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Road marking, road signs, energy-saving lighting, traffic arrangements, safety

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Established: 2003
Line of Business: Road marking, road signs, energy-saving lighting, traffic arrangements, safety
Address: 6 HaYetzira St., Rosh HaAyin
Phone: 972-3-9031866
Fax: 1533-9011684
Email: [email protected]
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    Asaf Gat CEO
    Itay Gat VP Sales
    Erez Shushtri VP Operations
    Kfir Nahum CFO
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About Neway Ltd.

Neway Ltd. was founded in 2003 by Asaf Gat, Itay Gat and Erez Shushtri, who recognized the need for advanced road traffic safety solutions. In comparison to the situation that existed 20 years ago, the company instigated a real revolution, while implementing throughout the year’s European standards of safety and innovation. The company’s diverse operations are divided into separate divisions, each employing Israel’s best professionals.

From the Manufacturer to the Consumer

The company sees service as its absolute and strategic value. Since it is not only a producer, but also a contractor, it provides maintenance and installation services for its customers through dozens of groups with a nationwide coverage. These services are provided quickly, professionally and reliably.

Human Capital and Constant Innovation

The company believes that its human capital has been the key to its success throughout the years and its employees remain loyal to it for long years due to their good employment terms and the good and familial atmosphere. Another core value of the company is innovation. The company constantly seeks the latest developments and updates in every area it operates and most of the work of the company’s business development department is in identifying and discerning, on an ongoing basis, the next global evolution in each of its area of operations. 

The Signage Division – Traffic Arrangements

The company started its operations in the traffic arrangements field, which remains its signage and largest division to this very day. This area of operations includes, inter alia, signage works and products, road signs, various barriers, traffic safety etc. The company provides its traffic routing solutions across Israel, and its clientele includes the Israel Roads Company, local authorities, the Ministry of Defense and more. In addition, the company executes works as a subcontractor, mainly for developers and constructors which require traffic arrangements as part of their construction projects. In this framework, the company works with Israel’s largest development companies. 

The Traffic Controllers Division

Since traffic routing requires controllers who would reroute traffic and protect the lives of road users, the company trains traffic controllers in its facilities in Rosh HaAyin, whereas the course in managed in cooperation with the Israel Police and its graduates receive diplomas from the police. The division employees around 450 employees and its regular customers in this field include the Gush Dan Light Rail Project of NTA, Derech Eretz (Road 6), HaGihon, Danya Cebus, Solel Boneh, Elyakim Ben Ari, Magnezi Group, G.A. North Engineering, Confino Safe Lanes Ltd., Mei Herzliya, Third Well Water Corporation, Moriya, The Rehovot Municipality and more. 

The Advanced Lighting Solutions Division

The company provides a comprehensive and complete solution for LED lighting (energy efficiency), and specializes in the manufacturing, supplying, installation and even development of green products with various technologies, LED, induction and solar. Furthermore, the company integrates advanced technologies into its safety accessories and roads and lighting infrastructure products. The lighting solutions enable the company to save about 70% of the electricity costs on lighting. The company’s products and services in this field comply with the strictest standards – Israeli and international, and the division’s customers include the Israel Roads Company, IEC, KKL, the Ministry of Defense and local authorities across Israel. Some of the company’s services are provided in the framework of a BOT model and some are sold directly.

The Concrete Products Division

The company has a casting facility in the Rosh HaAyin area where it manufactures all types of concrete elements – from concrete barriers to fillers, sewage, precast burial vaults etc. Neway is the exclusive Israeli franchisee of the concrete barriers of the Austria-based REBLOC GmbH. These barriers are very strong and can be erected easily and modularly in any terrain. The barriers have a particularly narrow build which minimizes the traffic disturbance and cuts costs.

The Signage and Road Signs Division

This division manufactures signage and road signs products and is divided into two – signage and road signs (including upper classification) and designed architectural signs, including in parks, gardens, museums etc. The company manufactures supplies and installs its products for the customers.

The Safety Academy

The company established a safety academy which provides professional training, both for local authorities and for contractors and civilians, with an emphasis on knowledge and professional courses for all types of jobs in the infrastructures, construction and traffic arrangement industries. The diverse courses include work manager courses, safety consultant courses and more. The company’s vision in this field is to minimize the epidemic of lethal work accidents in various work accidents while formulating the strategic planning and defining clear goals in this area in cooperation with the local authorities and government ministries. The college teaches about 100-120 persons per month. 

Notable Projects

Traffic Arrangements for the Red Line (Light Rail) construction project: the company supplies and places all of the traffic arrangement related elements of the project, and provides all of its traffic controllers.

Traffic Arrangement for the Expansion of HaArava Road to a two-lane road: This deadly road would be expanded into a two-lane road in two phases. The company serves a major part of the project in the aspect of delivering and placing the traffic arrangements.

Signage all across Tel Aviv: The company manufactures, supplies and installs all of the designed signs within Tel Aviv, including signs for parks, gardens, beaches and museums.

Lighting Project, HaShahamonim, Eilat: Replacing the old streetlights with energy-saving LED lighting.

Lighting Project, Oranit: Replacing the old streetlights across the town with energy-saving LED lighting in a BOT model.

Lighting Project, Regional Council Emek HaYarden: Replacing the old streetlights in more than 40 Kibbutzim and Moshavim with energy-saving LED lighting.

The Iron Dome fencing project: Fencing the Iron Dome Batteries areas in any location where they are placed in Israel.

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