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Established: 1983
Line of Business: Law Firm
Address: Rubinstein Bldg, 20 Lincoln St., Tel Aviv 6713412
Phone: 972-3-5626333
Fax: 972-3-5626040
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    Giora Ben-Tal
    Gershon Rothschild
    Anat Gafni
    Zvi Baranes
    Eitan Rothschild
    Wanda Feinberg
    Eran Faibish
    Hila Waintrob
    Noam Shaham
    Zohar Padova
    Nathan Meir Founder
    & External advisor
    Dr. Adv. Henrik Rostowicz External advisor
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About Nathan Meir & Co., Advocates

Nathan Meir & Co. has been listed among the leading civil-commercial law firms in Israel for over three decades, Representing large scale clients in a variety of fields including local authorities, commercial corporations, municipal enterprises, real estate developers, agricultural cooperatives (Moshavim), investment companies, non-profit and private clients. The firm provides legal services in numerous fields, applying knowledge from years of experience, uncompromising professionalism and the ability to analyze complex legal situations, to deliver appropriate solutions for its clientele. The firm focuses on legal services in litigation, real estate, administrative law, planning and construction laws, local authorities and commercial law. In addition, the firm specializes in public tenders, energy, urban infrastructures, antitrust, regulation, urban renewal projects, finance and banking, franchising and distribution and more. The firm’s dynamic and experienced team of around 20 lawyers is skilled and creative, enabling clients to benefit from a professional service of the highest quality. Furthermore, the value of giving and contributing to the community is a value espoused by the firm, which provides pro-bono legal counsel to several organizations and private clients.

Practice Areas

Litigation - The firm’s litigation department has longstanding experience in representing clients in civil and administrative proceedings (including class actions) and supports and assists clients with alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, particularly in mediation and arbitration.

Administrative Law - The firm’s administrative law department handles a wide range of administrative proceedings and tenders (public and others), including municipality tax, charges, fees, and by-laws and provides representation in administrative appeals before the various courts (including the Supreme Court of Israel).

Commercial Law - The firm’s commercial law department provides ongoing legal services to corporations in the import and consumption industry, energy, tourism, education sectors and more. The firm provides companies, entrepreneurs and partnerships commercial legal services and handles complex transactions, including M&As, investments in corporations in Israel and abroad, distribution and franchising agreements, commercial regulation, finance, banking, and energy.

Local Authorities - The firm’s local authorities’ department has been operating for over four decades, supporting some of Israel’s largest local authorities, companies, Moshavim and Kibbutzim, regional councils and local government organizations, providing legal guidance and representation, including in the various Knesset committees and before various regulators. The department also operates before the State Comptroller and other local authorities.

Real Estate - The firm’s real estate department assists large and small entities, local authorities, well-known companies, developers, and private clients, in a wide range of real estate transactions, including with respect to income-generating assets, sales, urban renewal and combination transactions as well as ongoing representation before the planning authorities and the Israel Lands Authority.

Planning & Construction - The firm’s planning and construction department provides diverse legal services to a broad spectrum of clients (committees, local government entities, and private clients), including representation in administrative and civil proceedings and legal representation and support to authorities and developers. Furthermore, the firm has extensive involvement in Knesset hearings concerning various reforms in the field and the preparation of zoning plans.

Municipal Taxation - the department handles all aspects of municipal taxation including: municipal taxation, development fees and levies (roads, sidewalks, sewage, etc.), betterment levies, Signage and other municipal mandatory payments, and provides legal support to clients from both the private and public sectors.

The Partners

Giora Ben-Tal - Managing Partner. Heads the firm’s litigation practice and specializes in handling complex disputes. Practice areas include civil-commercial law, administrative law, arbitration, class action, and consumer lawsuits.

Gershon Rothschild - Partner. Heads the firm’s local authorities’ department and specializes inter alia in real-estate, planning and construction, local authorities, municipal enterprises, tenders, and infrastructures.

Anat Gafni - Partner. Heads the administrative law and tenders department of the firm. Specializes in the preparation and publication of requests for tenders for various public agencies, including the full scope of tender proceedings, legal counsel to the tender committee and representation in administrative appeals and civil and labor law actions.

Zvi Baranes - Partner. Heads the firm’s real estate department. Practice areas include civil-commercial law, focusing on real estate, including taxation, complex transactions, planning procedures and representation of institutes, investors, and developers.

Eitan Rothschild - Partner, Heads the firm’s infrastructure, transactions, and municipal projects. Practice areas include civil-commercial law, focusing on infrastructure, conducting real-estate and hotels, complex commercial deals and legal proceedings in commercial and real estate law.

Wanda Feinberg - Partner. Heads the Commercial Department. Practice areas include civil-commercial law, companies law, commercial transactions, antitrust, commercial regulation and consumer legislation, entrepreneurship contract financing.

Eran Faibish - Partner - Eran handles the firm’s municipal taxation activities. His practice areas include: municipal taxation, development fees and levies, betterment levies, real-estate transactions and commercial law, all of which in addition to his many years of experience in administrative law in general and its financial aspects in particular.

Hila Waintrob - Partner in the Litigation Department. Practice areas include civil-commercial litigation, administrative, planning and construction litigation, real estate, companies, mediation, and arbitration.

Noam Shaham - Partner. Handles local authorities (including providing ongoing legal advice and support to urban associations in the field of infrastructure and the execution of large scale projects), commercial law, company law, tenders, municipal companies, civil-administrative litigation, planning, and construction.

Zohar Padova - Partner in the Litigation Dept. Practice areas include civil-commercial and administrative litigation, arbitration and mediation. Zohar also serves as legal counsel of a well-known municipal body.

Nathan Meir - Founder & Of Counsel. Heads the firm’s planning and construction department and is noted among Israel’s prominent figures in planning and construction and real-estate development. Adv. Meir served on many public committees, publishes articles in professional periodicals and regularly appears in conventions and lectures.

Dr. Henrik Rostowicz - Of Counsel. As a leading expert in the field of municipal taxation he supports the firm’s municipal taxation dept. Dr. Rostowicz held senior positions in research facilities, in Municipal Property Management Association of local authorities, as member of appeal committees and as the chairman of the Israeli Bar’s municipal taxation team. Furthermore, he published several books in the fields of taxation, real-estate, local authorities and real-estate appraisal.

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    A Shot in the Arm for the Hotels Industry

    The global tourism industry is considered to be the fastest-growing industry, with an annual growth rate of about 5%, but despite the truth in the quote by the Late President Shimon Peres: “There are many oily lands but there is only one holy land”, Israel’s tourism industry is far from living up to its potential.

    A Shot in the Arm for the Hotels Industry

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