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Family law, divorce and management of family disputes

Moran Samun – Law Firm
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Established: 2007
Line of Business: Family law, divorce and management of family disputes
Address: 3 HaYetsira, Sh.A.P Tower, Ramat Gan
Phone: 972-3-5662260
Fax: 972-3-5662261
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    Moran Samun – Law Firm

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    Moran Samun – Law Firm

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About Moran Samun – Law Firm

Moran Samun – Law Firm is a boutique family law firm that specializes in family matters vis-à-vis family courts, the rabbinical courts and other judiciaries. Adv. Moran Samun developed a unique family disputes management method, called “D-MVP”, which serves as the basis of the firm’s outlook in all its endeavors. The firm’s vast experience, uncompromising professional ethics and aforementioned unique method, maintain the foundation for its success and growth, since its establishment in 2007.

Core Values

The firm’s perception of family law is based on the belief that divorce is a crisis that, given appropriate support, can lead to growth and learning. We believe that the client should manage the crisis, rather than vice versa. The firm’s guideline is achieving gender equilibrium which takes into consideration the children’s wellbeing and the objective conditions of the parents, in a manner that renders both parties a dignified result. The firm believes in reviewing each case individually in order to find the optimal solution for the client. We believe that the way to provide the best service is based upon knowledge, among other things. Therefore, the entire staff regularly undergoes family law trainings. We believe in negotiation before going to war, yet in the lack of an alternative and when the negotiations reach a dead-end, legal proceedings must be managed in various courts, through a personally-customized strategy for every case, according to its circumstances. Effective results are reached due to professionalism, efficiency, patience, mutual listening and swift and personal service, which each and every client receives, especially in a sensitive field as this one. The firm’s guiding values, gender equilibrium and fairness, are those which lead its work for the benefit of the client, in order to reach optimal results which, enable the continuation and functioning of the family in its new status.

Practice Areas

Divorce Proceedings & Family Disputes Management
The firm handles all aspects of family law, with an emphasis on shared parental responsibility and joint custody, while reviewing each case individually, according to every family situation and its unique circumstances. The firm drafts a wide variety of agreements, including pre-nuptial agreements, separation agreements, common law marriage and marital harmony agreements, parenting agreements and agreements between heirs and concerning guardianship. In addition, the firm manages and represents in legal proceedings, and provides litigation services for all relevant courts, including family courts, rabbinical courts, district courts, the Great Rabbinical Court and the Supreme Court, regarding all family law matters. These matters include alimony and child support, custody and visitation rights, property claims (resources balancing, dissolving partnerships, valuations of family companies, receiverships, etc.), immigration and child abduction, common law spouses claims, domestic violence, wills and estate management.

The D-MVP Method

The D-MVP (Divorce Most Valuable Process) method was developed by Adv. Samun during her years of practice regarding family law.
The method is based on three fundamental principles:

1.Divorce is a crisis that should be managed wisely.
2.People prepare themselves for divorce agreements in various manners.
3.Handling the legal aspect of the divorce is not enough, as an effective treatment requires sensitivity to the emotional aspect as well. The method is based on a 5-stage holistic process, during which a personally customized strategy is constructed on the basis of the client’s goals and personality, in cooperation with leading professionals in the field of psychology.

First Stage – The client holds 10 meetings with a psychology-emotional professional, courtesy of the firm. The therapist is selected in accordance with the client’s needs. Every treatment includes guidance that is essential for family growth pertaining to the crisis.

Second stage – The therapist maps out the situation, the emotional conditions and needs of the client.

Third Stage – The optimal strategy for the management of the divorce process is derived from the emotional analysis: “A personality-based strategy”, which incorporates the client’s needs and emotional situation, alongside a deep understanding of the counterparty. The procedure is conducted with the client’s consent and coordination.

Fourth Stage – The out-of-court tactic is constructed and managed – including conduct vis-à-vis the counterparty and their lawyers outside the court, in order to advance the proceedings.

Fifth Stage – The court proceeding is constructed and managed in order to provide a comprehensive solution for the client. Most of the cases are concluded with mutual agreement, but they depend on proper management of the legal proceedings.

The entire process aims to provide effective results for the client, alongside the ability to support the family when its structure is compromised, stemming from the desire to enable growth and progress from the process and move on to healthier and better lives.

Lasting Power of Attorney

Adv. Moran Samun is certified by the Dept. Of Justice to make Lasting Power of Attorney. The LPA is a legal document which allows a person who is at least 21 years of age (‘donor’), to voluntarily appoint one or more persons to make decisions and act on his behalf, should he lose mental capacity one day.

Adv. Moran Samun

Adv. Moran Samun has been a member of the Israeli Bar since 2004. Adv. Samun founded the firm in 2007, after several years as an attorney in leading law firms. Adv. Samun is the co-chair of the National Committee for handling false accusations of the Israeli Bar, and is a member of the family forum and the internship committee of the Israeli Bar. Adv. Samun also serves as a member of the Israeli Bar’s disciplinary court in the region of Tel-Aviv and Central Israel. Adv. Samun co-hosted a weekly show called “Legal Relationship” on, which addressed current legal topics. She volunteers in “Snir’s Angles” and “Ezer MiZion” NPOs. Adv. Samun is proud to be the leader of the process for reducing usage of instruction 2.5 in as part of her fight against false accusations, including petitions to the Supreme Court which resulted in various decisions, assisting in reducing the extent of this unfortunate phenomenon.

The Institute of Family Crisis Management

After many years of lecturing at Bar-Ilan University’s external trainings, Adv. Samun founded The Institute for Practical Training for family lawyers alongside Adv. Shani Libman in 2016, where she serves as Co-CEO. The establishment of the institute stemmed from the need to provide a professional response to the practical aspect of family law.

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