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Urban Renewal; Urban planning

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Line of Business: Urban Renewal; Urban planning
Address: 7 Menachem Begin Rd., Gibor Sport Tower, Ramat Gan
Phone: 972-3-9200299 Whatsapp: 972-52-5554791
Email: [email protected]
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About Moran Gur & Co. Law Office

Moran Gur & Co. Law Office and Notary (MGC) is one of Israel’s leading planning and zoning law firms, with particular expertise in urban renewal. The firm’s proven 17-year track record includes more than 500 buildings in statutory and legal proceedings and dozens of completed and delivered urban renewal projects, with numerous legal precedents, including in the Supreme Court, administrative petitions, appeal committees and civil courts. Adv. Moran Gur, who was a founding partner of the firm of Reisman, Gur, Deutsch & Co., founded MGC in 2023.

A Synergy the Creates a Unique Strength

MGC represents its clients in large-scale projects, with a specialization in urban renewal and planning and zoning. The synergy from this dual expertise creates added value as the special expertise in planning zoning is implemented in urban renewal projects. The firm also specializes in urban renewal litigation, and provides a comprehensive solution vis-à-vis the planning and appeal committees, administrative courts and the Supreme Court. The firm accompanies residents comprehensively in mega-projects in Israel’s periphery. MGC represents only apartment owners, in order to offer its clients a broad spectrum of uncompromising legal assistance services, from planning and zoning, through betterment charges, compensation, and ongoing support in their interaction with the developer and the planning institutes.

The firm’s team, implements deep expertise and knowledge planning and zoning also in the urban renewal field, and responds in numerous channels, with transparent contracting and conduct, to provide its clients with extensive assurance and certainty in the process. The firm’s team consists of 15 lawyers who operate in full synergy and create added value through the integration of their diverse areas of practice and expertise, including property and planning litigation, betterment charges, real estate taxation, and local matters, while implementing a unique work methodology with the residents.

Furthermore, the firm accompanies specific boutique projects across Israel, focusing on complex and innovative planning proceedings for the construction of new neighborhoods in the periphery. Some of these notable projects include a project with 1,200 apartments for eviction in Migdal HaEmek, where 9,000 new apartments would be rebuilt, in cooperation with the District Committee of Northern Israel., a project in Eilat with 1,000 apartments for eviction and the reconstruction of 6,000 apartments in dozens of buildings, And other projects in Tiberias, where 600 apartments would be evicted and 5,000 apartments would be rebuilt, and in Beit Shemesh, where 360 apartments would be evicted and 1,500 apartments would be rebuilt.

Practice Area

Urban Renewal, Pinui-Binui and Complexes - With more than 15 years of experience and proven successes in accompanying thousands of clients in a broad range of processes, the firm is ranked as one of Israel’s top firms, and Adv. Moran Gur has been regularly chosen as one of the 70 Influencers In Real Estate And Urban Renewal.

Urban Renewal Planning and Zoning - With a unique specialization in planning and zoning in the urban renewal field, MGC provides comprehensive services, from planning legal opinions, through comprehensive legal assistance and ongoing control and up to analyses and risk mitigation. Owing to its special expertise, the firm was recognized as a top firm by all the real estate rankings, the Real Estate Center, BDI, DUN’s 100 and more.

Planning and Zoning - MGC’s leading practice provides all types of legal services, including compensation for damages under Clause 197, administrative fees, expropriations, sub-committees for objections, promoting master plans, promoting permit applications, managing proceedings vis-à-vis the district and appeal committees, and more.

Litigation - The firm represents its clients in courts of all levels up to the Supreme Court. The firm achieved numerous precedents in the context of diverse proceedings, and has a broad and comprehensive view for structuring the milestones throughout the entire process.

Local Matters – Criminal Planning and Zoning, Administrative, City Tax and More -With longstanding experience in this field, MGC provides first-class tailored legal services, while reviewing the compatibility with the permit and uncompromising quality throughout the entire process.

Transactions - MGC specializes in all aspects of real estate transactions, starting from simple apartment purchases and up to complex large-scale transactions, and it accompanies hundreds of buildings in the taxation and charges issues.

Real Estate Tax and Betterment Charges - MGC specializes in this field, and recognizes its importance and the material problems it may raise in projects. MGC has recorded numerous proven successes in this practice, including in assessment demands of the local committee, and it was responsible for many precedents that reach all the way up to the Supreme Court, in real estate in general and in urban renewal in particular.

Residents and Special Needs - Meets the requirements of new legislation, which refers specifically to persons with disabilities and special needs and the elderly, who are entitled to a different consideration. The department’s team assists its clients with every issue, providing certainty and transparency across the entire process.

Company Analysis and Risk Management - In light of the current rising interest rate environment, some companies might face crises, insolvencies, and other scenarios that would endanger the project. This situation requires the ability to professionally analyze the economic strength and financial resilience of the counterparties, with an emphasis on financial statements, trial balances and more.

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