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Established: 2003
Line of Business: Development and Execution
Address: 2 Kaufmann St., Tel-Aviv
Phone: 972-77-3622760
Email: [email protected]
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    Yoav Zilberstein Engineer and Owner
    CPA Reuven Mor Director and Owner
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About Mor Investments

Mor Investments is a leading company specializing in projects’ development and execution. The company was founded in 2003 by Eng. Yoav Zilberstein, who has more than 40 years of professional experience. A year ago, after CPA Reuven Mor, who has more than 40 years of experience in business management, entered the company as a director and owner, a strategic decision was made to increase the scope of development, initiation, and execution significantly, and today the company is going through extensive growth.

The company leads high-end residential projects while rigorously keeping uncompromising construction quality and using the best finishing materials. Mor Investments also specializes, as a development company, in structure strengthening and improvement and earthquake-proofing of existing buildings within the NOP 38 standard (The Israeli National Outline plan). The company also specializes in project management for developers across the country, including leading companies.

Mor Investments, which has a C-5 classification and is licensed for contract work with unlimited classification, performs both key construction and frame construction including materials, and mostly employs Chinese workforce. The company operates with full responsibility to maintain uncompromising construction quality and to keep the high standards it became known for. The company has all the licenses and approvals to perform any kind of contractor work and is allowed to participate in every type of civil projects that involve contracting work, engineering, and construction.

Green Building

Mor Investments implements green building methodology in its projects, using materials and technologies that implement green building, solar power systems and more, for maximal utilization of eco-friendly infrastructure and building materials, to protect the environment.

Reliability, Responsibility, and Excellence

The company has an excellent reputation for consistently adhering to schedules, its responsibility, and its dedication to work processes. Mor Investments’ professional excellence, along with its reliability and years of experience, are the added value that makes the customers happy, and is reflected in the customers’ peace of mind in every project that the company carries out.

40 Years of Success

The company has gained professional experience in the fields of planning and construction, and over the years has demonstrated proven success in carrying out multiple projects simultaneously while dealing with various construction challenges. The company utilizes advanced materials and innovative tools to meet all the required standards, while keeping professional control throughout all construction stages.

Prominent Projects

Mor Investments’ current projects include a NOP 38-2 project in Matalon street, Tel-Aviv, which it leads as the executive contracting company. In addition, the company is engaged in a 24 high-end apartments project in Kiryat Tivon in the field of initiation and execution. Recently the Company also built residential buildings in Haifa, 158 residential units in Carmiel, 132 residential units in Netanya, two 21-story buildings in Ramat Gan and dozens of frame-only buildings. These projects included both apartment buildings and private houses.

Areas of Operation

Development - The company locates and purchases land, performs engineering planning and submits the plans to the relevant committees and authorities. The company carries out the construction according to the permits obtained from the local authorities. Additionally, the company performs marketing and sales and reaches out to the customers, accompanying them all the way until they receive keys to the property.

Contract Work - Mor Investments serves as a contractor for various developers in various projects. The company is responsible for submitting bids on behalf of its clients. After winning a tender, the company operates as the executive arm and is the one to carry out the building operations of the project.

Engineering and Architecture - Mor Investments plans the construction site before beginning any project it is responsible for. The company also plans how to carry out earthworks of the first stage of construction and the means of transportation required throughout the project, including crane locations, truck unloading areas, access roads, offices, warehouses and more.

NOP 38, Clearing and Reconstruction - Mor Investments carries out projects that include planning and construction of additional residential units for existing buildings designated to go through NOP 38, while strengthening the structure with concrete elements to enhance its earthquake resistance.

NOP 38-2 - The company is planning new buildings while demolishing and clearing existing ones, and the tenants return to larger apartments in the new buildings. The tenants are given substitute apartments or the equivalent rental funds until the end of the project.

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