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Narsha Construction and Investment Ltd.
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Established: 1996
Line of Business: Construction, Development and Infrastructures
Address: Yarka Village, 24967 P.O. Box 1123
Phone: 972-4-9562611
Fax: 972-4-9562610
Email: [email protected]
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  • Amin Ramall, Narsha Construction and Investment Ltd.

    Amin Ramall

    CEO and Owner

    Narsha Construction and Investment Ltd.

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About Narsha Construction and Investment Ltd.

Narsha Construction and Investment Ltd. (Narsha) develops and executes high-quality and large-scale residential projects and executes extensive and complex works for companies and government ministries. The company was established in 1996 as a construction company for local residential projects, and grew steadily in the number and scale of its projects. Over time, the company started also to work as a subcontractor in diverse construction projects for government ministries, and in 2001 became a Recognized Government Works Contractor and started working directly with the Ministry of Defense, and in 2002 it started working directly with Rafael, and has been considered to be Rafael’s “Flagship Contractor” ever since.
The company employs about 70 employees, of which 12 are engineers and 19 are work managers, all of them certified and including two safety supervisors, and also diverse professionals from all fields, and carefully-selected subcontr4actors which have been working with the company for many years.
The company owns three crane trucks, 2 manitou forklifts, a fleet of concrete pumps, Baranovitz and regular molds, and support scaffolding for a total area of about 17,000 sq.m.

Vision and Values

The company’s vision is to be the first choice of its customers and employees owing to its status as an established and stable company, which cares for its customers and human resources, and encourages excellence, professionalism and innovation in the construction industry.
The company’s CEO and owner, Mr. Amin Ramall, grew from the field and believes that a company should be a resource that everyone would like to benefit from – the business should be good to its customers, suppliers and employees. He believes that the key to success is in placing the right people in the right places, knowing how to manage them correctly and to maintain the quality of manpower at all costs, while integrating professional and academic knowledge with field experience.

Methodical, Resilient and Efficient Management, with Risk Assessments, Constant Learning and a Focus on Safety

The company is managed in an organized and efficient manner, and its operations are managed through written and systematic work procedures that are strictly implemented.
In order to provide it with financial stability and protect against potential downturns in particular industries, the company diversifies its operations, and works as a subcontractor for leading and safe initiation, development and construction companies, as an initiator and executor of residential and long-term care projects, as a main contractor in projects of the Ministry of Defense and Rafael, and in mine sweeping (being one of the very few companies in Israel with the unique know-how and permission for handling the challenges of this area).
The company conducts structured learning processes, with learning and conclusions from every project and monthly/weekly on-site discussions, in order to learn, improve and become more efficient.
Owing to its structured management and extensive knowledge and experience, the company consistently meets its projects’ schedules and budgets, and is able to combine prefabrication and conventional construction astutely in order to achieve an optimal mix of construction speed, efficiency and quality.

Residential Projects – As a Subcontractor

A Residential Neighborhood in Tiberius - The company is currently building a 5-stgae project with a total of 1,200 apartments, for Nof Kineret Poria. The project includes 4-6-room apartments of various sizes, including garden apartments and penthouses. The first stage, with 7 towers, was completed and delivered. The second stage, also with 7 towers, is pending completion. The third stage – 12 towers – is already 60% completed. The two additional stages are currently at permits stages.

Mehir Lamishtaken (Price Capped), Ma’alot - 247 apartments in 12 towers, for Movilei HaVradim Ltd.

Religious Neighborhood, Akko - In an attractive location, with a young religious community, the company built 153 low-rise houses with a high spec.

Executed Project – Governmental

Building the Home Front Command Base in Ramla - Planning and execution of the Home Front Command’s flagship project, a project with a scale of more than NIS130M.

Building the Air Force Base in Nevatim - Narsha served as a significant execution contractor in the construction of the base, in a NIS100M project that included a variety of unique and complex elements.

Initiative Activities

Narsha started its initiation operations in 2011, on the basis of its existing service concept, according to which a satisfied customer is the best marketing tool for the company. This approach bears fruit in the form of numerous customers who refer family members and friends to purchase apartments that were developed and built by the company.

In its initiation operations, the company executes the project from end to end, from planning to delivery, and continues to accompany the residents for many years after population and end of the check-up period. The project strongly emphasize quality, as expected from a developer that also serves as the construction company.

Selected Projects under Development

Art Motzkin 1 and 2, Kiryat Motzkin - 2 Residential Towers with a high building standard, and a total of 44 apartments. Completed and delivered.

New Ofakim - Nine building with a total of 43 apartments, construction completed and the currently being delivered.

Narsha Green, Neot Peres, Haifa - 52 apartments in two beautiful towers in Neot Peres, Haifa. The project includes 3-4.5-room apartments with a garden/balcony and penthouses with terraces overlooking a spectacular view. Each apartment has two parking spaces and a registered warehouse and an upscale spec, near a particularly vast green park.

Narsha on the Park, Akko - The flagship project of Narsha’s initiation operation will including 318 apartments in four luxury towers, of which 184 would be Mehir LaMishtaken apartments. The project would include 3-6-room apartments, including garden apartments and large penthouses. The project’s excellent location combines living quality and convenience, next to the botanical gardens and the Bahai Gardens, an artificial lake, playgrounds and a planned new school, and close to the railway station, the college and major transport arteries. The project’s building standard is particularly high, with each apartment benefiting from a warehouse and subterranean parking, and the residents benefiting from the spacious lobby and the extensive green open areas between the towers.

Community Outreach

The company adopted the M.S.A. Yarka Ltd. factory – which was an electronics factory that employed only women and was about to go bankrupt and let all of its employees go. The company rehabilitated the factory, and today it is profitable and employs more than 100 Druze women and 20 seasoned professionals who were brought in in order to rehabilitate and support the business.

In addition, Narsha provides an opening for those who never received their chance for education and persons with disabilities. The company is first to support and help in any need that arises in its community, for underprivileged and local sports.

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