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Insolvency, Civil and Commercial Litigation

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Established: 2021
Line of Business: Insolvency, Civil and Commercial Litigation
Address: 9 Reha Freier St., M-Tower, 17th Floor,
Beer Sheva
Phone: 972-8-9261118
Fax: 972-8-9261128
Email: [email protected]
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  • Mohammad  Alobra, Mohammad Alobra & Co. Law Office

    Adv. Mohammad Alobra

    Founder and owner

    Mohammad Alobra & Co. Law Office

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About Mohammad Alobra & Co. Law Office

Law Office Muhammad Alobra & Co. is considered one of the leading law offices in insolvency and civil and commercial litigation, in Israel in general and in the southern district in particular. The office was founded by Adv. Mohammad Alobra is a skilled lawyer with extensive background and experience in civil law, specializing in insolvency and debt settlements for individuals and companies. His office provides comprehensive legal services to organizations, corporations, companies, and privats clients from all over the country, with an emphasis on professionalism, transparency, Integrity, and personal attention to its customers.

Adv. Alobra Muhammad, Founder and Owner

Adv. Mohammed Alobra is on the list of trustees of the Commissioner of Insolvency Proceedings (the Official Receiver) and serves as an official on behalf of the Commissioner, and the Tel Aviv District Court for individual cases. Additionally, adv. Mohammed Alobra serves as a trustee (liquidator) in corporate cases on behalf of the court District in Beer Sheva. He holds a bachelor’s degree in law as well as a master’s degree in conflict resolution, both from Ben Gurion University.

He previously served as a lawyer for the General Custodian Division and the official convener at the Ministry of Justice in Beer Sheva and is a member of the Israel Bar Association and vice chairman of the Insolvency Committee of the Bureau, Southern District. Apart from his current professional pursuits, adv. Alobra Muhammad contributes his time and volunteers as a lecturer on behalf of the Insolvency Bar Association. He provides legal services in Hebrew, Arabic, and English.

Areas of Activity

The insolvency department provides thorough and precise legal services in numerous insolvency procedures. These include accompanying individuals and corporations facing financial difficulties, reaching debt settlements (both within the court and individual debt settlements), debt collection, and more. Given the office’s vast experience in the field of insolvency, the firm’s clients benefit from optimal legal guidance and advice that anticipates the future and neutralizes possible risks. The professional work results in excellent legal outcome, while maintaining a personal approach, thinking outside the box, and finding creative solutions.

Commercial Litigation
The office specializes in consulting and representing businesses in all areas of commercial law while guiding clients and promoting the processes regularly and efficiently. The department deals with legal representation in negotiation processes, drafting and preparing documents and agreements in all areas of commercial law, filing lawsuits, filing defenses in civil proceedings and more. The commercial litigation department has a deep knowledge of legal consultation and support in complex commercial disputes, including representation in mediation and arbitration procedures.

Real Estate
The real estate department accompanies transactions for purchases of a second-hand apartment, purchases of new apartments from a contractor, and yielding real estate transactions and complex transactions in Israel and abroad. The department is also managing legal proceedings related to real estate, including accompanying contractors, entrepreneurial companies, urban renewal projects, and more. The office represents landowners/rights holders, real estate developers, and construction companies throughout the planning and licensing stages, the financing procedures and banking support, and ending in the execution process itself, the marketing and sale of the apartments and the condominium registration. Additionally, the office represents property owners in all legal aspects ranging from leasing profitable properties to legal defenses in opposition to plans and other related matters. The collaboration and cooperation between the various departments in the office lead to safer and more profitable transactions for clients.

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