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Family law, divorce and management of family disputes

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Established: 2007
Line of Business: Family law, divorce and management of family disputes
Address: 3 HaYetsira, Sh.A.P Tower, Ramat Gan
Phone: 972-3-5662260
Fax: 972-3-5662261
Email: [email protected]
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About Moran Samun – Law Firm

Moran Samon Law Firm is a leading boutique firm that specializes in family and inheritance laws. The firm was founded in 2007 by Adv. Moran Samon, a member of the Israel Bar Association since 2004, who is considered an expert in her field, and currently has three additional staff members. The uniqueness of the firm lies in the focus it maintains in every case, based on a human capital perspective which in turns leads optimal handling of property. The firm represents high-profile clients, including public figures, using its unique approach by which the purpose of managing the divorce crisis is not just to minimize damages and maximize benefit; the firm also provides its clientele with tools that will assist them later on, following the divorce, and allow them to successfully handle the challenges facing them. The unique strengths of the firm results from the synergy created between its perspective, by which divorce is a crisis that must be managed, and the implementation of a unique domestic crisis management concept using the D-MVP Method, created by Adv. Samon. The firm believes that the best method of rendering top-tier legal services is through knowledge and ensures to obtain numerous family law training certifications on a regular basis and to stay frequently informed on professional developments in the field.

Focusing on Human Capital

The firm excels in light of its focus on human capital, i.e., the family, and by using it to properly manage the crisis. Adv. Samon believes that the core of family laws is human capital; the individuals, who are also the clients, are the top priority, and their personal wellbeing contributes to the firm’s success in the fields of custody, child support and alimony.

Adv. Moran Samon, Founder & Owner

Moran has extensive experience in the representation of hundreds of clients in divorce cases or in other domestic dispute arrangements before the Court of Family Affairs, rabbinical tribunals etc. Owing to her experience, Moran has developed a method for financial agreements – that deal with relations and not just finances – with the understanding that crisis management at times of marriage and divorce begins with foresight and minimizing future points of friction. Moran is proud to lead the move to reduce usage of Directive 2.5 in the context of the fight against false complaints. Moran frequently appears on various media outlets, including on Soger Inyan with Shay Goldan and Sogrim Heshbon with Shlomo Maoz and Stella Hendler. Furthermore, she participates in news and politics panels on various TV outlets and gives lectures in various forums, including the Israel Bar Association in a divorce case management practice course, organized in cooperation with Hochma Gdola Company at the International College of Financial Planning.

The Firm’s Vision

The firm believes that divorce is a crisis event that one can grow out of with the right assistance. The firm focuses its work on achieving a gender balance, while considering the best interests of the children and the objective conditions of the parents to allow both parties to maintain an honorable living. The firm sees importance in negotiating and conversing before seeking legal instances, and if there is any need to conduct legal proceedings, the Firm devises a strategy tailored to each case.

The gender balance and fairness are the values championed by the firm when representing clients and the values that generate optimal results, allowing for the continued functioning of the family in its new form and for renewed growth.

Areas of Expertise

The firm specializes in all aspects of family laws, overseeing divorce, inheritance and will proceedings, and managing domestic crises, from consulting and devising a legal strategy to representing in legal instances, and managing complex divorce proceedings while emphasizing human capital – the family. The firm drafts a plethora of agreements, including financial, separation, cohabitation and marital reconciliation agreements, parenthood and guardianship agreements, and agreements between heirs. The firm also handles divorce filings, including alimony for wives/cohabitators, domestic violence, probate objections and estate management.

D-MVP Method

Adv. Samon pioneered a unique method for handling the divorce crisis: D-MVP (Divorce Most Valuable Process). It is based on 3 fundamental principles:

A.Divorce is a crisis that must be managed wisely;
B. Individuals reach divorce agreements in various steps and manners;
C.For handling to be effective, it is important to also handle the emotional side of the divorce and not just the legal one.

This method relies on a thorough and comprehensive five-step process in which a crisis management strategy is devised, tailored to the personality and purposes of the client, in cooperation with professionals from the psychological-emotional fields. In step one, the firm provides the client with 9 one-on-one sessions with a psychological-emotional professional free of charge. The caregiver is picked specifically for the client’s needs and provides parental training, which is essential to allow the family to grow from out of the crisis. In step two, the caregiver maps the client’s situation, emotional condition and needs.

In step three, the optimal strategy for the divorce proceeding is derived from the emotional analysis: “Personality-based Strategy” that includes the client’s needs and emotional condition, together with an in-depth understanding of the other party. This process is done by agreement and in coordination with the client. In step four, the tactic to be implemented outside of court is formed and managed – including contact outside of court with the other party’s representation and with the other party themselves to move the process forward. In step five, the court proceeding is formed and managed to provide the client with comprehensive solutions. Most cases culminate in an agreement. The entire proceeding is focused on achieving optimal effectiveness for the client while preserving the ability to maintain the family even when family dynamics have crumbled, with a desire to bring the process to an end in such manner that would allow for growth and progress toward a good and healthy life.

Getty – Israel’s First Digital Divorce Consultant: Another unique strength of the firm is an innovative service developed by its founder. Adv. Samon developed Getty, Israel’s first digital divorce consultant that provides personal and discrete response, free of charge, to individuals seeking information online. After completing a questionnaire, Getty provides accurate information tailored to the needs of its users. The information is provided Adv. Samon herself.

Intergenerational Transfers: the firm specializes in intergenerational transfers, complicated wills, lasting power of attorney and establishing trust schemes.

Lasting Power of Attorney: Adv. Samon is certified by the Ministry of Justice to draft lasting power of attorney, a new legal device that allows every individual to empower another individual, as their proxy, to act on their behalf, make decisions in lieu of them and represent them in all walks of life – personal, property and medical, at times in which they are unable to take such actions themselves.

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