Nir Nave (Bagdadi) Ltd.

Construction Contracting and Project Initiation

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Established: 2007
Line of Business: Construction Contracting and Project Initiation
Address: Global Tower, 1 Yitzhak Rabin Rd., 7th floor, Petah Tikva
Phone: 972-3-5753385
Fax: 972-3-5541272
Email: [email protected]
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  • Nir  Nave, Nir Nave (Bagdadi) Ltd.

    Nir Nave

    Chief executive officer & Owner

    Nir Nave (Bagdadi) Ltd.

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    Nir Nave
  • Sharon  Nave, Nir Nave (Bagdadi) Ltd.

    Sharon Nave

    Chief Financial Officer

    Nir Nave (Bagdadi) Ltd.

  • Julie  Artzi, Nir Nave (Bagdadi) Ltd.

    Julie Artzi

    Chief office administration

    Nir Nave (Bagdadi) Ltd.

  • Liron Raybi, Nir Nave (Bagdadi) Ltd.

    Liron Raybi

    Project Manager

    Nir Nave (Bagdadi) Ltd.

  • Evyatar Ben David, Nir Nave (Bagdadi) Ltd.

    Evyatar Ben David

    Project Manager

    Nir Nave (Bagdadi) Ltd.

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About Nir Nave (Bagdadi) Ltd.

Nir Nave (Bagdadi) Ltd. Construction Company was founded in 2007 by civil engineer Nir Nave. The company specializes in entrepreneurship and execution of construction projects and in combination transactions, and it has a C-5 contractor classification, the highest available qualification in the construction field, which enables the company to engage in projects, with no financial or engineering limitations. The company also engages in the construction of large-scale projects (over 10,000 sq.m.). The company is called “Nave Bagdadi Ltd.” Construction Company and since its foundation it executed dozens of diverse and complex construction projects, from public buildings, through private houses and luxury homes at the highest standard and up to high-density construction of hundreds of housing units. In light of its extensive experience and high standards, the company gained an excellent reputation amongst customers from various sectors, in the public, institutional, private and development markets, throughout Israel. Its main areas of operations are the initiation, mainly in urban renewal and combination transactions, execution of high-density construction projects for developers and mid-process contractor replacement of those who can’t follow the procedure through. The company works mainly in central Israel.

Nir Nave, the Company’s CEO

Nir Nave is a Civil Engineer as well as an M.B.A. and an LL.M. graduate of Bar Ilan University. He lectures in courses and hosts the professional podcast “The future of Construction”. Nave has been exposed to the construction world since childhood, through his father, who is a seasoned and renowned renovation contractor, and he picked up the passion for creating new things. Years went by, and Nave was appointed as an independent construction supervisor, a role in which he was responsible for the construction of villas, and learned the secrets of high standards of execution and the importance of attention to the finest details. This method of construction, which he applies to this very day, maintains the high execution standards, renders drastic reduction in construction defects, to the customers’ satisfaction. Nave is personally involved in each and every project that the company undertakes, from the formulation of the design concept and up to supervision of the project as a chief manager throughout the entire works period. These days, Nave qualifies additional engineers according to his innovative work methods. The company’s headquarters is located in Global Tower, Petah Tikva and includes its customer service center, accounting, administration, resident’s relations departments, planning, management, etc.

High-Tech Methods and Delivery of Projects before Schedules

The company adopted and incorporates methods and tools from the high-tech world into the construction world. Nave and his team developed a software which is exclusive for the company and supervises every aspect of the business – execution control, budget control, customer relations management, suppliers monitoring, and all aspects related to the project. Incorporating the software created a highly organized work method with procedures that Nave verifies their strict implementation, and one of the most significant implications of this is that, in a manner unprecedented in the Israeli construction market, the company completes and delivers some of its buildings and apartments before schedule. Some of the company’s buildings are delivered 4-5 months prior to the deadline. Furthermore, the company uses additional technologies for managing construction and service processes, while constantly improving.

Customer Service – The Company’s Guiding Light

In an extraordinary manner to this field, the company is operating a customer service center which handles residents’ complaints and defects in the delivered buildings. The customer service department includes a call center and representatives who handle defects in the field on an ongoing basis. The company’s customer service department also proactively initiates calls to the residents (in the framework of the check-up period – one year following Building occupancy) in order to verify that there are no uncorrected failures or defects. This mode of action enables the entrepreneurs, who work with the company, to immediately continue from one project to the next, while knowing that an experienced, professional company is taking care of the residents in the populated apartments. In addition, one can also contact the company about defects and faults 24/7 with a unique button on the company’s website, which is the first of its kind in the Israeli construction industry. The company won the Certificate of Excellence in the finals of the “Excellence in Service and Customer Experience” competition of the Israeli Center for Management.

High-Quality Construction and High Standards

The company meticulously maintains the high building standards in all of the projects in which it participates, from the planning stage up to the completion of every project. In this framework, the company emphasizes the supervision and QA in accordance with an organized work method and complete compliance with every requirement of the Planning and Building Law, The Israeli Legal Standards and the various procedures. As part of this, the company maintains full contractor insurance for all its projects.

Community, Beauty, and Advanced Planning

Stemming from its social-communal concepts, aesthetic visuality, environmental planning and advanced economic aspects, the company provides additional solutions that combine these aspects and manages replacing contractors and urban renewal.

The Contractor who Replaces Contractors

In recent years, the company replaced other contractors who abandoned mid-project, for various reasons. This area combines research, expertise, and uncompromising knowledge in construction, and providing peace of mind and restoring trust among abandoned tenants. The land owners and the neighbors see the abandoned buildings remains as they are being constructed into populated, prestigious buildings.

Urban Renewal

In recent years, the company is enthusiastically engaged in the urban renewal field. In this framework, it built several projects, with the foremost of them being included among the four most high-quality projects in their categories, by the Israeli Builders Association’s excellence competition.

A Construction Company – A Self-executing entrepreneur

The company’s great advantage stems from the fact that it is both an entrepreneur and an execution of construction company and maintains the highest qualification in the field, so all of its customers’ needs are fulfilled under one roof, and the customers are in contact with the company from the moment they sign the agreement and up to the delivery of the apartment’s key, without external intermediaries, and uncertainties, with constant accompaniment.

The Company’s Advantages

An experienced professional team, maintaining safety, financial strength, full insurance coverage in all projects, credibility, high availability, constant improvement processes, learning and implementation, adhering to standards and construction and planning laws, high service standards and customer service policy, company values are transparently portrayed on the website.

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