.m. of commerce and industry buildings, across the Israel. Among others, the company built upscale projects in North Tel Aviv, Kiryat Ono, Rishon LeZion, Nes Ziona and Rehovot.

Quality Construction and High Standards

Mivnei Tamara’s bulk of operations is in the execution of construction works for developers, including some of the largest and leading companies in the Israeli economy (Zemach Hammerman Ltd., Sivan Execution, ElZion Olah, Atar Buildings, Gazit Engineering, Or HaYarden, Yossi Avrahami and more).

In light of its capabilities and longstanding experience, the company also executes projects as a key contractor, with responsibility for the entire construction. All of the projects are executed with strict high standards from planning to final execution.

Urban Renewal

In recent years, Mivnei Tamara also entered the urban renewal field. Its flagship project on 39 A.S. Levy St. received the approval of the commission and is in its final construction permit from the municipality stage. The project would add 54 apartments to an existing 48-apartments building. The projects great success stimulates advanced negotiations with the residents for an additional project nearby, which would be even more extensive than its predecessor.

The Human Capital

Alongside Zouheir Abu Suis, the company’s headquarters employs the CFO – Adv. Tamara Mor Goor, who has a degree in business administration with expertise in economics, and is a member of the IBA. In the framework of her position, she is a partner in the negotiations and transactions in the firm’s various operations. She provides added value to the customers: A broad perspective of the transactions, encompassing the customers goals and needs, tax aspects and planning aspects, all from an in-depth commercial understanding of the real estate market. She is assisted by Adv. Bat Hen Sharvit, the General Counsel who has an M.B.A.

The projects are also backed by leading advisors, engineers, practical engineers and work managers – all highly experienced and knowledgeable. Mivnei Tamara employs about 120 skilled professionals who accompany it for long years and specialize in a variety of construction professions, from steel frame to finishing works. The accumulated reputation proves the reliability with the schedules, the meticulous high-quality construction and the attentive support for their customers’ needs.

Prominent Contracting Projects

Pending Execution and Under Construction

Halom Rishon, Rishon LeZion: Three luxury buildings with 7-8 stories each, and 54 apartments, near the Azrieli Mall;
Airport City:
A 4,000 sq.m. offices and commerce building;
Yitzhak Sade, Ramla: A boutique building with 4 stories and 8 apartments;
10 HaRo’e, Rehovot: An 8-story building with 18 apartments.

Completed Projects

12 HaRimon, Rishon LeZion: Tama 38/1 at the heart of a longstanding neighborhood at the city’s center, a successful project where an existing building with 12 apartments was expanded by 6 apartments in 3 stories;
20 Wolfson, Rishon LeZion: A project in the Old West, the city’s most prestigious area. A 6-story building with 3/4/5-room apartments, duplexes, a loft and a penthouse;
11 Meirovitz, Rishon LeZion: A Tama 38/1 project where 5 new apartments were built, while the existing building was renovated and strengthened;
Nitzan HaEmek, 15 HaKatzir, Nes Ziona:
the construction of 12 apartments with a basement, garden apartments and an upscale penthouse;
11 Sokolov, Nes Ziona: A 16-apartmetns project with two entrances, in a classic Bauhaus style which attracts the eye, and became one of the city’s new hallmarks;
Beit Shemesh: Construction services for a project with finishing works for 350 apartments.

Construction Sites Safety

The company greatly emphasizes the safety of its employees and its facilities. Every day and in every site, a review of the scaffolding’s stability and integrity, an inspector visit and a check of all of the workers’ personal safety gear are conducted. A safety supervisor and a work manager deliver meticulous training to every team. In a place where employees are not just human resources, rather a long-lasting professional family, there is a personal commitment for their safety, and of course, for meticulous compliance with every work safety law.

Green Construction

The company follows green building principles, and constantly uses environmentally-friendly materials, thermal wall insulation, energy-saving LED lighting and more. The company meets the strictest quality standards and is regularly supervised by the IIS.

Reliability, Excellence and Loyalty

There is a great emphasis on the quality of the work in the various projects and maintaining reliability and schedules. In each of them, Mivnei Tamara’s core values are expressed, and award it with the satisfaction of both the initiators and the residents.

Company Vision

The company aspires to continue and develop in the urban renewal field, to 30-40 apartments annually, and to expand its execution arm and increase its contractor classification accordingly.

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