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Family law, divorce and management of family disputes

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Established: 2007
Line of Business: Family law, divorce and management of family disputes
Address: 3 HaYetsira, Sh.A.P Tower, Ramat Gan
Phone: 972-3-5662260
Fax: 972-3-5662261
Email: [email protected]
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  • Moran Samun, Moran Samun – Law Firm

    Adv. Moran Samun

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    Moran Samun – Law Firm

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Moran Samun, Law Firm is a boutique firm which was founded in 2007 and specializes in family law, inheritance, and management of risks and crises in the family. The firm is reputed in managing a variety of family law matters, including emotionally and financially complex cases. The firm’s team includes skilled lawyers and mediators, and it also utilizes first-class professionals including accountants, economists, therapists, social workers, investigators, parenting counselors, parenting coordinators etc., to provide the clients with comprehensive management of their case and proactively manage the crisis.

Striving for Excellence, Professionalism, Tolerance and a Personal and Accepting Attitude

Adv. Samun, the firm’s founder and owner, greatly believes in negotiations and mediations as a way for reaching agreements, before opening legal proceedings. However, in cases where legal proceedings must be managed in the courts, the firm does so with determination, tailoring a strategy for each client and case, in accordance with their circumstances. The optimal outcomes that the firm achieves for its clients result from the ubiquitous striving to excellence, out-of-the-box thinking, professionalism, patience, listening and warm and personal attention for the clients. Since the firm manages complex divorce proceedings for premium clients (such as CEOs, celebrities and public officials), it is very discreet.
Adv. Samun and the firm’s team are well aware of the heavy responsibility that accompanies the management of family crises, particularly those that involve children, and accordingly the firm operates from the understanding that its clients require both a legal solution and an emotional solution. The firm believes that the optimal way to provide first-class legal service stems from knowledge, and therefore takes care to regularly send its team members to numerous family law trainings.

Specializing in Family Crises and Risk Management

As part of the understanding that family crises must be managed before they occur, and that it is possible to prepare to some of them in advance, the firm operates a department for managing family crises. the department tailors a suit of documents for the client’s circumstances that includes, among others, family agreements, lasting power of attorney, guardianships, wills, trusts, etc. This can prevent making irrational or wrong decisions during the crisis, mitigate risks and create an island of certainty and peace in a world of uncertainty.

Intergenerational Transfers

Some of the risk management includes intergenerational transfers. including analysis and characterization of the clients goals and needs, the texture of the family relationships, the type and management of the businesses, the capability of the next generation to join the business including future training etc. Accordingly, the necessary documents for preventing future crises are drafted, particularly in the case of family companies. The department cooperates with external finance experts, in order to create the best comprehensive solution for the family and the business. It specializes in complex wills, nuptial agreements and trusts. Adv. Samun developed over the years a “Warm Nuptial Agreement” which covers the future lives of the spouses, the financial relationship, raising future children and decision points in the education, culture and economic aspects of raising these children.

Lasting Power of Attorney

Adv. Samun is certified to prepare lasting power of attorney. This is an advanced legal device that enables every person to appoint another person to operate in their name, make decisions for them and represent them in every aspect of their lives – personal, properties and medical.


The firm’s litigation department has in-depth experience in managing proceedings in the various courts, civil or religious, and in managing and resolving family disputes. The firm manages cases with emotional complexity – whether if in matters of guardianship or parental responsibility and child custody. In this context, Adv. Samun has a particular specialization in all aspects of renewing child-parent relationships, including in cases of parental alienation and complete relation disconnects. The litigation is conducted sensitively while protecting all of the clients’ rights in the proceedings.

Accompanying and Managing Divorce Crises in the D-MVP Method

The firm applies the D-MVP (Divorce in the Most Valuable Process) method which was developed by Adv. Samun on the basis of her experience as a lawyer and her personal divorce experience. This method is based on three core principles – 1) Divorce is a crisis that must be managed intelligently. 2) People ripen to divorce agreements in different ways and stages 3) legal solutions don’t suffice, and an emotional solution is required for achieving effective results in the proceeding. The method includes building a customized strategy in cooperation with professionals from the psychological-emotional field, and provides effective tools for helping the clients deal with their spouses and children-related issues, make more rational decisions and cross through the complex process while minimizing the anguish and seeing the crisis as a growth opportunity rather than a personal failure.

Adv. Moran Samun, Founder and Owner

Crises happen. They always have and they always would. Adv. Moran Samun believes that the the way to crossing family crises goes through communication and taking responsibility. Divorce is one of the greatest crises that people undergo and with the right tools and the right management of the crisis, it can serve as a window into growth and personal development. She aims to provide tools that would help the clients later on with their children, other members of their family and their businesses. She founded and served as chairperson of the Committee for Handling False Complaints in the Israel Bar Association, where she successfully worked to increase public awareness to false complaints, and change the policy of the courts towards them. She serves as (co-)Chairperson of the Family Committee – Tel Aviv of the IBA and is a member of bar’s national disciplinary court.
Adv. Samun is a publicist who often appears in the media. She also lectures in various platforms, including the IBA, and for 3 years she was Co-CEO and lecturer in the Family Crises Management Institute, which trained thousands of lawyers in practical family and inheritance law.
She started her legal career in the administrative-municipal field, and after 3 years she changed her specialization to family and inheritance law. By education she has an LL.B.

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