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Munzer-Carmon, Nissim, and Co. Law Office
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Established: 2008
Line of Business: Real estate, Urban Renewal
Address: 16 Bar Kochva, Beit Noa, Bnei Brak 5126107
Phone: 972-3-5622980
Email: [email protected]
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  • Dolphin  Munzer-Carmon, Munzer-Carmon, Nissim, and Co. Law Office

    Dolphin Munzer-Carmon

    Partner & Owner

    Munzer-Carmon, Nissim, and Co. Law Office

  • Amit  Nissim, Munzer-Carmon, Nissim, and Co. Law Office

    Amit Nissim

    Partner & Owner

    Munzer-Carmon, Nissim, and Co. Law Office

  • Gil Barazida, Munzer-Carmon, Nissim, and Co. Law Office

    Gil Barazida


    Munzer-Carmon, Nissim, and Co. Law Office

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About Munzer-Carmon, Nissim, and Co. Law Office

Munzer-Carmon, Nissim and Co. Law Office is one of the most respected law firms in Israel, when it comes to representing tenants in Urban Renewal projects. This is because of their personal, business, and commercial approaches, comprehensive legal knowledge and experience supporting thousands of apartment owners in hundreds of NOP and Pinui Binui projects.

Founded in 2008, the law firm specializes in all aspects of Real Estate, with an emphasis on Urban Renewal. The firm exclusively represents apartment owners in order to avoid any possibility of a conflict of interest and to represent the interests of its clients faithfully while striving uncompromisingly to protect their rights and improve their quality of life.

The firm has been involved and continues to work on hundreds of projects in different stages of development and of various scopes, from small boutique buildings to large-scale projects involving over 100 apartments destined for demolition. Of these, about 50 projects have been completed and successfully populated by the apartment owners and about 25 more are in various stages of construction. The firm’s long experience in Urban Renewal has enabled it to accumulate such a level of experience, which is directly reflected in the quality of service, knowledge and abilities of its professionals.

The attorneys in the law firm lecture in various academic, professional and public settings, such as the contractors’ organization, the architects’ organization, educational events of the local authorities, the school of legal practice, the Real Estate appraiser’s office and other locations. The office staff also contributes to the financial reporting field and prepares and promotes important legislative initiatives in Urban Renewal.

Leading the Project Successfully to the Finish Line

Munzer-Carmon, Nissim and Co. Law Office has been chosen time and time again by the leading rating guides, including the BDI index, Dun’s 100 and Globes. In addition, the law firm receives very high ratings from tenants in the projects it supports. One of the reasons for the firm’s great success and its ability to smoothly lead so many projects to the finish line, is the mediation skills of the lawyers, which allow them to reach agreements between all the apartment owners and maintain a positive attitude, transparency and fairness.

Selected Projects

3-9 Sharet Project, Tel Aviv: One of the most prestigious projects in the city, which includes the demolition of 78 apartments and the construction of 164 apartments in the NOP 38/2 format. As a result of the firm’s team’s skillful handling of the agreement negotiations and the project’s unique location, the returns given to the owners are among the highest in the field of Urban Renewal. Following the receipt of the construction permit and evacuation of the buildings, the project is approaching its start date. The execution of the project is in its advanced stages.

Kiryat Moshe Project, Rehovot: Accompaniment of over 120 apartment owners in several Pinui-Binui complexes as part of the most extensive Pinui-Binui initiative in Israel. Status of the project: Approval has been granted by the city planning department.

Yehuda HaYamit Project, Tel Aviv: One of the largest and most challenging projects carried out in the NOP 38/1 format. The project includes a cluster of several buildings with a total of 115 existing apartments, to which 100 new apartments will be added, an elevator in each building, an underground parking lot as well as an additional area of up to 25 square meters and a sun terrace for every existing apartment. The execution of the project has reached an advanced stage.

Salvador-Lachovar Project, Tel Aviv: A project that includes 54 apartment owners in 4 buildings in the Ramat Aviv HaYeruka neighborhood. The apartment owners signed the project within a month of presenting the agreement, adding 50 new apartments. The project design has been already approved and a committee is expected to finalize it in 2023.

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