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Established: 1978
Line of Business: Architects and Town Planners
Address: Tel Aviv Office:
36 Ha’Namal st., Tel Aviv 6350666
Haifa Office:
54 Disraeli St., Haifa 34334
Tel: 972-4-8305100 Fax: 972-4-8305105
Phone: 972-3-5450500
Fax: 972-3-5450505
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Company Executives

  • Prof. Tzur Moshe,

    Prof. Tzur Moshe,

    Architect & Town Planner; Head Designer, Owner & COB

    Moshe Tzur Architects & Town Planners Ltd.

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    Prof. Tzur Moshe,
  • M.Sc. Tzur Orna,

    M.Sc. Tzur Orna,

    Architect & Town Planner, Co-Owner & CEO

    Moshe Tzur Architects & Town Planners Ltd.

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    M.Sc. Tzur Orna,

Leading Executives

    Danny Ohana Architect Partner
    Mendi Rotbard Architect Partner
    Ori Gat Architect Partner
    Shmaya Serfaty Architect & Town Planner, Partner
    Uri Shkoury Senior Associate
    Zina Toporek Architect & Town Planner, Senior Associate
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About Moshe Tzur Architects & Town Planners Ltd.

Moshe Zur Architects & Town Planners Ltd. was established in 1978. Moshe Tzur personally leads the architectural work, along with 90 staff members including partners, constantly striving for excellence. The firm’s success lies in the smart planning of each project. This type of planning considers all components, including quality, design, budget and functionality elements, alongside the needs of the public and authorities. The firm’s quality planning received wide acclaim and professional evaluation over the years, and have won dozens of excellence awards in Israel and abroad, including prominent international awards. In many projects the planning and use of materials and details are ground-breaking, innovative and original. The firm, in both branches - Tel Aviv and Haifa, handled over 1,000 projects including urban planning, commercial projects, offices, various residential buildings, academic and community structures. In recent years, the firm specializes in planning megaprojects & towers.

Project Highlights - Projects under construction: Sarona Tower in the Kirya district, Tel Aviv for Azrieli group; “Midtown” in north-west Tel Aviv; “Ha’arba’a” Towers in the Kirya district, Tel Aviv; 17 Arlozorov Tower, Tel Aviv; Luxury residential tower, Amot “Atrium” in the Israel Diamond Exchange Center, Ramat Gan (Israel’s first tower to be Leed Platinum authorized).

Project Highlights - Prominent projects: Gav-Yam Center in Herzliya, including “Microsoft House”; “Millennium” Office tower in Tel Aviv; Arim Mall in Kfar Saba; The 7 Stars Mall in Herzliya; Be’eri-Nehardea residential tower in Tel Aviv; Residential tower “Remez 6” in Tel Aviv (Israel’s first CTBUH award winning tower); Belfer Institute for Cancer Research, Weizmann Institute, Rehovot; Constanza City Park Mall, AfI Mall in Ploiesti, Romania; “Lighthouse” Office Tower in Prague and a residential neighborhood beside it, as part of the old port construction; “Harfa” Mall in Prague.

International Activities - Moshe Tzur International Ltd. is a global firm, planning major projects worldwide. For this purpose, the company established “Moshe Tzur Architects Intl’ Inc.” leading the design with the help of local offices. To date, The firm has operated in the Czech Republic, Russia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Hungary, Cyprus, Thailand, Brazil, Morocco and others.

Unique Approach & Methods - The firm has developed a method to grant projects with the best value in all budgets and schedules (Best Use of Money). The design is based on a client & architect collaboration combined with the firm’s constant quest for excellence, the firm’s projects are unique artworks tailored to each customer.

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