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Established: 2010
Line of Business: Military and Defense Law, Criminal Law, Administrative Law, Labor Law
Address: 4 Arye Shenkar St., P.O. Box 12565, Herzliya Pituach 4672504
Phone: 972-9-8651112
Fax: 972-9-8651243
Email: [email protected]
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  • Efrat  Nahmani-Bar, Nahmani-Bar - Law Offices

    Adv. Efrat Nahmani-Bar

    Owner and Founder

    Nahmani-Bar - Law Offices

  • Sharon Zagagi-Pinhas, Nahmani-Bar - Law Offices

    Adv. Sharon Zagagi-Pinhas

    Nahmani-Bar - Law Offices

  • Mark Perri, Nahmani-Bar - Law Offices

    Adv. Mark Perri

    Nahmani-Bar - Law Offices

  • Lior Shteltzer, Nahmani-Bar - Law Offices

    Adv. Lior Shteltzer

    Nahmani-Bar - Law Offices

  • Alon Porat, Nahmani-Bar - Law Offices

    Adv. Alon Porat

    Nahmani-Bar - Law Offices

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About Nahmani-Bar - Law Offices

The meeting point between criminal law (with an emphasis on white collar, ethical public service offences, negligence and procedure breaches) and the realm of labor law, career management and administrative law – this is the unique practice area of the boutique firm Nahmani-Bar, which is one of Israel’s leading law firm in the interdisciplinary field of criminal, military-defense and administrative law. The firm includes a team of five leading lawyers, including former senior officers of the IDF’s legal system, headed by Adv. Efrat Nahmani-Bar (Lieutenant Colonel (res.)), a renowned legal professional with 25 years of experience. Adv. Nahmani-Bar represented through the years countless officials in the security forces, government branches and business sector, including senior officers of the IDF and the security establishment, the prison service, the Israeli police, and executives and senior officials in government ministries, public authorities, academic institutes, private and public corporations, etc.

A Team with Expertise in Military and Defense Law

Alongside Lt. Col. (res.) Adv. Efrat Nahmani-Bar, the firm employs Col. (res.) Adv. Sharon Zagagi-Pinhas, the former Chief Military Prosecutor, Major (res.) Adv. Mark Perry who served in a series of major roles in the Military Prosecution as a prosecutor, legal counselor and Deputy Chief Defense Attorney, Capt. (res.) Adv. Lior Shtalzer, who served, inter alia, as a military prosecutor and territorial command military defense attorney, and Capt. (res.) Adv. Alon Porat who serves as a an officer and commander in a combat unit in his reserve service. The team has vast experience in representing in complex cases with operational and defense aspects, in training accidents, and in defense-related ethical issues.

The firm’s lawyers have the highest security clearance and they represent, among others, security forces personal and in classified affairs in the IDF and the security arms.

Recently, the firm filed a precedential Bagatz appeal to enable representation for IDF soldiers in disciplinary proceedings that have harmful and grave implications. The Israel Bar Association asked to join this appeal as a friend of the court.

Multi-Layered Representation for Officials and Officers

In its years of operations, the firm gained a reputation as a firm with tremendous legal knowledge as well as first-class litigatory capabilities and longstanding experience in and out of various legal tribunals, in multi-layered representation in cases that include criminal, civil, administrative and intra-organizational-disciplinary issues. Accordingly, just like the firm handles complex legal issues that often reach the Supreme Court, it has complete mastery of the intricacies of the internal disciplinary procedures of systems such as the disciplinary courts of the IDF, the Israel Police, Israel Prison, State Officials and the Federation of Local Authorities.

Crises Management

Another prominent advantage of the firm is its capability to explore the deep intra-organizational politics of the system that employs the client and manage the crisis intelligently and sensitively as to enable the official to return to their workplace smoothly when the affair is over. It should be noted that Adv. Nahmani-Bar is a certified mediator.

Aggressive Litigation Alongside Mediation and Negotiations Skills

The firm has very extensive capabilities and experience both in litigation and in negotiations and litigations, and is distinct in its ability to match the legal strategy – aggressive and mediatory – for each case.

Representation of Sexual Assault Victims

One of the agendas that the firm champions is the representation of sexual assault victims. Over the past decade the firm represented numerous victims and nowadays it leads the fight to change the policy for disclosing pardon information to sexual assault victims of the IDF: The latter have the right to express their opinion on all aspects of pardon applications of their assailants. However, the IDF’s policy is that the victims must provide “An Opinion in the Dark”, since they gain no access to the pardon application’s reasons, in contrast with the position of the Ministry of Justice. The firm applied to the army to change this policy prior to submitting a Bagatz appeal.

Adv. Efrat Bar-Nahmani, the Firm’s Founder

Adv. Nahmani-Bar is the former Deputy Military Defense Attorney, and also served as a military prosecutor in a variety of senior roles. She has the rank of a Lt. Col (res.) and accumulated vast experience and knowledge through appearances in thousands of criminal cases in the fields of military law, administrative law and labor law, including very complex cases. Efrat served in key positions as a senior military prosecutor and defense attorney and was the IDF’s representative in the Knesset for all aspects of the Sexual Harassment Prevention Law. Later she also founded the criminal department of the Antitrust Authority. She was a lecturer in the IBA’s Military and Defense Law course and nowadays she lectures in seminars of legal professionals in the IDF, and is considered to be a popular interviewee and commentator in the media. By education, she has an LL.B. and an LL.M. (cum laude) from Tel Aviv University.

Publicized Cases

The firm maintains its clients’ discreetness meticulously, yet by nature of the principle and captivating issues that it handles some of its cases receive extensive media exposure, including:

A principle Bagatz appeal for providing soldiers with the right for representation in disciplinary proceedings which implications are often not less severe than those of criminal proceedings.

Representation of the Late Assistant Commissioner Bracha in the Supreme Court – the appeal to open an investigation for his case was rejected and the court determined that his conduct was unblemished.

Representation of a Political Activist in the Meretz political party who was a victim of a false complaint in the framework of an attempt to “terminate” political rivals – following a series of proceedings, it has been clarified that this was an unjustified false complaint. The party’s head was convicted in inappropriate conduct towards him in the disciplinary court.

Representation in Disciplinary Court of an Employee of a Sensitive Defense Establishment, who was convicted of embezzlement in the organization’s operational funds.

Representation of a Policeman who was accused by an Ultra-Orthodox anti-conscription activist of anti-Semitic beard-pulling: The appeal of the anti-torture association, which required the policeman’s indictment – was rejected.

Bagatz Representation of one of the Cops in the Um El Hiran Affair – where the appellants demand a criminal accusation of the cops who were involved.

The “Tahini Operation” Affair: The firm represents an officer of the 504 Unit who was discharged due to the affair and its improper publication in the media. A Bagatz appeal was filed.

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