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Mivnim and Netivim Ltd.
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Established: 2000
Line of Business: Development and construction
Address: Nehushtan St., Re’em Industrial Park
Phone: 972-8-6750294
Fax: 972-8-6750283
Email: sales@mivnim10.co.il
Website: http://www.mivnim10.co.il/
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Company Executives

  • Eli Atia, Mivnim and Netivim Ltd.

    Eli Atia

    Chairman & Founder

    Mivnim and Netivim Ltd.

  • Yuval  Atia, Mivnim and Netivim Ltd.

    Yuval Atia


    Mivnim and Netivim Ltd.

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    Yuval Atia
  • Guy Atia, Mivnim and Netivim Ltd.

    Guy Atia

    VP Engineering, Operations and Quality Control

    Mivnim and Netivim Ltd.

  • Omer  Atia, Mivnim and Netivim Ltd.

    Omer Atia

    VP Engineering, Operations and Quality Control

    Mivnim and Netivim Ltd.

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About Mivnim and Netivim Ltd.

Mivnim and Netivim Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Mivnim Group that deals with residential real estate, high-yield real estate (commercial and office spaces), and logistic centers for rent. The company holds a “G-5” contractors’ permit (unlimited) in the Construction and Housing Ministry’s contractors’ registrar, and holds an ISO 9002 certificate from the Israeli Standards Institute. The Mivnim Group, which the company belongs to, was founded by the entrepreneur Eli Atia, who has been developing and building Israel for over 50 years. In 1963, after completing his military service, Atia founded a trucking company called “HaMovil Eli” that eventually became an earthworks company which built infrastructure projects, and paved and built large parts of the country.

The company built entire neighborhoods in the south, the Aqaba terminal and a range of parks and reservations, as well as restoring quarries and building cowsheds in kibbutzim and moshavim, etc. 

Mivnim and Netivim Ltd. was established in 1999 as the development and construction arm of the Mivnim Group. Today, 90% of the Group’s operations are in the area of development and construction, and only 10% consist of infrastructure projects. During the past decade, Mivnim and Netivim built approximately 1,000 housing units under the management of Yuval Atia, Eli’s son – mainly in the area bounded by Ashkelon and Tel Aviv. The company has a special advantage building large, complex projects thanks to its outstanding engineering capabilities, its many years of extensive experience and its advanced engineering equipment.

One Stop Shop

Mivnim and Netivim operates as a “one stop shop”, meaning that all the development, planning and construction operations are under a single roof. This includes purchasing the land, betterment, planning, marketing and sales – thereby ensuring its clients’ peace of mind, as they have a single entity to interact with during the process. 

The Company’s Management

Eli Atia, Chairman and Founder - Eli Atia has been the company’s guiding light from the day it was founded. Over the years, he has accrued extensive experience developing and constructing projects while providing excellent service to clients and being involved with even the smallest details. Eli received the honorary title “Master Contractor” in 2012 from the Israel Builders Association and the Foundation for Promoting and Developing the Construction Industry, as a sign of appreciation for his personal contribution to the development of Israel’s construction and infrastructure sector.

Yuval Atia, CEO - Yuval Atia has a B.A. in Economics and an MBA with Honors from the Hebrew University. At age 30, after five years of working as an employee in the industry, he joined the family business and held all the basic positions in the company until his promotion to CEO. Yuval believes in the value of excellence as a management strategy, and he aspires to excellence as far as human capital, the quality of the materials and the levels of planning and operations are concerned.

Guy Atia, VP Engineering, Operations and Quality Control - Guy Atia is responsible for all levels of the company’s field operations: planning, construction and post-construction supervision. He was trained as a building engineer and the division he runs is fully synchronized with the marketing division in order to provide optimal service to the company’s clients. Guy manages the division in a strategic manner, always insisting on uncompromising planning and implementation in order to achieve perfect results.

Omer Atia, VP Logistics and Projects - Omer Atia is responsible for implementing the company’s industrialized construction method, an advanced construction method that combines elements of innovation and efficiency. The division Omer runs is responsible for all of the company’s logistic matters, including transportation, cranes and general equipment. Furthermore, the division serves as the communications center for the workers, starting from the foundation stage, landscaping and up to the finishing stages. 

The Team

Mivnim and Netivim employs project managers, engineers, work managers, a chief safety manager and construction workers. Most of the construction work is carried out by subcontractors such as plumbing subcontractors, electricity subcontractors, foundation subcontractors, finishing subcontractors, etc, who have worked closely with the company for may years. The company views these subcontractors as business partners and as an integral part of the Group. 

Financial Stability

The company’s financial data attest to its financial strength and to a stable capital base. In the last 20 years, the company did not require credit and the rate of sales of its assets always surpassed its rate of expenditure. As such, the company is unusual compared to other companies with large scopes of activity. In fact, the company has significant abilities to raise capital, which helps it to initiate and carry out large-scale projects in record times. 

Ahead of the Times

The company has always been considered a trailblazer in its industry and has consistently been among the first to invest in new directions. Thus, it was the first to use the Baranowitz System of industrial construction south of Ashdod, and the first to invest in logistic centers. Four years ago, the company purchased 50 dunams of land in Reem Park at Kanot Junction, and it is now building huge logistic centers for rent on this land. The company entered this field after reaching the conclusion, which turned out to be accurate, that Israel’s population growth, together with the rise in the standard of living and the transition to online shopping and free imports will generate future demand for logistic centers.

Another area where the company is prominent is that of mixed-use development. The company is currently building a 100-meter high residential and commercial tower in the upscale Park HaYam neighborhood of Bat Yam. This project includes 22,000 sq.m. for residential purposes and 5,000 sq.m. of commercial space and offices.

Recently the company won the tender for a 315 apartments’ project in Gan Yavne. The apartments will be divided into 3-4-story buildings, 210 of which are designated for long-term lease and the remaining 105 will be available for purchase. Half of the rental spaces will be leased to The Ministry of Construction and Housing at subsidized costs.

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